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Questions For Cindy Sheehan Media Won’t Ask

Since Mother Sheehan® is forever nattering on about the questions she would ask President Bush, it seems only fair that we should try to come up with some questions to pose to her. (You know the media will never ask her anything that might expose her true agenda.)

To kick things off:

• Like just about every national and international expert and leader, President Bush was mistaken as to the extent of Iraq's WMD program. But that was only one of his many reasons for going to war. Can you cite one specific lie George Bush ever told about the Iraq war?

• You have stated that there has never been a good excuse for war. Do you believe there was no valid reason for military participation in Rawanda? WWII? Our Civil War?

• Why do you call the terrorists in Iraq, many from other countries, "freedom fighters"? Our elected leaders, "terrorists"?

• When you call Iraqi, Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian and Saudi terrorists "freedom fighters," exactly whose freedom and what freedoms are they fighting for?

• Do you still contend that Israel's presence in Palestine is the root of the US's problems with terrorism? If you got your wish and Israel were to leave Palestine, where should the Israelis go?

• Did you meet with John Kerry shortly after your son's death? Did he convince you to campaign for him? Had you been pro-Bush and supported the Iraqi war prior to that meeting?

• Did the John Kerry campaign or any of its extensions (such as RealVoices.org, MoveOn.org or Fenton Communications) ever pay you, or provide your expenses, for your year and half long PR campaign?

• Has your organization, Gold Star Families For Peace, received tax-exempt (501c3) status from the IRS? If not, why do you claim you have, and that donations to you are tax-deductible?

• You have said in interviews your group, GSFP, has lobbied and campaigned against Bush. You and other GSFP members did ads for RealVoices.org against Bush. Do you realize tax exempt charities (501c3s) are prohibited from lobbying and campaigning for candidates?

• In your view America isn’t worth dying for. Can you tell us what countries are worth dying for? And what would make America worth dying for?

• Given your close ties to Code Pink and Medea Benjamin, do you support their ongoing protests at Walter Reed Army hospital that target wounded veterans? Do you support those protesters when they display caskets in front of the hospital?

• You often claim Casey was lied to by his Army recruiter and cheated out of money he was promised. If so, why did your son re-enlist in the Army four years later–and during a shooting war?

• Your husband, Patrick Sheehan, states that Casey was proud to be a soldier. Why do you say otherwise? 

Please feel free to add any questions you'd like to ask our Perpetual Mother Of Sorrows (PMS). I will update the list for her, in case she drops by.

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