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Radical Muslims Lead In Egypt, US Reassured

From a cheering al-Reuters:

Egypt’s Brotherhood says it leads in vote count

By Yasmine Saleh and Marwa Awad
November 30, 2011

CAIRO/ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) – The Muslim Brotherhood said on Wednesday it was leading in the initial count of results from the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary election and one source in its party said it had secured 40 percent of votes cast for party lists.

A member of the rival liberal Egyptian Bloc also said that in Cairo, one area that voted on Monday and Tuesday, the list led by the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) had 40 to 50 percent of votes. His Bloc had 20 to 30 percent, he said…

The overall outcome will not be known until January. The election is spread over six weeks with different parts of the country voting separately in three phases, each of which may be followed by run-off votes. Under an elaborate system that makes it difficult to predict the outcome, two-thirds of the 498 elected seats go to party lists and the rest to individuals.

The outcome is all too easy to predict. As it has been from the first flowering of the ‘Arab Spring.’

The [Muslim Brotherhood’s] FJP said in a statement early indications showed it in the lead for both party-list and individual mandate seats.

It said the ultra-conservative Islamist al-Nour party was next, followed by the liberal Egyptian Bloc

What a shock. By the way, as we have noted, the "ultra-conservative Islamist al-Nour party" was behind the latest protests in Tahrir Square. They are pushing to speed up the hand over of power.

Meanwhile, we are being assured by the Obama administration and his media outlet, the Associated Press:

US finds reassurance in Egypt’s peaceful voting

November 30, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration offered tempered praise this week as millions of Egyptians cast ballots in an election likely to be the country’s freest and fairest ever — a vote the U.S. insisted go forward despite objections by pro-democracy street protesters.

That would be the "ultra-conservative Islamist al-Nour party" mentioned above, who just want to speed up the process of Islamization.

The administration wanted timely elections even though they risked leaving the U.S. with less influence and fewer friends in the Middle East.

If Obama cared about having friends in the Middle East, he would not be systematically overthrowing our allies.

After two days of largely peaceful voting marked by high turnouts, U.S. spokesmen termed Egypt’s first vote since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster a success. They focused on the openness of the parliamentary election and not on the Islamic hardliners who may end up the big winners — or what that might mean for U.S. policy or U.S. ally Israel.

After all, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

"As much as it’s important to protest in Tahrir Square, the real future — the democratic future — of Egypt will be decided in the ballot box," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. "The Egyptian people are now exercising their democratic right in a peaceful fashion that will lead to real democratic change in the long term for Egypt. That’s a very good thing."

Mr. Toner is a buffoon. A dangerous buffoon.

If the Muslim Brotherhood and the al-Nour party take power, this will be Egypt’s first and last free election. And there will be no "democratic changes." Just changes in the name of Sharia Law.

After a week when U.S. officials watched warily as Egypt suffered a new wave of unrest and violence, Monday and Tuesday’s balloting provided the administration with renewed confidence that the country is on a path that, however treacherous, should lead to a more democratic future

Aren’t you reassured?

The result seemed to validate weeks of active diplomacy by the Obama administration to press Egypt’s interim military leadership to stick to its proposed timeline for parliamentary and presidential elections

What another wonderful success story for Obama. Another country is being moved into the Caliphate.

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4 Responses to “Radical Muslims Lead In Egypt, US Reassured”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “…in an election likely to be the country’s freest and fairest ever

    And, LAST as has been pointed out. I cannot believe for one minute that the US administration has any desire to see anything but pure muslim-mania in all of the sand-lands, to include the destruction of Israel. But in keeping with the law of unintended consequences, once the muslims are all united and then decide to refuse to provide the US with any more oil (probably also desired by our uniquely leftwing/socialists in government) then we’ll be forced to drill for our own or get it from Brazil or both. But, the left, if still in power will bring about the highly desired control aspect of it and they think it will make everybody buy an electric car. Honestly, I believe that’s how they think. But of course, the thought-process isn’t very deep nor very thorough. Most, if not all leftist ideas are stillborn at best and just bad at worst.

    Under this “plan” so, “You’d be willing to shut a nation down completely in order to achieve your objective of electric car-dom?”

    But no one in the news would ask that question…Or any like it for that matter.

    Then there’s the possibility of driving all this through manipulation and such and reaching an all-terrorist muslim world over there which could result in them wanting to take us on militarily. But that is unlikely, for they themselves know they suck at organized military endeavors. They like their little rogue resistance and oddly, they think it gives them legitimacy, the way MS13 and the bloods and crips have “legitimacy”. In other words, they like it just the way it is.

    At the dawning of some new age, where all of us here have already passed to dust, there will be a war…and it won’t last long. The people who come from Western thinking will rise up and destroy the people who live in the sand and wear hijabs and have stupid laws that make no sense and are administered by sexual perverts with beards. There will be few muslims left.

    It’s not already happening because we have a significant amount of the population that is willfully blind, due to poor education by parents and teachers alike that “all muslims want is peace…just like us”. Of course, both parts of that statement are false. They do not want peace, they want the lands occupied by free westerners and they do not think anything like us. I don’t care how many shows about “typical Iranian families” PBS puts out there. Did you notice that the woman who went there had to wear her muslim attire even in the home of her hosts? The real irony being that the “journalist” for PBS was probably a bra-burning, left-wing feminazi. How is it that she’s able to contain that rage against men so well? I guess the potential for losing your head over it might have had some influence.

    But the day will come, once again to finally have it out with the muslims. They’ve been asking for it for half a century since the end of WWII and I’d be happy to oblige them. But the rest of the west has to wake up to the fact that they’re getting walked all over. But they’re too busy trying to get fuel out of OWS and the like to notice that while they are doing that, the muslims creep ever more into our society and lives. When that happens, then they’ll have something to be pissed about.

  2. River0 says:

    “….should lead to a more democratic future…

    Aren’t you reassured?

    Oh, yes! Then they can say they’re ‘The People’s Democratic Republic of Egypt’, just like North Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, and China.

    Either the ciphers in the Alien’s Black Ops House are as children, or they’re as depraved and cynical as the Devil.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Let’s review.

    The Lincoln Administration was awash in German 48r’s, the remnant of the first failed socialist/communist revolution. And when I say awash, I mean a whole godawful bunch of ’em. Lincoln himself was much admired by Karl Marx in Marx’ private letters, as the archetype of centralizing government in order to bring about socialist goals. The Republican Party’s roots are thoroughly stained Red.

    Immediately after the War, when the Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan, and the Klan turned from being a bulwark against Yankee depredations into a killing machine aimed at blacks, the Klan was infiltrated by Progressives and the Klan retains that lifeblood to this day, as does the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party’s raison d’etre is Red.

    So, in short, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right it makes no difference. Right and Left deployment is as nothing because there’s no Them vs. Us. There’s only one side, and it’s Them.

    And remember, Otto Skorzeny is the cat who formed the Muslim Brotherhood for the National Socialists and that legacy rolls on, putrid corrupting and very much alive. So, of course Obama’s masters are happy with events in Egypt.

    [1] Otto Skorzeny – http://surrenderingislam.com/surrendering-islam/nazis

    • proreason says:

      One a month you manage to come out with some astonishing, GBJ. I don’t alway agree, but I have to say you keep things interesting.

      ps: I agree wholeheartedly that Obama’s master are happy about Egypt…and Libya…and Tunisia…and Syria…and Iran. Chaos, the mother’s milk of isms around the world.

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