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Muslim Terrorist Elected Governor In Indonesia

From the DNC’s Al Jazeera:

Former rebel wins Aceh elections

A former Aceh separatist has won elections in the conflict- and disaster-stricken northern Indonesian province.

The electoral commission on Friday confirmed quick-count tallies made this month. Irwandi Yusuf won 38 per cent of the vote.

His closest rival, Ahmad Humam Hamid, took 16 per cent.

Irwandi, a leader of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), will assume the office of governor in February for a five-year term.

The elections on December 11, which also determined mayors and district chiefs, came just over a year after GAM and the Indonesian government signed a peace agreement.

The deal, precipitated by the Indian ocean tsunami in 2004 that claimed about 167,000 lives in Aceh, ended 29 years of fighting in which 15,000 people were killed.

Besides negotiating with Jakarta for GAM, Irwandi also worked in counter-intelligence and the military wing. He was in jail for treason when the tsunami hit

Irwandi told Al Jazeera before the final results were revealed: "By 2010 we [would] have eradicated corruption and you won’t hear any more of it in Aceh. By year 2015, Aceh can be considered a prosperous piece of land, prosperous country, where justice and law is for everyone." …

Make that Sharia law for everyone.

You probably didn’t even know that there was a civil war going on in this part of Indonesia. But there is. Our one party media just hasn’t bothered to tell us much about it since it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Wikipedia explains:

Acehnese Civil War

The Acehnese Civil War was a civil war in Aceh, Indonesia, between the separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the central government of Indonesia…

As the articles notes, a ceasefire was declared after the December 2004 Tsunami so that both sides could cash in on the aid. But it has been repeatedly violated.

And guess what is behind it?

There is a cultural and religious divide between Aceh and the rest of Indonesia as well. A more conservative form of Islam than is mainstream in most of Indonesia is widely practiced in Aceh. The broadly secular policies of Suharto’s New Order regime (1965-1998) were especially unpopular in Aceh, where many resented the central government’s policy of promoting a unified ‘Indonesian culture’.

What’s this? More "conservative" Muslims killing less "conservative" Muslims?

What a shock!

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