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Rachel Jeantel Says: ‘I Believe Trayvon Hit First’

First from the the Huffington Post:

Rachel Jeantel: ‘I Believe Trayvon Hit First’

By Jermaine Spradley | July 17, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s friend and George Zimmerman trial witness, Rachel Jeantel recently sat down with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill during a candid interview to discuss her perception on the confrontation between the former neighborhood watchman and the late 17-year-old.

One of the key points of contention between the prosecution and defense during the trial of Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second-degree murder after killing the unarmed teen, was the question of who initiated the physical confrontation between the two.

In reality, the HuffPo’s Marc Lamont Hill made the mistake of asking who hit whom first. And he got a response he didn’t expect (or want).

Jeantel expounded on her thoughts [sic] on what occurred when Zimmerman and Martin met face to face. "I believe Trayvon hit first," she said.

All of this is new information. She didn’t mention any of this on the witness stand. But ‘Doctor’ Hill quickly tried to help Ms. Jeantel out by immediately suggesting that Zimmerman had grabbed Trayvon first. And Jeantel followed his lead.

She went on to describe how she believed that Trayvon throwing the first punch was likely caused by Zimmerman attempting to grab and detain Martin.

While it is impossible to confirm Jeantel’s speculation, this revelation coincides with the testimony she gave during the Zimmerman trial. On the stand, Jeantel indicated that she could hear Martin saying "get off, get off" before the phone call they were on disconnected.

Not really, Especially, since Ms. Jeantel had never mentioned hearing this prior to taking the witness stand. When asked why she had never brought it up before, she said she didn’t think it was important.

It also expands upon the account she gave earlier this week, during an interview on CNN’s "Piers Morgan Tonight." The 19-year-old described to Morgan how she told Martin that Zimmerman might be a "pervert" or "rapist."

She believed that Martin’s fear led him to flee the older man, but not head straight to the home where he had been staying because the 12-year-old son of his father’s fiancée was there…

Once again, Ms. Jeantel’s (and allegedly Trayvon’s) profiling and homo-phobia have been completely ignored by our media guardians.

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7 Responses to “Rachel Jeantel Says: ‘I Believe Trayvon Hit First’”

  1. Astravogel says:

    In this case, coaching the witness might
    be better than couching the witness…

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    If Ghettopotamus keeps talking, eventually we’re going to get around to the truth that she taunted Trayvon into turning around and going back to whoop that cracka azz. She may be totally responsible for Martin’s assault on Zimmerman which led to his death. That may be why she didn’t want anything to do with testifying to begin with. Now, it’s all about fame and money.

  3. canary says:

    Yeah, reminds me of Obambie’s 2 long boring pages describing a lump on his head from another kid in Indonesia in an argument over whose turn it was to have the ball. He had to beg his mom to put ice on it, and his step-father started giving him fighting lessons over a little bump from another 6 year old. And then pages on his first stitches on his arm from climbing over a fence. Never chase water buffaloes and beat them with a stick. Eating dog meat. What is it they say about children who are mean to animals and enjoy at 5 years old watching a chicken get it’s head cut off. That was a good page of scarlet bloody ribbon squirting, and the chicken still moving without it’s head thrill for the 5 year old.

    Trayvon Martin did not retreat and call 9/11 if Rachel Jeantel really thought Zimmerman was dangerous perhaps instead of telling Trayvon Martin to retreat or call 9/11 she told him beat that
    “slimy assed cracker”. So, of course Jeantel did not call the police because she wanted to give Trayvon Martin plenty of time to beat the hell out Zimmerman.

    I think the worst in what little I watched on the trial, never realizing this was going to end up in our children’s History and Multi-Culture classes, was how the states prosecution and a medical doctor did not see any danger by Zimmerman’s head was slammed into the cement.

    I know people who have died from far less bangs to the head that did not swell.

    The Defense should have brought in Doctors and Military Personnel to talk about shaken baby syndrome, and shaken brain syndrome.

    I was hoping they would slam every jurist’s head on the floor to see how it felt and if they felt continued banging might kill them or leave them severally injured.

  4. yadayada says:

    now we get to hear the proof of what “really” happened so that there will be more evidence introduced in the real trial when j.j. and the reverend al get there shot at the Z. Man

    scary thing is – after she has told so many different truths over the next several months, the ghettopotamus will not be capable of differentiating between all the fantasies planted in her memory and what actually occurred 18 months prior. any doubt that the star witness will be coached and trained like a professional prize fighter by then.

  5. CJO says:

    Let’s all band together: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/civil-rights-prosecution-angela-corey-united-states-department-justice-she-deliberately-withheld/pGTglGG2

    Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for She Deliberately Withheld Evidence
    Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for the unlawful Prosecution of George Zimmerman for depriving him of his Constitutional Rights of Life and Liberty by the United States Department of Justice, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General in United States District Court as swiftly and expeditiously as is possible.
    Angela Corey is alleged to have omitted material exculpatory facts, such as photographs of the wounds on George Zimmerman’s head, which go to his defense of “self defense.”
    She was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

    Created: Jul 14, 2013
    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Government Reform Learn about Petition Thresholds It’s up to you to build support for petitions you care about and gather more signatures. A petition must get 150 signatures in order to be publicly searchable on WhiteHouse.gov.
    Over time, we may need to adjust the petition signature thresholds, but we’ll always let you know what the thresholds are.
    Signatures needed by August 13, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000

  6. CJO says:

    Rachel told us earlier this week during her Piers Morgan interview that creepy a** cracker means someone who appears to be a police officer. So Trayvon thought he was either assaulting a police officer (felony) or a gay (hate crime). With the burglary tools, stolen property and the homemade hip hop drug that uses Watermelon juice (never was tea in the can), Skittles, and cough syrup.;;that Trayvon sure wasn’t some innocent little 12 year old like what the Justice for Trayvon crew keeps pushing.

    • canary says:

      CJO good points.
      I saw that part of the interview and believe Jeantel knew the true meaning and was making up a meaning she believed it was police, because it contradicts her saying she told Trayvon it might be a robber or pedophile so she knew he was not a cop.

      And if Bill Ayers can use it way back and the New Black Panthers can say they are going to kill all dem cracker babies and black babies with white blood in them as we recall the footage of the one head of the New Black Panthers on his bullhorn attacking a white woman and black man who were together and he wasn’t even arrested for disturbing the peace.

      That NBP could not have gotten away with such a thing and so far the Muslims can’t block our streets. Their too busy trying to sue every chance and are teaching Sharia Law at their mosques in my neck of the woods. Learning no rules marshall arts from age 5. I’m thinking of moving, but ya know how our houses aren’t worth as much since this administration’s caused house crisis.

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