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Emanuel Still Pushing For Illegal Aliens

First we have this preposterous report from the famously unbiased Politico:

Rahm’s immigration turnabout

By: Gebe Martinez
February 17, 2009

It was not so long ago that Rahm Emanuel was on the House Democratic leadership team and being accused of throwing immigrants “under the bus” for the sake of strengthening Democrats’ power in the House.

As the engineer of the Democrats’ 2007 takeover of Congress, Emanuel was viewed as stalling House consideration of broad immigration legislation, fearing that Democrats in Republican-leaning districts would become roadkill at the hands of angry voters. Even a Democratic president would have to wait until his second term to take on the issue, Emanuel once opined.

But now, as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Emanuel is removing roadblocks that stand in the way of some of the legislative agenda benefitting immigrants, ethnic minorities and their advocates.

Emanuel, a shrewd political mind who also epitomizes the rough and tumble politics of his hometown of Chicago, seems to be firing up the bulldozer on immigration-related issues he once resisted.

For example, he recently cleared the path for increased benefits for legal immigrant children and pregnant women in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, Obama’s first major legislative victory.

The debate was set up by Latino leaders and immigrants’ rights backers as a test of Obama’s and Congress’ commitment to their issues. In negotiations with key senators, Emanuel warned that the bill would not be signed without the immigration benefits

SCHIP “would not have happened without Rahm,” said Janet Murguia, president of National Council of La Raza. “SCHIP demonstrated that not only could they take that stand, but they could take that stand and win.”

Emanuel’s evolution reflects the change in the thinking of Democratic Party elders — Obama excepted — who shied away from the immigration debate before the 2008 election, said Frank Sharry, who heads America’s Voice.

“Emanuel is a symbol of going from running away from immigration to someone who now says, ‘Lean into immigration. It will help Democrats,’” Sharry added…

Emanuel himself pointed to SCHIP as a sign of the changing contours in the immigration debate.

During a recent interview with a dozen Hispanic journalists in the Old Executive Office Building, Emanuel said the administration purposely pushed a more complicated SCHIP proposal that relaxed rules by extending benefits to immigrants who have been in the country for less than five years.

SCHIP shows that “the arrow is pointing in a different direction in relation to immigration politics in this country,” Emanuel told the Hispanic media during the second week of the new administration. SCHIP can be viewed as a down payment on what will be forthcoming from the Obama administration, Emanuel added, according to La Opinion, a Spanish-language newspaper…

The White House also stayed out of the early debate over whether to include in the $787 billion economic stimulus bill a proposed extension of E-Verify, the error-ridden federal computer system that is supposed to confirm the legal residency status of all U.S. workers. Hispanics and business groups managed to delete from the final bill House language that would have forced employers receiving stimulus money to use E-Verify

The Census Bureau was so badly managed in recent years that Democrats and Republicans worry about its readiness for the 2010 count…

When Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri, who oversees the House subcommittee on the census, was personally reassured by Obama and Emanuel that they would oversee the 2010 count, he was thrilled. “I do welcome the president’s, and Rahm’s and the entire White House team’s involvement,” Clay said, adding that they understand how an undercount can hurt minority communities…

Immigrant advocates await the administration’s review of immigration raids that were stepped up by former President George W. Bush and that terrorized immigrants and even Hispanics who are U.S. citizens. But Emanuel remains “very mindful” of Obama’s campaign pledge to “rise above the fear and demagoguery,” Murguia said.

Emanuel is not just being a “good soldier,” Sharry added. “I think he’s actually revised his views on this [immigration] issue. If that’s true, it’s huge.”

Alas, this is what passes for journalism too much in this day and age.

You see, a politician is always said to evolve when he comes to more fully embrace the liberal agenda. In this case, open borders with Mexico.

(Not, however, open borders with say Great Britain.)

But in fact even this “turnabout” is a complete distortion. For Mr. Emanuel has always counted on illegal aliens for the Democrat Party.

As can be seen in this piece of real reportage from the Prowler at the American Spectator, which we posted back in June 2007:

Shadowing Rahm

By The Prowler

Published 6/18/2007

Rep. Rahm Emanuel is ducking questions about his role in the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s Citizenship USA Initiative, which he helped direct back in 1996 during the Clinton Administration.

Emanuel, in his capacity as a senior White House adviser to President Bill Clinton, was well known in Department of Justice circles as a “shadow Attorney General,” according to a former Clinton DOJ official.

“Rahm won’t say anything about it now, he’s scared out of his mind that he’s going to get tarred for his role in this thing, but he was very much involved in directing policy at DOJ, particularly on immigration policy,” says the former official now in private practice in New York.

Meanwhile, Emanuel has been attempting to send reporters asking about his role of late in other directions. According to a reporter for a Chicago daily who asked Emanuel about his activities at DOJ, “He said that it was all a Harold Ickes operation.”

Emanuel was identified in a 2000 DOJ Inspector General report as a key player in a taxpayer-funded scheme to fast-track legal and illegal immigrants through any means possible for citizenship so that they could vote for the Democrat party. The program was called Citizenship USA.

CUSA outsourced some INS citizenship requirement programs (English language testing, for example), and was designed to speed up citizenship opportunities so that newly minted citizens could vote for the Democrat party, if not in 1996, then in 1998 and 2000.

Emanuel has denied any role, though the 2000 report makes clear he was involved. Now, as reporters have begun asking questions, Emanuel has refused to comment. According to one eyewitness, when Emanuel was recently approached by a Los Angeles Times reporter who has been asking about CUSA, the congressman from Illinois turned and walked quickly in the other direction.

Another media lie punctured.

And yes, isn’t this the man we want in charge of the Census?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Emanuel Still Pushing For Illegal Aliens”

  1. Weasel says:

    If the moderate country club members of the GOP would pull their heads out of their open borders bottoms, the Republicans could reestablish themselves as the law and order party while fighting for fiscal responsibility. This isn’t about race. I don’t care what color an “immigrant” is, I just want them to be legal. If the legal path to immigration and citizenship is screwed up – and it is – then let’s fix it, but don’t throw open the borders or look the other way. And I don’t care what color and illegal alien is, I just want them arrested and deported. If we can’t secure our borders to illegal aliens, how can we secure them against drug smugglers, terrorists, etc? It is not a racial issue, it is a security issue. And it’s a financial issue – we should not and can not afford to pay the bill for illegal aliens. And the bill is in the billions and billions every year.

    This single issue could put the GOP back in charge of the House and possibly the Senate in 2010, if they are willing to use it: GOP for law and order, Dems for breaking the law; GOP for not spending money on illegal aliens, Dems choosing illegal aliens over citizens. It is a win-win, if we are smart enough to go for it. But too many of us are afraid of being called “racists” – news flash – they are going to call us that anyway!!!

    And before anybody starts foaming at the mouth about going house to house and breaking up families, put a sock in it. Not that I am personally against that, but it isn’t necessary. Just control the borders. Then go after the companies providing job to illegal aliens. If you want cheap labor, hire college and high school students, not illegal aliens! And stop the federal and state freebies for illegal aliens. Then it would be hard to get into the country, there would be few jobs for illegal aliens once they got here and no handouts waiting for them. Problem solved without the Gestapo tactics that the left and media always accuses us of.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Without jobs they will leave on their own.

    • catie says:

      I’m not sure they will leave. There are some who are leaving but I just drove by the 7-11 in Manassas, VA, and there seemed to be even more there than usual.
      This is what these criminals in the dimocraptic party want. They want to count the illegals and gerrymander till their hearts desire.

    • wardmama4 says:

      It is possible – google if you will Operation Wetback – in 1954 President Eisenhower & the INS (without benefit of everyone having a cell phone, the computer/internet, or any of the other nifty technology of today) started a program to round up and deport illegals in America. Concentrating on Mexicans (hmm, I wonder why, perhaps because even back then they were 80-85% of the illegal problem) . The program started in CA and Az. It was so successful (remember the year/timeframe please) that in the end the agents rounded up 80,000 but some 500,000 left TX on their own (i.e. self deported)!

      And to bring this to the present: locally just before the Shamnesty attempt – they raided a sub-contractor of a very big local home construction co – all the illegals were deported, the sub-contractor and the home construction co paid a hefty fine. Amazingly, within days, the local ‘illegal’ problem went away.

      Simply enforce the laws already on the books – not open the borders or make new laws (that will be ignored). But I guess common sense is just in short supply in DC these days (and a serious lack of historical knowledge).

  2. UndercoverInLA says:

    I grow more scared for this country and my personal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness each and every day.

    I live in Los Angeles, and I am ready to stop talking and wringing my hands over all this and start doing something.

    If anyone can offer me direction to any like-minded conservative organizations that are interested in peacefully returning our nation to one of sanity, safety and personal responsibility rather than simple he-said she-said politics, I am very interested and will check this thread for (hopefully) viable options.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • A Mad Pole says:

      I really like Constitution Party’s agenda.

    • electionhangovervictim says:


      “I grow more scared for this country and my personal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness each and every day.”

      My sentiments exactly!!

      I wish I could offer some suggestions, but alas, I have yet to find the “put up or shut up” organization that could steer us back in the right direction. I’m glad you asked the question, though…maybe somebody out there has the answer we’re looking for.

  3. AmericanIPA says:

    It was a given that this would be one of Obama’s earliest targets. These close elections aren’t the best way to count of gaining or keeping power for the liberals, they need a super majority of dependent voters and illegal Mexicans will be that majority. After they and their extended families gain citizenship, the rest of the agendas will be easy to push through.

    It’s not a nutty conspiracy theory at all, as those on the left say. You need only look at the perfect example that Europe has given us to see where we are heading in every aspect of government and society. But conservatives don’t seem to have the fight left in them to keep it from happening here too. Or maybe we are already outnumbered.

  4. caligirl9 says:

    Lovely. So the house (not capitalized on purpose, in this case our current “House” is not worthy of proper noun status) omitted a requirement for any business receiving stimulus money to use E-Verify. No doubt there were problems with the system, but it sure caught more correctly than it did incorrectly. Besides, if you are caught “incorrectly” and you have proof of U.S. citizenship or a green card, it’s fixable. Has anyone read anything about a U.S. citizen who got deported to Mexico because of an E-Verify problem?

    I have done lots of different jobs in my years and one used to be working for a family-owned far labor contractor business up until the mid-1990s. People were required to bring in “documentation” in order to be paid, and we took photocopies. Here’s the rub: there were so many documents that were obviously fake. But the law was (sit down) it was not up to us/the employer to determine if those documents were fake. We could not fire a worker who presented questionable documents. Nor could we hold on to an employee’s check forever if he or she failed to produce documents. Only at that point could that person be fired, and that usually took a month or more.

    Unlike the meat packing plant that lost its workforce last year, we did not provide documents to our employees LOL

    I’m not sure if the law has changed but if it hasn’t, it’s pretty darn unfair to make an employer 100% responsible for hiring an illegal. Hence, I have no problem whatsoever with E-Verify. We’d have loved to have that tool back then!

    Funny how Rahm has changed his point of view so much, pandering for re-election votes not even one month into TCO’s reign of stupidity.

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words and this picture says it all. Note the words on the podium “A new direction for America.” A new direction doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one. And this new direction of our country and its lemming like followers has me concerned. So when Rahm shakes his fist in the air, are the sheeple supposed to raise their right arms and scream Seig Heil! in return?

    • jobeth says:

      Same thing as “Change” or “Yes We Can”

      Change? But change to what? and Yes We Can?….Can What?

      “Change” and “yes we can”, destroy America as we know it?!

      God Help Us One and All (except these creeps) !

  6. Right of the People says:

    There is no easy answer but something has to be done before we become a part of Northern Mexico.

    There are a myriad of problems starting with the immigration judges who either release illegals that are caught crossing after giving them a court date that they never show for or if they do sentence them, they usually drop the jail time. Even when an illegal is caught, tried, sentenced and incarcerated when they finally get out, they aren’t instantly deported but usually just let out to wander the countryside. A lot of Border Patrol Agents get discouraged after busting their butt to arrest someone only to see them released but fortunately they keep plugging.

    Another BIG problem since the formation of DHS and along with it ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is that ICE agents have decided that catching folks smuggling drugs are a more sexy thing to enforce than capturing illegals who have gotten into the country one way or another, locking them up then having them deported. That is their main job, “capturing illegals who have gotten into the country one way or another, locking them up then having them deported”, that drug thing is supposed to be done by another federal agency, the DRUG Enforcement Agency or DEA, that’s why the word drug is first in their name. If we could get them to just do their job, that would help a ton.

    Most BP agents feel we should temporarily shut down the borders, gather up all the illegals and send them back to whence they came. While the borders are closed to immigration, the third arm of what was the former INS & Customs, CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) would have time to catch up on all the previously submitted applications for immigration. If we did this, we would lighten up our welfare rolls, states like Kalifornia would save billions and not have to worry about their heathcare system crashing and burning and it would make our borders and the country as a whole much safer. Of course with this administration pigs will become airborne first.


  7. heykev says:

    I do believe there is a fairly simply answer to this problem. Simply make those who hire anyone resopnsible for their actions. All we would need is cooperation between government agencies and it would be a VERY simple process. If your company is caught employing an illegal you’d would pay a hefty for every day you employed him in addition to the fine for simply employing that person. If you do this, there would be no illegal immigration problem.

    On a less serious note. Since Mexico is having severe financial problems, why don’t we just buy it and make it part of the US? I’m sure there’s a trillion laying around somewhere for something like this. Maybe there some $$ hiding in a White House basement closet that could be used…

    • jobeth says:

      Yeah, but Obama would just shut down all the oil from there and outsource all the work to Venezuela!

      And then let all the Cental and South Americans breech the borders! ;-D

  8. TickTock says:

    Crooked, corrupt socialists. Political over-site of the census, hundreds of billions for social programs and pet projects, further entrenchment of public school re-education centers, nationalization of financial centers and manufacturing, socialized medicine, limitations on personal freedoms and speech…

    Any number of third world dictatorships would fit this description, but sadly, this is America today.

    The dems will sign up anybody alive, dead, illegal, felon, to pad the vote. So bring them all in.
    The only way the libs will build a fence is to keep us from leaving.

    This “bill” is a trojan horse designed to end democracy and replace it with socialism. They’re well ahead in their plan, starting with the financial sector and creating a “depression” crisis.
    Such a “crisis” that Lazy Ol’ Obama took a vacation. We knew he voted “present” while a senator, and now he isn’t present at all. They now have their legislation which will further strengthen their hand and prepare the way for more stringent assaults on our freedoms. Once the people are impoverished they will eagerly turn to Govt and accept anything foisted upon them in exchange for crumbs from Obamy’s table.

    We’d better dump the dems in 2010 or Obamy will be Leader For Life, and there goes the neighborhood.

    • DoctorRock says:

      Lighten up, Amigo! Is this not Sweetness & Light? Immigration is the single issue most likely to give us our beloved country back. You know they’re dying to create twenty-five million new Democratic voters with cute accents, and they just may be arrogant enough to try it. I just think that before such a bill could be signed into law, things will get a little dicey in our fair country. Say, government buildings lose power and phone service, members of the Civilian Security Force (perhaps we could have them wear bright red jackets like Verizon?) come under isolated but accurate fire, that sort of thing. Crazy talk? Revolution? Nonsense. Ammo sales in Florida are through the roof! I don’t even think the ensuing unpleasantness will be that nasty or even last very long. It was the North’s manufacturing might that won the last Civil War, so in the end we could be thanking the Free Trade-ists after all. Yes, some well-known Liberals will disappear, but most will simply take up residence in Argentina, a nation famous for its hospitality towards expatriate national socialists. Wanna see well-run elections? I’ll bet the National Guard trumps ACORN. Wanna see just how responsive our elected representatives can be? After what happened to the last guy? FUGGEDDABOUDDIT! This is what I call a new direction. AND change you can believe in. Our founding fathers so got it right that we’ve still got a an ace in the hole. And I suppose the S&L in there is that we didn’t have teacher’s unions back then.

  9. Howard Roark says:

    Rahm is our Trotsky.

    Check out the recent discovery of his TAX EVASION PROBLEM:

    • 1sttofight says:

      Paying taxes is for the Little People.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      This just frosts my a$$! Another unpatriotic citizen. (the VP’s opinion.) I guess it’s true, if you want democrats to pay taxes, appoint them to the cabinet. You just know higher taxes are around the corner with all this spent, borrowed money. No wonder these democratic politicians don’t mind raising our taxes-they don’t PAY any!!! Boston tea party anyone?

  10. canary says:

    We need some smart politicans to reclassify white Americans as minorities.

  11. proreason says:

    Immigrants….poor, uninformed, willing to sell their votes…the Democrats dream constituency.

    Notice they don’t go after Indians or Chinese. They don’t sell themselves cheap, they educate themselves, and they are harder to trick.

    The liberal oligarchy doesn’t want to overspend to establish their tyranny.

  12. Howard Roark says:

    They don’t sell themselves cheap, they educate themselves, and they are harder to trick.

    Right on, PR.

  13. yellarcan says:

    If these morons have their way, the mexican border will stop at the canadian border.

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