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Rahm Emanuel Wants To Shelter ‘Kids’ Fleeing Violence

From the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor wants Chicago to shelter young immigrants

By Juan Perez Jr. [sic] | July 26, 2014

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration is set to aggressively expand the amount of shelter available to children apprehended at the southern U.S. border, with plans to house as many as 1,000 additional young immigrants in Chicago by the end of this year.

"The influx of unaccompanied child migrants is a growing humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore," Emanuel said in a statement.

"While we have our own challenges at home, we cannot turn our backs on children that are fleeing dangerous conditions," the mayor said.

There were at least 23 shootings in Chicago over the weekend. And, according US government statistics back in January of this year the number of people murdered in Chicago (4,265) surpassed the number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan (2,166) over the same time frame.

Funding for the facilities — and for the children’s education, health care, food, security and social services — would come from the federal government, Emanuel’s administration said. The effort’s estimated cost isn’t yet known, a mayoral aide said.

Wrong. The funding would come from the US taxpayers. And, the costs are far from unknown. We know that they can reach up to $1,000 a child per day. HHS has already told us that the costs per ‘child’ can reach $1,000 a day.

The precise number and locations of sites to be retrofitted as shelters is yet to be determined. But the facilities would augment nine existing shelters in the Chicago area that, according to officials with the National Immigrant Justice Center, already hold roughly 500 beds for immigrant children brought here by the federal government…

In other words, Obama has been sheltering hundreds of illegal aliens for some time. We wonder many of them have been shot yet?

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6 Responses to “Rahm Emanuel Wants To Shelter ‘Kids’ Fleeing Violence”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Isn’t it surprising that angels of God haven’t struck him down?

  2. Petronius says:

    Fortunately, due to the number of killings in Chicago, there will always be a fresh supply of beds available for these “unaccompanied child migrants.”

  3. untrainable says:

    Rahm can’t shelter kids in his own city from violence. How is he going to shelter foreigners? Is this genius? Is he trying to get them to go back home? I know that if I were fleeing violence, the last place to which I’d “flee” would be Chicago.

    These people thought they were coming to America. If they end up in Chicago… or Detroit… maybe they’ll just turn around and go home. Maybe we should start a reverse coyote service for Chicago residents.

    I’ve heard those estimates about each child costing $1000/day. I can’t figure out how that is reasonable. I don’t ever remember spending $365K any year my daughter was living with me. Of course, she never had scabies, or lice, or TB, or Ebola, or malnutrition, or anything like that… but still… WTF?

    • heykev says:

      That would be $100/day for housing, food, hospital bills, delousing, TB x-rays, etc. $900/day to the DNC coffers.

  4. canary says:

    Sponsers can’t stop the illegal youth from taking off and finding their immigrant gang homies. Chicago is their hub.

    Big tax break break for attorneys who defend these illegals.

    “The city said it also is supporting a local nonprofit’s grant application to the government that would bring additional attorneys.”

    Chicago parents are probably outraged that the endangerment of their children in their own homes and neighborhoods will grow.

    Chicago Teachers are seeing dollar signs

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