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Putin Leads Attack On Assange Detention

From a cheering Agence France-Presse:

Putin leads backlash over WikiLeaks boss detention

By Maria Antonova – Thur Dec 9, 2010

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Thursday led growing support from some world leaders for the beleaguered WikiLeaks founder, describing his detention in Britain as "undemocratic"

Putin railed against the detention of the 39-year-old Assange, the Australian founder of the website which has been releasing thousands of secret US diplomatic cables as well as Pentagon communiques.

"Why was Mr. Assange hidden in jail? Is that democracy? As we say in the village: the pot is calling the kettle black," Putin said.

(Note Mr. Putin’s subtle racism, by the way. But since he is a communist dictator, our news media will ignore that.)

"I want to send the ball back to our American colleagues," Putin added

Say what you will about this half-pint dictator, it’s clear that he does have a puckish sense of humor.

After all, this is the same thug who has had untold numbers of journalists beaten and assassinated. Which, incidentally, is something WikiLeaks and the world’s ‘human rights’ crusaders seem not to have noticed.

Still, given the amount of computer hacking that originates in Russia, maybe Mr. Putin is just trying to protect one of his country’s main export industries.

But never mind all this. We have to rush through the ratification of the START treaty. We don’t want to make Mr. Putin mad at us.

His comments echoed Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who expressed "solidarity" with Assange, blasting the Australian activist’s arrest as a blow against "freedom of expression".

Assange has "exposed a diplomacy that had appeared unreachable," said Lula.


"They have arrested him and I don’t hear so much as a single protest for freedom of expression," he said.

Apparently, Mr. Lula is a champion of rape as a mode of expression. Who knew?

Meanwhile, Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, hit out at pressure being exerted on "private companies, banks and credit card companies" to cut commercial ties to WikiLeaks.

"They could be interpreted as an attempt to censor the publication of information, thus potentially violating WikiLeaks’ right to freedom of expression," she told a press conference in Geneva

You would think that the United Nations, which at least pretends to favor diplomacy over war, would have realized that WikiLeaks is doing its level best to destroy the use of diplomacy around the world.

Of course, the UN has their own priorities. And just like with Messrs Assange and Putin, their top priority is the destruction of the United States by any means possible.

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7 Responses to “Putin Leads Attack On Assange Detention”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I still can’t over that the best scandal the Obama State Department could manufacture for pretense is that Assange had sex without a condom.

    We’ve all been sentenced to walk on roles in the movie The Stupids.

  2. dscam says:

    Thank god that punk is in jail. I was getting so sick of watching adoring interviews on TV where they admiringly described his stealthy ways; changing names, locations, using aliases, etc. To hear the media talk, you’d have thought that he was like the love child of Osama Bin Laden and John Rambo: veteran of decades of guerilla warfare, able to live off the land and survive with nothing but a knife, the clothes on his back, and a cave for shelter. He’s elusive!

    Pfc Manning is going to get off with a slap on the wrist, it seems; and I’m sure Assange will never even be prosecuted for espionage. Anncoulter.com had a link to Manning’s charge sheet a few days ago, and apparently all their charging him with is a number of counts of Art. 92 & 134, which are failure to follow a direct order and conduct contrary to good order and discipline. In other words, a man guilty of treason and espionage is being charged with the same things you’d get charged with for punching somebody in the chow line of a submarine. Not really looking to deter people from disclosing sensitive information, are we?

    A final thought that occured to me as I was reading the charge sheet, which is that I’m pretty sure your charge sheet is at least Privacy Act sensitive, which means that the guy who leaked sensitive information got his sensitive information leaked to the internet. Ha!

  3. Mae says:

    Putin knows where enough bodies are buried to blackmail everyone.

    I doubt Manning will get off. His initial charge sheet does not mean they can’t come back with additional charges once they are discovered. This next batch of Wikileaks will be devastating to our security, not just embarrassing to Hillary and Obama (who have weathered this quite nicely thanks to our compliant major media). The little prick is a traitor. But maybe Obama thinks being a traitor is just a job requirement.

    • dscam says:

      I’m sure they can charge him with additional counts if more violations are uncovered, but since there’s already a couple hundred thousand out there, I’d guess that they’re not going to prosecute him for treason for any future releases, which is complete bs, IMO.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Why was Mr. Assange hidden in jail? Is that democracy?”

    … and bezides (Putin says), vee vant to keel heam!!!

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, personally, I’d like to see Julian (or is that Julie Ann)’s ass hang, too. It wouldn’t bother me if it was Vlad the Impaler who got to him first. After a brief interrogation, that is.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    “freedom of expression””

    Where do liberals get the idea that releasing classified documents constitutes expression?

    What’s next, the hacker who passes along bank account information to the public forum is an intellectual too? How about the anarchist who swings from a war memorial and pisses on a monument to Winston Churchill (see the U.K. news for more info on that one).

    And more importantly, would any liberal have the gumption to try “expression” in countries they tend to favor over the United States, places where dissent can result in execution?

    I’m reminded of Noam Chomsky’s initial approval of the Pol Pot regime. The noble fool. I’m reminded of when imam Rauf criticized United States foreign policy tby discussing the deaths of civilians in Dresden during WWII, casually ignoring the fact that we were confronting the Nazis and Third Reich – people who did far worse to their own people and abroad.

    How many more dead before the “noble” liberal gets a clue?
    Assange is a fool.

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