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Racists, Bloomberg Defeat Liberal White Woman

From the Associated Press:

Anti-gun Democrat shoo-in to replace Jackson Jr.

By SOPHIA TAREEN | February 27, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) — The newly-elected Democratic nominee to replace disgraced former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. vowed to become a leader in the fight for federal gun control and directly challenged the National Rifle Association in her victory speech.

But it remains to be seen if Robin Kelly’s primary win Tuesday night in the Chicago-area district, aided by a $2 million ad campaign funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s super PAC, would fuel the national debate.

This is a classic example of race even trumping gender. In reality, Ms. Kelly, who is a political nobody, was only nominated because she is black. And, otherwise, a white liberal Democrat woman would have won the nomination. The thought of which outraged the local black politicians.

Kelly, a former state representative, emerged early as a voice for gun control in the truncated primary season after Jackson resigned in November. She gained huge momentum as Bloomberg’s super PAC poured money into anti-gun television ads in her favor that blasted one of her Democratic opponents, former U.S. Rep. Debbie Halvorson, for receiving a previous high rating from the NRA. Kelly supports an assault weapons ban, while Halvorson does not.

"We were on the right side of the issue and our message resonated," Kelly told The Associated Press shortly after her win.

Again, this was an issue trumped up at the last minute to salvage this seat for a black politician. Ms. Kelly was on the right side of melanin content.

Bloomberg called Kelly’s win an important victory for "common sense leadership" on gun violence, saying in a statement that voters nationwide are demanding change from their leaders.

But other Democratic front runners accused Bloomberg of buying a race and interfering in the heavily urban district that also includes some Chicago suburbs and rural areas.

"It shows, unfortunately, you can’t go up against that big money. …That’s the problem with super PACs," Halvorson, who unsuccessfully challenged Jackson in a primary last year, told the AP. "There is nothing I could have done differently."

Ms. Halvorson is the white liberal woman who basically had the election stolen out from under her by Mr. Bloomberg and the racists. And she seems to be the only one complaining about the influence of outside PAC money on the race.

There is no news media outrage at millions of dollars being poured in from out of state, from Bloomberg. Money that bought this victory for an otherwise obscure candidate.

Kelly’s win all but assures she will sail through the April 9 general election and head to Washington, because the Chicago-area district is overwhelmingly Democratic.

The Republican contest, featuring four lesser-known candidates, was too close to call as of Tuesday night, though no Republican has won the district in 50 years

Which could account for why it is such a shining example of good governance.

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3 Responses to “Racists, Bloomberg Defeat Liberal White Woman”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    1. White liberals have to realize that investing in racism comes back to haunt them, such as in this case, and where they are all but chased out of districts like Detroit, Atlanta, L.A. They basically “racismed” themselves out of power.

    A: First get white liberals elected, pretending to sound like conservatives.
    B: Enact policies that attract minorities into the district through generous welfare social policies, ensuring dependency, and permanent election results.
    C: Minorities decide elect a liberal whose skin color is closer to theirs.
    D: White liberals flee and start process all over again somewhere else.

    It’s no wonder Elisabeth “Cheekbones” Warren had to cheat, knowing that her white skin was a liability after spending her life convincing others white people are trash.

    2. Republicans need to win the vocabulary war, and call these districts what they are. For example: Hopeless districts, biased districts, dead-dog districts (a dead dog running as a democrat can win), or even (gulp) racist districts in which no white candidate can win. Perhaps, fascist districts, 1-party dictatorship districts, mindless voting districts, zombie voters, or some such label.

    3. Republicans have no score-keeping or grading system to evaluate the Republicans they have. IF THEY DID, Rudy Giuliani would have never recommended such an over-the-top obvious nutcase like this guy. Anti-gun, over-regulating fascist narcissist like Bloomberg, who was a Republican, then Independent, now just an unmasked tyrant.

    The more you stop and think about politics, the people in it, the policies they support, the ignorant voters, the evilness of it all, you begin to realize the whole system is absolutely IRRATIONAL, and dare I even suggest, INSANE.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      This may be the direction in which we’re headed.

      South Africa: ‘Man Dragged Behind Police Van’


      A taxi driver in South Africa died after being handcuffed to a police vehicle and dragged hundreds of yards, it has been alleged.

      Independent police investigators are looking into the claims after video footage emerged showing a man being dragged along a road behind a police van.

      The man, named locally as 27-year-old Mido Macia from Mozambique, was later found dead in a police cell in Daveyton, Johannesburg, on Tuesday.

      Officers have claimed they put Mr Macia in a police van in order to take him to a police station on the East Rand, and cannot explain how he later died.

      But the video, obtained by South Africa’s Daily Sun newspaper, shows officers struggling to overpower a man – believed to be the taxi driver – before attaching him to a point at the rear of their vehicle and then driving off leaving him hanging outside.

      Now, I looked all over the article trying to determine the race of the policemen driving the van. It could not be found. I did, however, google the demographics of the makeup of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and (surprise) none could be found, except a few references to the (largely) white makeup of the police in the days of apartheid.

      It is, and has been my understanding that since 1995, the police force has become predominantly black. (Gee, can’t say “african-american” now, can I?) And, interestingly and simultaneously, the tales of police corruption and violence have escalated to stratospheric heights.

      The only other articles I could find dealing with police brutality in South Africa were of white police attacking blacks, but in the articles discussing overall police corruption and violence, no race references were to be found.

      In my experience this tells me, clearly, that the police involved in the incidents were and are black, including the reference above, as one piece of the video shows a black policeman trying to carry the victim for some while before the driver of the van sped up.

      So….during apartheid, it was whining about white discrimination against blacks. Now….what’s the argument? That South Africa is becoming Nigeria. Black on black violence and ….dare I say it, a tribal mentality and code of behavior. I will also submit that blacks probably had it better under apartheid than they do now.

      But as relates to Mithrander’s posting, I submit that this is where the US is headed. Cities such as he mentioned will have all-black police forces that will be overwhelmingly corrupt and become the new gangs of the US. They will prohibit travel by whites to certain areas; Those areas heavily laden with their own crime-rings and corrupt doings.

      To that, I guess I have to say, “Fine, let them have it. Let them run it all and let it all crumble into the hell they so badly desire.”

      It’s not hard to imagine, really. Without the stigma of racism hovering over their heads, they will feel they can do as they please and do far more harm than whitey was ever imagined to have done. It’s that simple.

      For me, white flight works. When an area gets too black or too “homogenized”? Leave it. Let them have it and they will (in their own minds) make it “oh so much better”.

      I think it’s hilarious.

    • captstubby says:

      The United States, the model democratic and egalitarian republic, go down that retrograde road.
      Paul Johnson.
      “This racist approach was based upon the assumption, treated as a truth to be `held as self—evident,’ and which underlay both official policies of Affirmative Action and the new university curricula, that blacks were by definition incapable of racism, which was historically a creation of white color prejudice. Hence the Black Caucus in Congress was not merely not racist but actually anti—racist. “

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