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Putin Honored 300 Journalists For Objective Coverage

From an irony proof Reuters:

Putin honors journalists as Ukraine propaganda war heats up

By Timothy Heritage and Elizabeth Piper | May 5, 2014

MOSCOW/KIEV (Reuters) – Four weeks after Russia annexed Crimea to great fanfare, President Vladimir Putin quietly signed a decree honoring more than 300 journalists for their "objective coverage" of the region’s seizure from Ukraine.

The awards made under decree 279 to television, radio and newspapers loyal to Putin underline the importance of media in stirring patriotic sentiment over Ukraine…

In our country loyal journalists are rewarded with ‘jokes’ at the White House Correspondence Dinner. And Pulitzers.

To an outside observer, the propaganda war seems to have reached such a scale that it is all but impossible for Russians or Ukrainians to discover what is really going on from their national media. Many events are seen through a mist of disinformation or just confusion…

Unlike the situation in our country.

The veracity of events is increasingly hard to check. When Russian media reported heavy fighting in the town of Kramatorsk this weekend, Reuters journalists on the scene shortly afterwards found a sleepy town with no evidence of clashes…

The Russians need ‘fact checkers,’ like we have. (Sarcasm.)

As on other fronts, the media fight between Moscow and Kiev is mis-matched.

That also sounds familiar.

Russia’s well-organized and well-financed state media have portrayed events in a style reminiscent of the Soviet era, peppering their reports with the message that Ukrainians, as during World War Two, may be cooperating with fascists.

By contrast, Ukraine’s fragmented media lack the single mindedness to answer the charges, remaining poorly financed and usually controlled by business tycoons who have been reluctant to offend business partners in Russia…

Same in our country. As Josef Goebbels once said, “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

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