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Psychologists Want Gitmo Interrogation Ban

From those coddlers of America’s enemies, the Associated Press:

Jade Lai holds a sign as she listens to speakers at a rally protesting the American Psychological Association participating in military interrogations at Guantanamo Bay in San Francisco, Friday, Aug. 17, 2007.

Psychologists weigh interrogation ban

By SUDHIN THANAWALA, Associated Press Writer Sun Aug 19

SAN FRANCISCO – Stung by reports implicating mental health specialists in prisoner abuse scandals at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, the nation’s largest group of psychologists is considering banning its members from interrogations of terror suspects.

The American Psychological Association, which is holding its annual meeting in San Francisco, is scheduled to vote Sunday on two competing measures concerning its 148,000 members’ participation in military interrogations at Guantanamo Bay and other U.S. military detention centers.

One measure would bar members from any involvement in interrogations at U.S. detention facilities where foreigners are held. The moratorium would not be backed by sanctions, but it would carry the APA’s “moral authority,” said psychologist Neil Altman, who wrote the proposed resolution.

The other proposal, which is backed by APA’s board of directors, would reaffirm the group’s opposition to torture and prohibit members from taking part in more than a dozen specific practices, including forced nakedness, mock executions and simulated drowning.

An APA member who violates the torture resolution could be expelled from the Washington-based organization, which could lead to the loss of the professional’s state license to practice, said spokeswoman Rhea Farberman.

The association’s vote follows reports that mental health specialists were involved in prisoner abuse scandals at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Among other things, psychiatrists and psychologists are accused of helping interrogators increase prisoners’ stress levels by exploiting their fears…

If you read the whole article you will see that the “debate” has only two sides: 

1) That the APA must refuse to be a party to the tortures being inflicted upon the heroes imprisoned in Guantanamo.

2) That APA members should be in Guantanamo to bear witness and to try to mitigate the torture being done.

The “fact” that the detainees are being tortured is simply assumed.

Mind you, these are the same courageous men of science, who in the 1970s, were browbeaten by the gay rights lobby into de-classifying homosexuality as a neurosis.

If our soldiers win in Iraq it will be the greatest victory by a military force ever.

They have not only had to fight well-funded terrorists from all around the world, but also every aspect of the so-called “establishment” of their own country.

And as if to demonstrate that, the photo of the professional anti-American protester Jade Lai was filed by Yahoo under the category “US Military.”

But as we have mentioned before, the sign is a lie. The America people like Ms. Lai believe in does torture people.

Indeed, they fervently believe every calumny ever heaped upon this country. And they live to invent more.

It’s their creed. And they wear it on their sleeves.

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