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Rangel Claims Tea Party Supporters Are Racists – Again

From Roll Call:

Rangel: Tea Party Does Not ‘Believe the Union Won’ Civil War

By JM Rieger | April 29, 2014

During the Congressional Black Caucus’ special order hour on the House floor Monday night, Rep. Charles B. Rangel hammered the tea party not only for embracing the Confederate flag, but also for hating President Barack Obama “as much as their [Dixiecrat] predecessors probably hated Abe Lincoln.”

The father of the Republican Party? That Abe Lincoln?

“[In] some parts of the United States of America they don’t believe that the Union won."

And never mind that it is the Democrats who never got over losing the war. So much so, they formed the KKK to kill Republicans and any blacks who might vote Republican.

And then the Democrats went on to write and enact and enforce every Jim Crow law that ever was.

"The reason I come to that conclusion is that … I have never seen so many Confederate flags that represent groups that are proud of the fact that they call themselves the Tea Party,” the New York Democrat said during his 10-minute floor speech…

Too bad Mr. Rangel and no one with him had camera or a cell phone to take photographs of all of these Confederate flags at Tea Party rallies. They really missed a great chance.

“They’re from that part of the country that the states owned slaves.”

Someone should tell Mr. Rangel that at one time all of the parts of the country owned slaves. Even New York.

Rangel, the second most senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, has pushed the White House to do more to combat poverty and inequality. The Senate recently passed an extension of unemployment benefits and there are new signs  the House may take up legislation on an immigration overhaul.

Perhaps if Mr. Rangel would pay his taxes, the government would have more resources to do more for the poor. Perhaps if Mr. Rangel would give up his illegal subsidized apartments, the poor could live in them.

But Rangel’s latest racist comments raise the question: if the NBA can loot an owner of his property for private comments, can’t the public take away someone’s political office for his blatant racist comments, made in public? Not to mention his many illegal activities.

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One Response to “Rangel Claims Tea Party Supporters Are Racists – Again”

  1. chainsaw says:

    The CBC is an exclusive group that has only 2 requirements (black Congress’person’) and a de facto 3rd requirement (democrat). Leading by example is true leadership. What better way to extol virtues of a color-blind society than to disband this officially sanctioned caucus based solely on race?

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