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Rangel Expects Dems To Pay His Legal Bills

From The Hill:

Rep. Rangel expects Democratic leaders to help with his growing legal bills

By Susan Crabtree – 08/11/10

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) expects Democratic leaders to help pay his legal bills, but that appears unlikely.

Several times during his meandering 37-minute speech on the House floor on Tuesday, Rangel complained about the mounting costs of defending himself against a two-year ethics investigation. He claims the bill has already reached $2 million.

At one point during the remarks, he said his main attorney on his legal team has said she might be able to continue working on a pro bono basis. He also said he “expects” Democratic leaders to help him pay his legal bills.

“So my lawyer – I can understand how financially this thing can go on longer than I can afford — but she is willing to assist me in working out something in pro bono, and I’ll expect the leadership to help me,” Rangel said.

The comment had Democratic leadership aides scratching their heads.

A spokesman for Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Assistant to the Speaker, said leaders are focused on helping endangered Democrats get re-elected, not helping Rangel pay his legal fees.

“I would anticipate that most of the leadership’s focus is going to be on supporting vulnerable Democrats this cycle,” said the spokesman.

Pelosi’s office did not respond by press time.

Rangel is allowed to spend campaign funds on his legal bills. Most of the more than $2 million he has raised this cycle has been directed toward legal expenses. As of June 30, Rangel had more than $516,000 cash on hand

Oddly enough, we were just looking at the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of chutzpah:


Brazen impudence, gall. (See Rangel, Charlie.)

Still, how much do you want to bet that having his legal fees paid ends up being part of the inevitable ‘bargain’ that will miraculously prevent an ethics trial.

Of course his star-studded fundraiser birthday party at New York City’s Plaza Hotel this evening could go a long way towards helping poor Mr. Rangel meet his legal expenses.

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11 Responses to “Rangel Expects Dems To Pay His Legal Bills”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    Big surprise – ‘Fundraiser’ equals legal defense fund in DNC land.

    Imagine if you will if Sarah Palin had done the same thing, said the same things – for the zillion of frivolous lawsuits filed against her after she was picked as the GOP second.

    There would not be enough JournoLists, there would not be enough time/bandwidth/paper for the media 24/7/365 coverage and the foaming at the mouth leftists would still be talking about it every single day.

    America no longer has a two Party system – We have The Party and everyone freedom, liberty loving American against it.

  2. proreason says:

    It is to laugh.

    OF COURSE his legal bills will be paid.

    There are only two real question in this entire situation:

    1. What is Alinsky Obamy thinking? Usually, the schemes are obvious. But this is a hard one to figure. Here are two theories:

    a. Perhaps they calculate that it is better to have people focused on these two ethics “trials” than the economy, even if they can’t pin the tail on the Republicans. It may be a method to increase the turnout. And maybe they have decided that every libwit in the country will automatically assume it is the Repub’s fault anyway.

    b. It may also be that they know they will lose the House, and Rangel and Waters will do a perp walk if they don’t absolve them before the heart of darkness takes over.

    2. and who, what, where, when and how will the apology be given.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      I think this whole waters/rangel thing will become a feather in their cap in demonstrating their transparency, dedication to cleaning up the partisan politics etc in 2012.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Rangel and Waters very vocally supported Hitlery in the primaries. They are being punished/eliminated for future candidates for prez in 2012. If Hitlery runs, and it appears likely since the boy knows his goose is largely cooked, he is doing a “pre-emptive strike” to eliminate in-house support of his biggest party enemy. Note, Hitlery hasn’t set foot on US soil in over a year. Ever wonder why?

      Ans 1) She likes going to countries that have real men
      Ans 2) There’s not enough distance she can put between herself and Bill
      Ans 3) Same for the president
      Ans 4) She’s getting funding for her run for president in 2012
      Ans 5) All of the above.

  3. oldpuppydixie says:

    The American taxpayer has been footing Charlie’s bills/purchases for DECADES! Why should his legal expenses be any different? Therefore democrats should be mad as all get out over Rangel’s demand that THEY pony up!!! Grab your money from the public as usual, Charlie. Leave your fellow political class thugs alone!!!

  4. jobeth says:

    OldPuppyDixie…Truth..pure and simple!

  5. Right of the People says:

    Maybe since he can’t afford his legal bills the court should appoint him someone from the public defenders office.

    You know some kid who was 299th out of 300 in his law school class (read: University of Phoenix Law School and Auto Upholstering College) who finally passed the bar on the fifth try.

    It’s really more than he deserves.

  6. GL0120 says:

    Interesting, he’s being thrown under the bus yet he expects those doing the throwing to pay his medical bills.
    I imagine that if he knows where enough bodies are buried, a deal will be worked out.

    • proreason says:

      It’s inconceivable that he will be hurt by this. He not only knows where the bodies lie, if he makes enough noise, the Black Caucus will have a coniption fit, the shouts of racism will bring down the rafters and blacks won’t vote.

      Rusty says that he and Maximum are being punished for supporting Hillary over the Moron.

      The punishment will be “tsk tsk”. Their legal fees will be paid, and they will both come out of this with their millions multiplied.

      Rangle will play them like a violin and Maximum will be in the orchestra.

      And btw, there certainly is racism involved. All 7 of the people in Congress being investigated are black. The odds against that are something like 8 million to one. It simply can’t happen by random chance. Since at least 50% of congress people would be in jail in civilian life, there clearly is something going on when the only 7 to be investigated are black.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I must confess myself unable to identify the political angle here. At the moment it just seems like Pelosi decided it was time to dance her pet Corruptocrats out for a showtrial in – I don’t know – a vain preemption to appease the public and keep the new Republican Ethics Committee from coming after all of them? Rangel and the CBC, it looks like are just responding to extortion with extortion. Maybe I’m just reading too much into all this, but on the surface this is nothing but poison for the Democrats. Below the surface it almost seems like they’re about to have a nuclear meltdown.

      You’re probably right. Rangel may yet escape, he may even get reelected.

      Like I said back when the charges against Maximum broke – “I’ll believe these criminal inquiries are serious when they find their way to Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Bahney Fwankths”

  7. Eagle334th says:

    I’m going to go another route.. Perhaps they know that he is just a lost cause, and actually have some aides that are listening to “The People” and his birthday party ( which should have been months ago) is really a, “See ya’ later… Sorry we couldn’t do more for ya’ ” type of moment? Maybe this is the Dem Party’s last “Hurrah” and thanks for him?

    That speech wasn’t made for his fellow Dem’s.. That was a cry for help to ” the people”.

    You can’t tell me that someone that has been in the “system” for so long hasn’t gotten wind of others willing to take up his legal bills by now…

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