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Putin Won 99.5% Of Vote In Chechnya In 2011

From the December 2011 archives of a now memory deficient Reuters:

Analysis: Chechnya: How did Putin’s party win 99 percent?

By Thomas Grove | December 21, 2011

GROZNY, Russia (Reuters) – … Putin’s United Russia [Party] recorded a higher percentage of votes in predominantly Muslim Chechnya, where federal troops fought two wars since the fall of the Soviet Union, than anywhere else in the country. Official results show support at 99.5 percent and voter turnout of 99.4 percent.

It clearly shows that Chechnyans believe so strongly in forgiving and forgetting that they have taken Vladimir Putin to their collective hearts.

Nationwide, the party won just under half the votes, securing a slim majority in the State Duma. Even that outcome, critics said, was the result of ballot stuffing and fraud. Countless complaints have been filed; but not in Chechnya.

Official monitors here have not lodged a single complaint of voting violations, but among many local residents, the outcome has stirred some incredulity, albeit cautiously expressed.

Thank goodness for election monitors, huh?

"United Russia is the party of Putin, and Chechnya would never vote for Putin," said one middle-aged resident of the regional capital of Grozny, who declined to give his name for fear of retribution. "In the mind of every Chechen he is associated with the bombing that destroyed Grozny and other cities all over the region,"

"Voting for Putin is about as absurd as any vote with a 99 percent outcome," he said…

International monitors were out in force on election day in much of Russia, and say the vote was slanted in favour of United Russia and marred by numerous instances of ballot stuffing.

But they did not observe the poll in Chechnya or the rest of the North Caucasus because of security concerns over an insurgency, rooted in past wars, being waged in the region…

And exactly what difference would it have made if they had monitored the elections? They said the rest of the elections were also fraudulent, and that changed nothing.

[Observers] say the key to the results was not in the force used to make people vote, but in ballot stuffing.

Human rights workers say they have given up monitoring elections. They say polling station workers told them they had stayed up late into the night to fill ballot boxes with United Russia votes long after polling stations had closed.

"We didn’t monitor the elections because we knew there was no point to it," said an independent rights worker who refused to allow his name or the title of his organization to be published for fear of retribution.

"The turnout will always be 99 percent and the number of votes (for the ruling party) will always reach 99 percent. We should simply stop the elections and save everyone a lot of money."

The more things change under Putin, the more they remain the same. Except in the Crimea the turnout was ‘only’ 83% and the annexation vote ‘only’ 95.7%, because they had to be a little more subtle, given all the attention.

The day after the election, Chechnya’s voting commission was forced to raise the number of eligible voters in the republic, after the number of ballots cast exceeded the registered voter number by some 2,000 votes…

Hilarious. (Except that we have similar results in some of our cities.)

Many people say they are content to accept the outcome of the election and want to maintain the small gains they have seen since the second Chechen war, but anger at the perception of vote rigging is not far from the surface…

Yep. Just shut up and take it.

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2 Responses to “Putin Won 99.5% Of Vote In Chechnya In 2011”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Not much different than Obama winning 100% of the vote in districts in Philadelphia and other urban areas.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I think it’s both possible and probable that Chechens are responsible for MH370. A rabidly violent Muslim outpost. Google Maps .. 43.261206,45.703125 .. expand the view and note the Chechen Republic is right between the possible landing zone of MH370 in Uzbekistan and Crimea. Their hatred of Putin is beyond measure.

    And wouldn’t the Chechens love to rain Hell down on Putin’s golden moment in Crimea?

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