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Putin Steals Crimea Election — 95.7% Of Vote

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Moscow wins overwhelming Crimea vote, West readies sanctions

By Mike Collett-White and Alastair Macdonald | March 17, 2014

SIMFEROPOL/KIEV (Reuters) – Crimea’s Moscow-backed leaders declared a 96-percent vote in favor of quitting Ukraine and annexation by Russia in a referendum Western powers said was illegal and will bring immediate sanctions.

Putin must be so embarrassed. When the Austrians voted for the Anschluss in 1938, annexation with Hitler’s Germany got 99.7% of the vote. And Kim Jong-Un got 100% of the Parliamentary vote in North Koreajust one year ago.

Heck, in 2012, Obama even managed to get 100% of the votes in 59 precincts of Philadelphia.

As state media in Russia carried a startling reminder of its power to turn the United States to "radioactive ash", President Barack Obama spoke to Vladimir Putin, telling the Russian president that he and his European allies were ready to impose "additional costs" on Moscow for violating Ukraine’s territory.

Translation: Putin had one of this media mouthpieces mocked the US. Which, thanks to Obama, has gutted our nuclear arsenal, destroyed our missile defenses, and cut our conventional military to the bone.

While Obama, for his part, threatened economic sanctions. Which even he knows will never happen because Europe is too dependent on Russian gas and oil.

The Kremlin and the White House issued statements saying Obama and Putin saw diplomatic options to resolve what is the gravest crisis in East-West relations since the Cold War. But Obama said Russian forces must first end "incursions" into its ex-Soviet neighbor while Putin renewed his accusation that the new leadership in Kiev, brought to power by an uprising last month against his elected Ukrainian ally, were failing to protect Russian-speakers from violent Ukrainian nationalists.

Translation: Obama said Putin could keep Crimea if he doesn’t take over the rest of Ukraine. In response, Putin said he was going to take over the rest of Ukraine.

Moscow defended a military takeover of the majority ethnic Russian Crimea by citing a right to protect "peaceful citizens".

Which is exactly what Hitler used to say. And what Putin said about Georgia and Belarus. And what he will say after he swallows up the rest of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s interim government has mobilized troops to defend against an invasion of its eastern mainland, where pro-Russian protesters have been involved in deadly clashes in recent days.

Translation: Russian operatives are attacking Russians to provide Putin with his excuse for invading Ukraine. (Cf. Hitler’s ‘Gleiwitz Incident,’ for just one example of this tactic.)

With three-quarters of Sunday’s votes counted in Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula that is home to 2 million people, 95.7 percent had supported annexation by Russia, chief electoral official Mikhail Malyshev, was quoted as saying by local media.

Turnout was 83 percent, he added – a high figure given that many who opposed the move had said they would boycott the vote…

The turnout in Austria for their annexation to Nazi Germany was reported to be 99.71%. Still, the turnout here is pretty impressive, given that all of the Tatars stayed home, and Tatars represent over 12% of the population in Crimea.

For the record, the ballot in Sunday’s referendum in Crimea contained two questions: 1) Are you in favor of Crimea’s reunification with Russia in the status of a constituent territory of the Russian Federation and 2) Are you in favor of restoring the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Crimea and its status of an integral part of Ukraine.

The referendum in the 1938 Anschluss in Austria was: “Do you agree with the reunification of Austria with the German Reich that was enacted on 13 March 1938 and do you vote for the list of our leader Adolf Hitler?” And that is just one of the many similarities.

Russia’s lower house of parliament will pass legislation allowing Crimea to join Russia "in the very near future", news agency Interfax cited its deputy speaker as saying on Monday…

Just like the countries that Hitler gobbled up always did.

U.S. and European officials say military action is unlikely over Crimea, which Soviet rulers handed to Ukraine 60 years ago. But the risk of a wider Russian incursion, as Putin probes Western weakness and tries to restore Moscow’s influence over its old Soviet empire, leaves NATO calculating how to help Kiev without triggering what some Ukrainians call "World War Three"…

It’s Munich all over again. If we just let Putin have his way, we will have ‘peace in our time.’

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7 Responses to “Putin Steals Crimea Election — 95.7% Of Vote”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I keep seeing nerobama and Mr. Teresa Heinz-Kerry talking tough about sanctions and some vague intimations of “action,” but I’m left wondering, where is the EU in all of this? Surely a worldly man like nerobama, with his vast network of world leaders who are captivated by his great speechifying, would be able to muster a coalition of EU leaders to oppose Putin. Yet, we haven’t seen one joint statement. Not one joint press conference. Not a single group appearance. No group talks. Nothing. Why is that?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Because Yurp has been castrated. Voluntarily.

      I served in Germany in the early 80’s. The local women loved American GI’s and often married them because they were “real men”, not the art-loving, music-writing, flower-growing eunuchs of post WW II Germany.

      However, to be fair, in conversation with German fighter pilots (also in the 80’s) they stated flatly how sick they were of their own school system teaching them that “being German is bad” and having to constantly be reminded of the atrocities of the Nazis. I had to agree because our own apologists demand we feel constant remorse for the US original sin of slavery…and that we atone for it every waking hour.

      The French? My god, I couldn’t bear being there for their milquetoast approach on — well— everything. To say nothing of being scolded for my “arrogant Americanism”. Yet they looked down their noses at me every moment I was there. (That was Paris, much different attitude in Normandy).

      Spain, same story. Italy, same. Hated Americans. In Germany, they didn’t overtly hate us…but were kind of jealous and I had hope that Germany would again come to some sort of reason to be proud. They seem to have done so but it’s mainly for producing cars. However, I have also recently learned that American football is wildly popular in Germany.

      The Brits….have allowed their government to run their lives again. Seems an ongoing cycle with them. They let it happen, then they fight against it then they let it happen again. Odd…but then, here we are in the US with half of us wanting a nanny state and the other have saying “Leave me the **** alone”.

      But Yurp won’t fight the bear. They can’t. They don’t have the infrastructure, the equipment or the manpower. I believe Putin knows this.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Forgot to mention that US strength in Yurp is 1/10 of what it was when I served there, based solely on their own desires to remove our forces (which provided their security during the cold war) because (in their own words), “We have no need of a foreign power flaunting their military might in our faces)”.

      Hope you remember to put salt on those words while you eat them when Vlad (the benevolent) brings his red star to your door.

    • Right of the People says:


      When I was in Germany in the early 70’s I actually had Germans, usually my parent’s age, come up to me and tell me they had nothing to do with the Nazis. This was more than 25 years after the war was over. My unit did some joint exercises with the new Germany army and I was a bit shocked how wimpy they were. Long hair, beards and openly smoking hash off duty.

      I spent a month in Paris at a school in ’74 and got nothing but grief from the locals since I was easily identified as an American. At the same time though I was offered big bucks for my jeans and other American cloting articles more times that I could count. They claimed they hated our lack of culture but they wanted to be just like us.

      I hate saying this but at least if the Hildabeast had beat Barry the Wimp in the primary, then McLame in the general election, someone with some balls would be in the oval office.

    • mr_bill says:

      Good points, Rusty and RotP. I was aiming at the fact that nerobama isn’t capable of persuading the EU (which has more at stake that the US, via proximity) to join a coalition willing to take action. As much as this regime talks, it hasn’t got any real allies left, despite our history with a few EU nations. I hadn’t considered that the EU was just as feckless as nerobama (should have seen nutless socialists for what they are). The French are always a gimme for capitulation, but the rest of the EU has had at least some potential in the past. Maybe it’s been too long.

  2. BillK says:

    Of course the left (and the media, as if there were a difference) is already drawing parallels, saying “Hey, the US invaded Grenada to protect their citizens, so Putin’s just doing the same.”

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