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Radical Left Is Now Ginning Up Own Polls

From an irony-free Washington Post:

Liberals find backing in poll numbers

By Perry Bacon Jr.
Tuesday, February 2, 2010; A15

Progressive groups, worried that Democrats are too cautious, are speaking the language that lawmakers may hear clearest: poll numbers.

After Republican Scott Brown’s election to the Senate in Massachusetts on Jan. 19, a coalition of liberal groups released a survey of Bay State voters who backed Obama in 2008 and who voted for Brown or did not vote in the special election. The findings, according to MoveOn.org, one of the groups, showed that respondents "worry that Democrats in power have not done enough to combat the policies of the Bush era" and want "stronger, more progressive action on health care reform."

Those findings parallel MoveOn’s priorities; other surveys might suggest another course for Democrats. But the poll illustrates a shift in tactics by liberal groups, which are increasingly funding polls that buttress their view that Democrats should govern as a populist, liberal party instead of from the center.

You see, having every newspaper, every broadcast and cable (but one) doing polls that "buttress" liberal Democrat views is still not enough.

Mr. Soros and his lickspittle hirelings have to start doing direct ‘polling’ themselves.

The blog Firedoglake recently released polls showing the political weakness of some conservative Democrats, whom the blog has been criticizing.

Firedoglake is Jane Hamsher’s one man band.

Lest we forget, Ms. Hamsher demonstrated her ardent support of Ned Lamont by portraying Joe Lieberman in blackface. Lately, she has been relentless in demanding that any healthcare bill should have a public option.

She clearly has her finger on the pulse of the nation.

Another liberal group, The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, released surveys last year from Arkansas, Indiana and Nevada showing that a government-run, or "public," insurance option was popular in those states, trying to get the support of three Democratic senators in tough reelection fights: Evan Bayh (Ind.), Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) and Harry M. Reid (Nev.).

Please let Mr. Bayh, Ms. Lincoln and Mr. Reid believe these polls.

Congressional Democrats privately fume at some of the surveys, questioning the methodology and the wisdom of showing the political vulnerability of Democrats.

The groups have no plans of stopping. This week, they plan to release a survey showing that voters in Colorado strongly favor the public option, looking to push Sen. Michael Bennet (D) to back the use the legislative process called reconciliation to get a health-care bill passed

Oh, please, let Mr. Bennet believe these lunatics, too.

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine we would say this, but…

Hooray for George Soros!

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9 Responses to “Radical Left Is Now Ginning Up Own Polls”

  1. proreason says:

    Liberals ginning up polls?

    I thought this was supposed to be a news site.

  2. White_Polluter says:

    One of these days, the brilliant mathematical brains in liberalism will make a mistake and have something like 105% approval for Obama. Other than that, there’s not much downside in making up your own poll numbers. Let’s face it, its cheaper than actually polling people.

    • joeblough says:

      I think they actually accomplished something much like that when they got dead, and even imaginary people registered to vote for him.

      Presumably those ballots were counted too.

    • White_Polluter says:

      Good point. Let’s not forget the numbers from the other 9 states. The seven more than 50 and the two he had left to see.

  3. Ted Abhour says:

    Lying, rhetorical re-positioning, data fabrication, and skewing of research and poll results are genetic traits of the majority of people who gravitate to the radical left.

    A popular antitheist assistant professor at UMN runs a high-traffic blog where he provides hyperlinks to polls and instructs his readers to go and skew them. He does this several times most weeks.

    How very professorial and scientific of him to abuse resources to be certain data shows your desired results.

  4. wirenut says:

    Ha ha ha ha haaa!!! Sounds to me that even the daft are “getting it”! Manufactured polls for manufactured crises, equals false hopes for a dieing breed. Ha ha haw! No American bows to a foreign flag or head of state. No “Citizen” bows to an elected official or a tyrant. Mr. Soros: You will see the American Spirit and our tea party backsides come November.
    WE THE PEOPLE, cherish our liberty, nor will we turn on our own. Could you say the same, Mr. Death-camp?

  5. GTBurns says:

    Once again the leftist manta of “positive thinking” takes hold. That is if they think happy thoughts things will magically work for them in the end with out any logical reason. In psychology field it is what they call SELF DELUSION.

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