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“Read An American Newspaper – Not NYT”

This is as true today as it was during World War One, when it became the slogan of their arch-rival, The New York Herald.

Typically, the editors of The Times are so proud of their ability to rise above such a parochial thing as patriotism that they have listed this as a great moment in their illustrious history:

New York Times Timeline


The Times is widely denounced for an editorial praising an Austrian peace proposal that falls short of unconditional surrender. Adolph Ochs’s patriotism is questioned; The Herald begins a circulation drive with the slogan "Read an American Newspaper."

Of course it has long been known that The New York Times is an enemy of this country. But most date the start of their hatred of the US back to their boosterism for Communism in the early 1930s.

But apparently it was alive and kicking even before those halcyon days.

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