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Putin Signals His Concern For Russians In Estonia

From Reuters:

Moscow signals concern for Russians in Estonia

By Robert Evans | March 19, 2014

GENEVA (Reuters) – Russia signaled concern on Wednesday at Estonia’s treatment of its large ethnic Russian minority, comparing language policy in the Baltic state with what it said was a call in Ukraine to prevent the use of Russian.

Russia has defended its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula by arguing it has the right to protect Russian-speakers outside its borders, so the reference to linguistic tensions in another former Soviet republic comes at a highly sensitive moment.

For the record, there are a lot of Russians in Cyprus these days. Also, in France on the Riviera. Come to think of it, there are even a heck of a lot of Russians in New York City, especially the Brighton Beach area.

And we suspect they are all frequently discriminated against by not having every TV program or road sign in their native tongue. So Mr. Putin is going to be very busy.

Russia fully supported the protection of the rights of linguistic minorities, a Moscow diplomat told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, according to a summary of the session issued by the U.N.’s information department.

"Language should not be used to segregate and isolate groups," the diplomat was reported as saying. Russia was "concerned by steps taken in this regard in Estonia as well as in Ukraine," the Moscow envoy was said to have added.

Hilarious. Even before the bad old days of the Soviet Union, Russia was infamous for trying to stamp out any non-Russian languages in its ‘satellite’ countries. They called it ‘Russification.’

And by 1938, Russian became required in every Soviet school. Even though there were said to be over 130 languages spoken in the USSR. In fact, this process of Russification was actually intensified during the 1950s until the end of the Cold War. Which is one of the many reasons Russians are still so hated in those regions to this day.

The text of the Russian remarks, echoing long-standing complaints over Estonia’s insistence that the large Russian minority in the east of the country should be able to speak Estonian, was not immediately available…

The only reason there are any Russian in Estonia is because, after Stalin invaded and occupied the country in WWII, he sent in colonists. Just like he did everywhere else.

But amid the growing Crimea crisis, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – which like Ukraine were all parts of the old Soviet Union – have expressed growing apprehension over Moscow’s intentions…

Ukraine told the rights council that U.N. experts had found no credible evidence of mistreatment of its Russian minority as alleged by Moscow — one of whose pro-Kremlin newspapers said this week there was "bloodshed almost like in Syria" in the east of the country.

Next, they will accuse Ukraine of using poison gas on the Russians there.

The new government in Kiev, a Ukrainian envoy declared, was reinvigorating its promotion and protection of the rights of minorities "to the highest international standards".

The envoy asked what measures could be taken to protect Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and other minority groups in Crimea "whose rights are being violated under the Russian occupation."

Responding, the Russian delegate said there were no violations of minority rights in Crimea and minorities were not being persecuted. The new Russian-backed government there had guaranteed protection of the Tatars.

Just like their rights ‘were guaranteed’ before Stalin executed or deported them to the gulags in Central Asia.

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3 Responses to “Putin Signals His Concern For Russians In Estonia”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Больше вещи меняются, тем больше они остаются теми же”

    Or, if you like, the original French:

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

    (“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”)

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Cyprus has long been the Russian Mafia’s port and gateway to the West. The volume of sin, filth, weapons, thuggery, murder and blackmail that flows out from, controlled by and flows back to Russian Cyprus is almost beyond belief.

    And the USA and EU do almost nothing about it.

  3. canary says:

    I guess they’ll want Alaska back with some flimsey excuse.

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