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Rauf: US Has Killed More Than Al Qaeda

Just one answer from a Q&A session with the head of the Ground Zero Mosque project, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, after a lecture at Australia’s Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre back in July 2005:

What does it take to change the relationship between the West and the Muslim World?

A public lecture with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre/UniSA International and The Migrant Resource Centre

Tuesday 12 July 2005

SPEAKER: The question I have, being Christian, and brought up a Christian but having a great tolerance of other religions, having been privileged to visit middle eastern countries and Africa and having been into mosques and understood Muslim people sharing with me their beliefs, all of that sits really well.

The issue that I don’t know the answer to is that where in Islam there are fanatical people who teach their young people to do atrocities, like they have done, like our near neighbours and Jamia Islamia have done, and they do that in the name of Islam, they do it because they regard people like ourselves as infidels, etcetera, and they poison the minds of these young boys and girls to commit these atrocities in the name of Islam with a view to gaining eternal reward.

Why is it that the broader Muslim community, who we can co-exist very peacefully with great acceptance of one another’s beliefs, why can’t the broader community see that that sort of thing doesn’t happen and control it and teach their young people that what those people are doing is really poisoning their minds and it is against their Islamic beliefs which you have alluded to earlier?

IMAM FEISAL ABDUL RAUF: Thank you. That’s a very important and excellent question. The answer is it is being done. The broader community is in fact criticising and condemning actions of terrorism that are being done in the name of Islam

Sure they are.

The complexity arises, sir, from the fact that – from political problems and the history of the politics between the West and the Muslim world. We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims.

Remember, Mr. Rauf is still being paid by the US State Department to spread outrageous and dangerous lies like this.

You may remember that the US lead sanction against Iraq lead to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations.

This too, of course, it an outrageous and damnable lie. Mr. Rauf is referring to the UN’s ‘Oil For Palaces’ program. This particular propaganda is so preposterous it isn’t even raised by even the most virulent America haters anymore. But that didn’t stop ‘Imam’ Rauf.

And when Madeleine Albright, who has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, when she was Secretary of State and was asked whether this was worth it, said it was worth it.

That is to say, Mr. Rauf is pretending that the US officially accepted his lies as facts, and that it was officially acknowledged to be “worth it.”

What complicates the discussion, intra-Islamically, is the fact that the West has not been cognisant and has not addressed the issues of its own contribution to much injustice in the Arab and Muslim world.

Really? The untold wealth we have given the Arab and Muslim world that they happened to be sitting upon was not enough? We were supposed to make sure that every Arab and Muslim country is run in a just manner? Who knew?

And just imagine the uproar if we had even tried. In fact, look at the world’s response to our attempts at nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is a difficult subject to discuss with Western audiences but it is one that must be pointed out and must be raised.

How many of you have seen the documentary: Fahrenheit 911? The vast majority – at least half here.

That Mr. Rauf cites this preposterous exercise in ‘truther’ propaganda, and that the majority of his audience have viewed it – tells us just about all we need to know about him and them.

Do you remember the scene of the Iraqi woman whose house was bombed and she was just screaming, "What have they done." Now, I don’t know, you don’t know Arabic but in Arabic it was extremely powerful. Her house was gone. Her husband, I think, was killed. What wrong did he do? I found myself weeping when I watched that scene and I imagined myself if I were a 15-year old nephew of this deceased man, what would I have felt?

In other words, ‘Imam’ Rauf is saying that he too would taken up arms against the West if he had suffered like so many have at the hands of the murderous Americans.

Collateral damage is a nice thing to put on a paper but when the collateral damage is your own uncle or cousin, what passions do these arouse? How do you negotiate? How do you tell people whose homes have been destroyed, whose lives have been destroyed, that this does not justify your actions of terrorism.

Again, Mr. Rauf’s memory of recent event seems to have been clouded. And this ‘lecture’ was given in July 2005. You would think he would still be able to remember who had attacked whom in the First Gulf War.

It’s hard. Yes, it is true that it does not justify the acts of bombing innocent civilians, that does not solve the problem, but after 50 years of, in many cases, oppression, of US support of authoritarian regimes that have violated human rights in the most heinous of ways, how else do people get attention?

Mind you, Mr. Rauf is saying this after the US had just spend untold treasure and lives to overthrow an oppressive authoritarian regime in Iraq.

So I’m not – I’m just providing you with the arguments that are happening intra Islamically by those who feel the emotion of pain. Half a million Iraqi – there’s a sense in the Arab and Muslim world that the European world and Western world is just – does not care about our lives or human lives.

Again, Mr. Rauf is repeating the blood libel that the US sanctions against Iraq (in trying to avoid a war) cost Iraq a half million lives.

It is simply an absurd lie, which was clear once the US invaded Iraq. There were no mass graves found – except for the mass graves of Mr. Saddam’s victims.

There’s a perception in much of the Arab world and the Muslim world that the issue is about race. That the Palestinian Israeli issue is less about religion than it is about race because about 25 per cent or more of the Palestinians or the Arabs are Christian

What a surprise to see Mr. Rauf playing the race card as well.

It is much more evident to many people what the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict will do, and as Tony Blair is urging, urging, the resolution of this crisis and the lethargy with which the Bush administration has been actually engaged in trying to resolve this crisis amplifies the perception, in the Arab and Muslim world, that our pain is not heard. Our anguish is not heard.

Mr. Rauf is blaming the US for supporting the right of Israel to exist. And the anguish the existence of Israel is causing the Arab and Muslim world.

And simple things like when President Bush went to Iraq on Thanksgiving to address the United States troops based in Iraq, he did not speak at all to the Iraqi people.

He could have left a taped message addressing the Iraqi street congratulating them on removing a tyrant that they all wanted to have removed

Mr. Rauf is blaming President Bush for Muslim terrorism. Moreover, he blaming him for not lying to the Iraqi people with a fairy tale about how they removed Saddam Hussein, instead of it being the work of the US military.

How many of you have seen the documentary: The Fog of War?

Mr. Rauf seems to glean all of his knowledge of recent current events from radical left, anti-American documentaries.

It is an important documentary in which Robert McNamara was interviewed and it’s a documentary which is supported by 11 or 12 – I think 11 lessons, if I’m not mistaken – and the first lesson he points out is empathise with the other side. The number one thing that we need on the part of the West is to empathise. To see yourselves from the eyes of the other…

Mr. McNamara was instrumental in the United States not winning the war in Vietnam. Perhaps empathy is not the first lesson, after all.

The West needs to begin to see themselves through the eyes of the Arab and Muslim world, and when you do you will see the predicament that exists within the Muslim community.

I’m not saying this to condone. Acts like the London bombing are completely against Islamic law. Suicide bombing, completely against Islamic law, completely, 100 per cent. But the facts of the matter is that people, I have discovered, are more motivated by emotion than by logic. If their emotions are in one place and their logic is behind, their emotions will drive their decisions more often than not, and therefore we need to address the emotional state of people and the extent to which those emotions are shaped by things that we can control and we can shape, this is how we will shape a better future…

Meaning what? That the United States needs to accept responsibility for killing a half a million Iraqi children, for all of the tyranny in the Arab world,  and for the fact that Israel still exists? And we need to do this to satisfy our irrational Muslim enemies?

That sure seems to be what this great ‘builder of bridges’ was saying.

Mind you, this is just one un-scripted response from ‘Imam’ Rauf. His other responses to questions that evening are also quite enlightening.

You can read the rest of the transcript of Mr. Rauf’s remarks here. And you can hear an audio clip of his comments here.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

14 Responses to “Rauf: US Has Killed More Than Al Qaeda”

  1. proreason says:

    Goat herders rule the world.

    Well, 2 generations removed.

    They don’t keep goats anymore, other than for pleasure.

  2. oldpuppydixie says:

    Hussein has placed clones on the Supreme Court, he has seated them in DC Czarships and now has one touring the world, speaking against the nation and the taxpayers funding his trip.

  3. beautyofreason says:

    I “get” that some liberals believe, through misguided judgment, that criticism of the 9/11 mosque equates to opposition to religious freedom. They’re wrong, of course. For example, are people who oppose Fred Phelps’ protests at military funerals against the first amendment? No.

    What I don’t get is that these same liberals expect us to pay for the Muslim preacher to spread his ideas. Though libs deny it, in their worldview separation of church and state excludes mosques. I still remember being in a public high school when a Muslim visited my class to lecture on the Koran and his faith. No other religion was given this opportunity.

    On the left, Islam is given special status, beyond criticism it seems. To criticize an opinion from an Islamic guy is now equated with opposition to the first amendment.

    It seems like the left would not only have us tolerate anti-American Muslims without a peep, but foot the bill after they’ve stepped all over us.

    Imam Rauf claimed, when he blamed the United States for 9/11, that Osama Bin Laden was made in the U.S.A. Well it seems that the left made Imam Rauf, and built his glass house from the ground up.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    This fool needs his passport yank and never allowed to enjoy the freedoms of the nation he openly condemns.
    For that matter, take the fools that openly support him rubbing salt into the still open wounds of 9 / 11.

    That………is all I can say without losing my cool and damning these intolerant bastards into a 6 x 4 hole.
    Take the Kenyan birthright with ya’ll.

  5. canary says:

    “and the first lesson he points out is empathise with the other side. The number one thing that we need on the part of the West is to empathise. To see yourselves from the eyes of the other…”

    Obama has this down pact when it comes to accepting his own muslim relatives mutilation & beatings of women, and the muslims bombing, mutilations, torture, & punishments of millions in centuries properly done in public are okay because they sinned. A blink of the eye is considered a sexual wink. And to them, allah made girl babies all wrong and allah tells them to fix them.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    “The number one thing that we need on the part of the West is to empathise.”

    All I could think to say was “well thank God we repented that sin with Sonia Sotomayor,” but then I realized that doesn’t work since it’s not the right kind of empathy.

    Go-go first ‘moderate’ Moose-limb Obama SCOTUS justice #3 to replace Ginsburg?

  7. canary says:

    SHIMI, EGYPT (Worthy News)– During Friday prayers, Imam Sheikh Tobah called for jihad against all Christians living in the Egyptian village of Shimi.

    Christian Copts were assaulted over the next two days; 11 were hospitalized and many Copt youths were arrested.

    The assaults began only hours after the Imam’s incitement. Security forces took the first Copt victims to a police station where they were pressured into accepting “reconciliation” with their attackers, but no Muslims were arrested.

    “I was told by the security authorities that for the sake of the Holy month of Ramadan, everyone ought to make peace,” said Reverend Ezra Nageh…

    The next day, Muslims again attacked the houses of the Copts; they beat the inhabitants and also any Copts found in the fields.

    After Police released the Copt victims who were initially detained at the station, they then arrested three Copt youths on old charges and transferred them to (Egyptian) State Security, but Ezra said State Security is employing an old trick: detaining innocent Copts and fabricating crimes against them in order to force the church into accepting reconciliation.

    (entire)http://www.jihadwatch.org/ http://www.worthynews.com/8966-muslim-cleric-calls-for-jihad-copts-attacked 08-21-2010

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Putting aside the number of Iraqis, Kurds and Marshland people – Saddam & his regime raped, tortured and killed during his 35 year reign – not to mention the number of Iranians & Iraqis killed during that war (and never, ever forget that Saddam marked those who lost their hands in the War with a permanent scar on their face – to identify them from thieves who get their hands cut off as the ‘enlightened’ muslim justice) – and considering across the World since 1979 how many innocents (muslim and non-muslim) that al-qaida has killed – that during a War he justifies their hostility toward ‘the West’ as reason for their violence – why the heck don’t they just kill those who are perpetrating all the real violence – al qaida – and do the entire World a favor? But of course muslims can never, ever be wrong nor do wrong, only the vile Westerners are to blame for all the evil in the World – in collusion of course with the Jews.

    If I had any misgivings about this faux muslim ‘community center’ – now – not at all, not No but Hell No.

    Question – people on the other side are screaming property rights (Kelo v New London – yeah like the Left gives a crap about property rights) – I’ve read that the muslims don’t own the entire building nor even own the building (were leasing) – how does this qualify as being about property rights?
    Question – certainly somewhere, other than a muslim country, there is another muslim ‘community center’ – are non-muslims allowed to enter at all? Or is for some reason Ground Zero really special to ‘need’ a 15 story faux muslim ‘community center’?
    Question – has any other church/religion sought the majority of funding overseas – and if so, how is that handled legally here?
    Question – I am not a xenophobe, racist, anti-muslim, hatefilled person – why do you insult me and slur me when I simply request you move your faux muslim ‘community center’ somewhere else in the city, if islam is indeed a religion of peace?

    Of course being a woman, Christian and American – no one will ever deign to answer my questions – and given that they use Fakenheit 911 as authentic reporting – I wouldn’t want to hear their b***s*** anyway.

  9. Mithrandir says:


    “Extremist Muslims don’t represent all of Islam, they are perverting the religion.”

    —while “moderate” Muslims help and ride their coattails through history without having to make a stand.

  10. canary says:

    Mithrandir/while “moderate” Muslims help and ride their coattails through history without having to make a stand.

    right on, and we’ve not heard 1 muslim building the mosque tell of one loved (except martyrs) who was lost in 9/11. Muslims have named no one they lost. Probably having a look-out gathering party.
    On the other hand, survivors who lost loved ones are naming their loved ones. A construction worker told of a new boy on his crew, whose first day at work it was when he was killed in the building. Another, construction worker said he would work on it, because if not someone else would just get the work. $ Who wants tainted blood money?

  11. Tater Salad says:

    America…….. don’t be so gullible because if you remain this way it will change the way you live and here is why:


    President Barack Obama supports the “Victory Mosque at ground zero while 65% or more of America says NO to this construction. Since the President says he is a Muslim ( http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28 ) ( http://therealrevo.com/blog/?p=30879 ) ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwhKuunp8D8&feature=player_embedded )or so he says and he is to embarassed to actually tell us all the truth (again), then it is evident that he does not care about any of the Americans killed on 9/11 but only about the feelings of Islamists who want to build this grand “Victory Mosque”.

    Attached are videos #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 of what our President supports and what kind of “Change” he wants to bring to America. Change that is NOT in the best interests of America and our laws.









    Flight 93, Shanksville, Pennsylvania fields, there is also another Muslim victory site being constructed as we speak!


    Sharia compliant banks: http://sioe.wordpress.com/sharia-compliant-banks/ – Do you know if your money in these banks is being used wisely?

    Muslims need a place to pray in New York is a complete scam:

  12. Natural Born Citizen says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood Project – a 20 year old document describing a plan to bring down western civilization and install islam as the dominant religion.
    The following are the transcribed steps to reach this goal. http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=4476

    •Networking and coordinating actions between likeminded Islamist organizations;
    •Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals to maintain the appearance of “moderation”;
    •Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the Muslim Brotherhood’s collective goals;
    •Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamist actions, as long as it doesn’t conflict with shari’a law;
    •Avoiding social conflicts with Westerners locally, nationally or globally, that might damage the long-term ability to expand the Islamist powerbase in the West or provoke a lash back against Muslims;
    •Establishing financial networks to fund the work of conversion of the West, including the support of full-time administrators and workers;
    •Conducting surveillance, obtaining data, and establishing collection and data storage capabilities;
    •Putting into place a watchdog system for monitoring Western media to warn Muslims of “international plots fomented against them”;
    •Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing “academic” studies, to legitimize Islamist positions and to chronicle the history of Islamist movements;
    •Developing a comprehensive 100-year plan to advance Islamist ideology throughout the world;
    •Balancing international objectives with local flexibility;
    •Building extensive social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations dedicated to Islamist ideals so that contact with the movement for Muslims in the West is constant;
    •Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically-elected institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations and labor unions;
    •Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be converted and put into service of Islam;
    •Drafting Islamic constitutions, laws and policies for eventual implementation;
    •Avoiding conflict within the Islamist movements on all levels, including the development of processes for conflict resolution;
    •Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” organizations that share similar goals;
    •Creating autonomous “security forces” to protect Muslims in the West;
    •Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims living in the West “in a jihad frame of mind”;
    •Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding, and technical and operational support;
    •Making the Palestinian cause a global wedge issue for Muslims;
    •Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination;
    •Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them;
    •Actively creating jihad terror cells within Palestine;
    •Linking the terrorist activities in Palestine with the global terror movement;
    •Collecting sufficient funds to indefinitely perpetuate and support jihad around the world;

    • tranquil.night says:

      Been reading Martin Gilbert’s History of Israel and it’s amazing how clearly this manifesto represents indistinguishably the reverse side of the coin of the goals and mechanics declared by the First Zionist Congress of 1897.

      Whereas their larger mission was the re-establishment of the small Jewish State, it was to be founded with respect to modern Western society – individuality, enterprise, freedom – especially the crucial distinguishment between secular state law and religious law. MB won’t rest until the world is governed by medieval age Shariah.

      Whereas the First Zionist Congress sought to grassroots organize globally and network by means of an open campaign on their true intent, at a time nonetheless when anti-semitism was viral and countless Jews lived in forced poverty. The organizations of Islam mask their philosophy, are openly intolerant of any others, and a solid majority choose lives of backwards moral tyranny and abject poverty, even as the peaceful hand of the West brings liberation, knowledge, and opportunity.

      And even now as the State of Israel takes the most unnecessary of measures for a chance at peace in a world of leaders that could care less, the Nation of Islam rolls out its nuke plant and a gold plated ‘peace-bringing’ combat droid called the Harbinger of Death. Nice.

      If you professional lefties aren’t incensed yet, I’ll just have you know that you’re all traitors among a host of other parasitic titles. So as the emperor says “Embrace your hate” and go jump off a cliff.

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