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Q Poll: Obama Gets Low Grades For Top Priorities

From Quinnipiac University:

Economy/Jobs And Healthcare Are Top Voter Priorities

Obama Gets Low Grades On Top Priorities

January 22, 2014

In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, American voters list the economy/jobs and healthcare as their top priorities, two issues for which President Barack Obama gets low job approval ratings, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

Naming "the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014," 15 percent of voters say the economy, while 16 percent list jobs or unemployment, a total of 31 percent, while 18 percent list healthcare, the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds. A total of 10 percent list the budget, the budget deficit, spending or other budget-related items. Another 4 percent list bi-partisanship or cooperation and 2 percent list education.

For the record only 1% of American voters think ‘income inequality’ is a top-priority issue. (#22 on questionnaire.) By the way, also note how important being bi-partisan is to the country. (Not at all.)

American voters give President Obama a negative 40 – 54 percent approval rating, compared to 41 – 53 percent January 8, and 38 – 57 percent December 10, indications that his plunge has leveled off.

But voters give Obama his lowest grades for their top priorities:

Negative 39 – 56 percent for his handling of the economy;
Negative 36 – 59 percent for his handling of healthcare;
Positive 48 – 41 percent for handling terrorism;
Negative 40 – 49 percent for foreign policy;
Negative 39 – 47 percent for handling Iran.

A total of 67 percent of American voters plan to watch President Obama deliver the State of the Union address January 28.

Where he intends to focus on ‘income inequality.’

The economy is "not so good" or "poor," a total of 77 percent of voters say. Only 28 percent say the economy is getting better, while 26 percent say it is getting worse and 44 percent say it’s the same.

The Obama administration is not competent running the government, voters say 53 – 42 percent. The president is paying attention to what his administration is doing, 45 percent say, while 47 percent say he is not paying attention.

Of course, the trouble is Obama is paying attention to what his administration is doing. And he is mighty pleased with the results.

The president’s character measures remain low:

46 percent say he is honest and trustworthy and 49 percent say he is not;
49 percent say he is a strong leader and 48 percent say he is not;
51 percent say he cares about their needs and problems and 46 percent say he does not.

That his ‘character’ numbers are still this ‘good,’ is a sad testimony to how few people are paying attention.

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One Response to “Q Poll: Obama Gets Low Grades For Top Priorities”

  1. dasher says:

    Oversampling of Conservatives, or is the rest of the population finally catching on?


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