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Pulitzer Prize Cartoonist: US = Al Qaeda

From Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


And contrast:



Bear in mind that the heroic America-hating Luckovich won a Pulitzer Prize last month. Indeed, he has just been honored again with the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben award as top cartoonist of the year.

From Editor & Publisher:


Luckovich (L) accepts another award for his courageous humor about the torture and brutal murder of US soldiers.

Luckovich Wins Top Reuben Prize — Rare for Editorial Cartoonist

By Dave Astor

Published: May 28, 2006 10:35 AM ET

NEW YORK Mike Luckovich, who won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning last month, has now also won the National Cartoonists Society’s 60th annual Reuben Award as top cartoonist of the year.

Luckovich, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Creators Syndicate, received the Reuben on Saturday night in Chicago. His 2005 output was highlighted by a cartoon in which he inked the word "WHY?" with the names of all 2,000 American soldiers who had died in Iraq as of last October (the total now exceeds 2,400).

Editorial cartoonists have won the Reuben only occasionally since it was first presented in 1946; most of the recipients have been comic cartoonists.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is too cowardly to give out any direct contact information. (They are so concerned about their readers, you know.)

But you can comment on Luckovich’s reprehensible cartoon here.

And you can contact the worthies at the National Cartoonist Society here:

1133 W. MORSE BLVD., SUITE 201
Tel: (407) 647-8839
Fax: (407) 629-2502
e-mail: crowsegal@crowsegal.com  

Maybe Moslems have the right idea about how to handle cartoonists after all.

(Thanks to Gila Monster for the heads up.)

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