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Putin: Nuclear Technology Is Iran’s Right

From Iran’s state run news agency IRNA:

Russian President: Access to nuclear technology, Iranians’ right

Moscow, Feb 1, IRNA

Russian President Vladimir Putin here on Thursday stressed Iranians’ right to acquire advanced nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

He made the remarks at a news conference in Kremlin where he underlined the need for finding a way to ensure Iran’s right to access civilian nuclear technology and to remove any concerns in this respect.

Pointing to the enhanced cooperation between Iran and Russia in all arenas including military and technical fields, he added that Moscow will continue negotiations with the Western parties to settle Tehran’s nuclear problem.

Referring to the Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov’s recent visit of Tehran, Putin noted that the event will help the parties involved to adopt close stance on the issue.

Iran should try to settle the dispute over its nuclear program by continuing cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he said.

He expressed hope that given the all parties’ cooperation and considering IAEA Director General Mohamed Elbaradei’s suggestion, Iran’s nuclear dossier would be settled through diplomatic manners.

It’s now unmistakably clear that Mr. Putin is an enemy of the US.

In fact, he sounds just like John Kerry.

Meanwhile, in another article from IRNA:

Iran’s peaceful N-program transparent to all: Ahmadinejad

Tehran, Feb 1, IRNA

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that the Iranian nation has always observed rules and regulations in the conduct of its peaceful nuclear activities, adding that the issue is clear as far as states are concerned.

President Ahmadinejad was speaking to reporters at the mausoleum of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, the late Imam Khomeini, on the first day of the annual `Ten-Day Dawn’ celebrations marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

"To us, the nuclear issue is a legal and technical matter involving the exercise of rights (by states) but big powers have a politically motivated view of the issue. They have set up a front against us on the nuclear issue," he said.

He said that bullying powers have caused several problems for mankind, and claimed they apply double standards on states with regard to the exercise of the nuclear right.

"Their fear is not about this nation obtaining access to weapons but the fact that progress being achieved by the Iranian nation could very soon make it a role model for other nations.

"Today, nuclear weapons are not the defining achievement for nations. There are countries which possess very sophisticated nuclear weapons but have no place in international equations."

Pointing to the failure of Marxist theory in the world and the futility of Liberalist policies in various fields, the president said that over the past 27 years bullying powers have used propaganda to spread the idea that rulers that draw their authority from religion were a thing of the past and could not satisfy the demands of their constituents.

"But they have failed in their propaganda thanks to the capabilities and potentials of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation.

"Those powers are actually concerned that Iran would very soon become a role model for other states," he said.

He said that ever since people repudiated Marxist and Liberalist views, their eyes have been focused on the Iranian nation as the "new path" toward a better world

Mr. Ahmadinejad is certainly right about their plans being "transparent."

Luckily for him he has allies like Mr. Putin in his war against civilization.

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