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Shocker: Harlem Re-Nominates Rangel, D

From a joyous New York Times:

Rangel Easily Defeats Five Primary Rivals

September 14, 2010

Representative Charles B. Rangel, the battle-scarred Democratic incumbent facing numerous ethics charges, captured his party’s nomination on Tuesday after a nasty six-way primary battle in which his opponents sharply questioned his fitness to serve.

Gosh, how “nasty” of his opponents to question Mr. Rangel’s fitness. What were they thinking?

The victory makes it virtually certain that Mr. Rangel, a legendary figure in city and state politics, will win the November general election in his overwhelmingly Democratic Congressional district in Upper Manhattan.

As if it were ever uncertain. (By the way, “Upper Manhattan” is what the New York Times calls Harlem.)

Still, where is the outrage that The Times and the rest of our Make Believe Media has heaped upon Ms. O’Donnell and the rest of the Tea Party winners?

With 59 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Rangel had 53 percent, trailed by his chief rival, Adam Clayton Powell IV, with 25 percent

And, lest we forget, Adam Clayton Powell II was repeatedly ‘re-elected’ to Congress by this same district, even after Congress had voted to ‘exclude’ him.

“I don’t know how this will be misconstrued by the press,” Mr. Rangel said. “But no matter what they say, I go back to Washington a stronger man than I have ever been.”

How wonderful. And what an inspiration this will be to the young people in Harlem and all across the nation.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to the president’s agenda.

“In the time we are at in our history, President Obama needs people like me more than ever,” Mr. Rangel said

Mr. Rangel is right, of course. Mr. Obama needs all of the corrupt, America-hating politicians he can get, to push the rest of his agenda through Congress.

In the general election, Mr. Rangel will face a Republican, Michel J. Faulkner, a minister who founded the New Horizon Church of New York in Harlem, and Craig Schley, 46, a former intern for Mr. Rangel, who is running on the Independence Party line.

The travesty here is that Mr. Faulkner would make an excellent representative for Harlem.

But he doesn’t stand a chance, since the denizens of that district are slaves to the Democrat Party. Despite the fact that the Democrats have done nothing but exploit them for generations.

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6 Responses to “Shocker: Harlem Re-Nominates Rangel, D”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Oh goody, tax cheat Charlie is going back to the house! Oh well, more the better when they convict his funky self on his 200000 ethics violations.

  2. proreason says:

    As predicted.

    The ethics violations sealed the deal for Charley. He will get 150% of the black vote if he runs for President.

    Nothing turns them on more than one of their own getting away with crimes. Which is the reason they love Obamy, but he is sometimes too “nuanced” for them to even know that he is committing a crime.

    So Obamy only gets 98%.

    (ps: Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Colonel West and the others like them round out of a 20 million voter base. And besides, black conservatives only vote once apiece, and they don’t vote when they are dead.)

  3. oldpuppydixie says:

    The left, headed by Judas goats like Rangel, has spent 60 years destroying the black race. But what the hell! Blacks now don’t have to work and can spend all day and night stealing, selling drugs and breeding!! That was the DESIGN of their good friends on the left as it makes blacks totally dependent upon Big Brother, guaranteeing a 95% turnout for their democrat check writers. Nice job, Charlie.

  4. untrainable says:

    You’ve gotta give Charlie a break. {sarc} Only a practiced criminal could truly and accurately represent his district. Who would be better?

  5. jimreport says:

    He returns “stronger than ever” eh? Thats yet to be seen. Well wait – he’s a lib, so reality is the exact opposite for them. Returning as a member of a demoted party, who no longer controls the calendar, and with the same ethics charges over his own head = stronger than ever in bizzaro world.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      ‘T’would be funny to hear such commentary from Al Michaels on a Sunday Night Football game, wouldn’t it? That’s how far removed from reality it all is. Being brought up on accusations is only bad for republicans but some sort of badge of honor for socialists. Bill-Jeff the BJ boy stands as testimony to it. He emerged damaged only in the eyes of the femi-nazis but not for very long. They still love his collegiate attitude and “whatever” way. Why, he’s so cool that you’d have to be Fred MacMurray to not see it.

      Nope, once again style over substance. Gee, sure wish we could do everything that way. Wouldn’t the military be great if only the “really cool guys” got promoted?

      Or, if only the “really cool people” could be cops?

      You know, just like how people became popular in high school.

      What it comes down to is that for any population segment in this, or any nation, there’s the ruling class and there’s everybody else. And, there are even sub-sets inside of sub-sets. Having never been in the ruling class of anything, I couldn’t care less about it other than I find it annoying and damaging to progress and common sense.

      I suppose people in groups look to the “leadership” in that group and, like sled dogs, play the pecking order until they find their survival place. I also suppose it’s natural mammalian behavior. But in an adult world, such things should actually be quite trivial. That’s what I was raised to believe. Sadly, or perhaps to my benefit, I never learned how to politic, or how to be duplicitous, or how to smile to people I intensely dislike. All three things are dishonest to me. But in an environment that is heavily political, I would always lose. So I learned to not engage or get snookered into such things. Fortunately the job I hold has little to do with politics of any kind. Although it is there..and it’s extremely petty…perhaps because the stakes are so low.

      However, Rangel will not be harmed in any way by these accusations. Remember, to hold him to account would be racist.

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