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Putin Blames Death Of 5 Iraq Diplomats On US

From Russia’s Novosti:

Russian President Vladimir Putin lifts the shirt of a young boy called Nikita and kisses his stomach in the Kremlin in Moscow, July 6, 2006.

Putin blames coalition forces, U.S. for Russian diplomat murders

12/ 07/ 2006

MOSCOW, July 12 (RIA Novosti) – President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday part of the blame for the killing of five Russian diplomats in Iraq in June lay with coalition forces, including the United States.

"The abduction and murder of our diplomats is a great tragedy," he said in an interview with U.S. television channel NBC.

After being asked whether he blamed the United States for that, Putin said: "If the United States and its allies assumed responsibility for Iraq when they decided to deploy their troops there, then of course, they are also responsible for the security of noncombatants, especially the security of the diplomatic corps."

He also said that had the United States used peaceful means in Iraq, it might not be the breeding ground for terrorism that it is today.

He said disintegration of Iraq was a real threat and it was vital to avert it.

"I believe there are more opportunities now for making life [in Iraq] better. But from the security perspective, the situation has worsened, and there is a real threat of the disintegration of the state," he said, adding that should this happen, it would have far-reaching, possibly negative consequences for the region as a whole."

I wonder if the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan had any negative consequences for the region as a whole?

How anyone can see Putin as anything other than a backstabbing, America-hating, KGB thug in the pocket of the Russian mafia is beyond me.

And I guess we can add "weirdo" to that list.

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