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Putin To Counter US Missiles On Advice From Dog

From his great fans at Reuters:

Putin pledges effective response to U.S. anti-missile plan

Thu Feb 1, 8:03 AM ET

President Vladimir Putin criticized Washington’s plans for an anti-missile system in Central Europe and said on Thursday Russia would come up with a "highly effective" response.

The U.S. has proposed stationing a radar station in the Czech Republic and a battery of rockets in Poland to detect and shoot down hostile missiles, which the Pentagon says could be fired from Iran in the future.

Putin dismissed Washington’s arguments about defending Europe from Iran and said the anti-missile system would "directly affect" Russia.

"Our specialists don’t think that anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe are aimed against terrorists or Iran. Can you really fight terrorists with ballistic missiles?" he told a news conference in Moscow.

Iran, he said, did not possess long-range ballistic missiles, only medium-range devices.

"We are also thinking about how to ensure our external security," Putin added. "All our responses will be asymmetric but they will be highly effective."

Putin said Russia already had systems capable of overcoming missile defenses but promised a future generation of weapon on which missile defense systems "will have absolutely no effect." He did not give details.

Putin also complained about Washington’s decision last year to impose sanctions on Russian arms firms because of sales to Iran and Syria. The real motive, he said, was to stop Russian arms firms from taking business away from U.S. rivals.

"We have taken a serious niche on the arms market in recent years and will continue to boost our position," Putin told the news conference. "I consider (the) sanctions as a sign of unfair competition."

And as the article notes, all of this is on top of Putin having recent sold advanced missile systems to Iran and Syria.

Maybe Mr. Putin is getting bad advice.

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Berlusconi, Putin and Koni: Putin 'consults dog' during political crises

Putin ‘consults dog’ during political crises

By Ben Fenton

Caligula considered making his horse a consul, but President Vladimir Putin is content merely to take advice from his own four-legged friend, he told journalists today.

When Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, met Mr Putin in 2004, the Russian leader appeared to have eyes only for Koni

The Russian leader said he fell back on counsel from Koni, his black Labrador, whenever he felt angry with the world.

"As far as bad moods go, of course I have them like any other person, but in those cases I try to consult with my dog Koni.

"She gives me good advice," he told 1,200 reporters gathered for his annual press conference in Moscow…


In any case, it’s clear the Cold War is far from over.

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