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Putin Oversees ‘Practice’ Retaliatory Nuclear Strikes

From the Associated Press:

Putin oversees Russian nuclear forces exercise

May 8, 2014

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin on Thursday oversaw a military exercise involving Russia’s nuclear forces amid escalating tensions over Ukraine…

Russian news wires said that the exercises simulated dealing a massive retaliatory nuclear strike in response to an enemy attack. The description of the exercise is unusually blunt, reflecting tensions with the West running high over Ukraine.

As part of the maneuvers, a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the Plesetsk launch pad in northwestern Russia successfully hit a designated target on the Kura testing range on the far eastern Kamchatka peninsula, the military said. Two nuclear submarines of the Northern and Pacific Fleets, the Tula and the Podolsk, also fired intercontinental ballistic missiles.

It’s a shame the Ukrainians were foolish enough to believe the West’s promises to protect them that the were willing to give up their impressive nuclear arsenal. They might have been able to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, lest we forget, Obama is planning to cut our nuclear arsenal to the bone, without any waiting for any promises of corresponding from the Russians. (Who always cheat, anyway.)

There is also this, from the Associated Press:

Russia displays its might amid Ukrainian crisis


MOSCOW (AP) — Russia showed off its military muscle Friday in the annual Red Square parade marking victory over Nazi Germany, at a time when the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine where pro-Russian insurgents are preparing a referendum on secession… [I]n a sign of triumph over Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s region of Crimea, parading troops included a marine unit from the Black Sea Fleet that flew the Crimean flag on its armored personnel carriers.

About 11,000 Russian troops proudly marched across Red Square to the tunes of marches and patriotic songs, followed by columns of dozens of tanks and rocket launchers. About 70 combat aircraft, including giant nuclear-capable strategic bombers, roared overhead…

Despite the sanctions, Putin is set to travel to France in early June for a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion that hastened the end of World War II, his first encounter with Western leaders since the start of the Ukrainian crisis.

How wonderful. Yes, we will have to go through that exercise of pretending what a great ally the Soviet Union was.

And never mind that they helped Hitler start the war by invading Poland simultaneously with Germany. And they only turned on Hitler when he invaded them.

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