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Reader Selected News For Week Apr 12 – Apr 18

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, April 11th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Reader Selected News For Week Apr 12 – Apr 18”

  1. captstubby says:

    Obama: Right to vote under threat in the US


    NEW YORK (AP) — In an unsparing critique of Republicans, President Barack Obama on Friday accused the GOP of using voting restrictions to keep voters from the polls and of jeopardizing 50 years of expanded ballot box access for millions of black Americans and other minorities.
    “The stark, simple truth is this: The right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly five decades ago,” Obama said in a fiery speech at civil rights activist and television talk host Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference.
    Obama waded into the acrid debate over voting access in an election year where control of the Senate, now in the hands of Democrats, is at stake, as is Obama’s already limited ability to push his agenda through Congress.
    Republicans say the voting measures guard against voter fraud, but Democrats say they erode the landmark 1965 law that helped pave Obama’s path in politics.
    “Across the country, Republicans have led efforts to pass laws making it harder, not easier, for people to vote,” he said, relating anecdotes of voters turned away because they didn’t have the right identification or because they needed a passport or birth certificate to register.
    The fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act has brought renewed attention to issues of race and the accomplishments of the civil rights movement. A CBS News poll released Wednesday found that more than 3 in 4 Americans say there has been progress in getting rid of racial discrimination. But those views split racially, with whites much more likely than African-Americans to think real progress has been achieved.
    Obama’s speech to a crowd of about 1,600 in a New York hotel ballroom came a day after he marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas, where he praised President Lyndon Johnson’s understanding of presidential power and its use to create new opportunities for millions of Americans.
    The president pinned efforts to curb access to the ballot box directly on the GOP, declaring that the effort “has not been led by both parties. It’s been led by the Republican Party.” Mocking the Republicans, he said, “What kind of political platform is that? Why would you make that a part of your agenda, preventing people from voting?”


    one more time for the record;
    As Time Magazine observed in 1964,
    , “In one of the most lopsidedly Democratic Houses since the days of F.D.R., Republicans were vital to the passage of a bill for which the Democratic administration means to take full political credit this year.”

    in the House of Representatives ,Democrats had a historically large majority in the House of Representatives with 259 members to 176 Republicans, almost as many Republicans voted for the civil rights bill as Democrats. The final vote was 290 for the bill and 130 against. Of the “yea” votes, 152 were Democrats and 138 were Republicans. Of the “nay” votes, three-fourths were Democrats.
    Of the “nay” votes, three-fourths were Democrats.
    in the Senate,On the critical vote to end the filibuster by Southern Democrats, 71 senators voted to invoke cloture. With 67 votes needed, 44 Democrats and 27 Republicans joined together to bring the bill to a final vote. Of those voting “nay,” 80 percent were Democrats, including Robert C. Byrd and former Vice President Al Gore’s father, who was then a senator from Tennessee.
    that the longest filibuster of the 1964 act was conducted by a still-sitting senator, Robert C. Byrd, who personally spoke against the legislation for 14 hours and 13 minutes on June 9 & 10, 1964.
    Close observers of the Senate deliberations recognized that the Republican leader, Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois, had done yeoman work in responding to the objections of individual Republicans and holding almost all of them together in support of the bill. “More than any other single individual,” the New York Times acknowledged, “he was responsible for getting the civil rights bill through the Senate.”
    Sen Everett Dirksen R Pekin was honored for his role in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act at the annual banquet of the local NAACP chapter .
    “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People sends its thanks to you for your vote for cloture,” Wilkins wrote, referring to the Senate procedure for ending a filibuster.
    He also thanked Dirksen for noting, in a speech before the vote, the military service of black citizens throughout the country’s history. “These have, indeed, fought and died to preserve or to advance democracy abroad. They have waited too patiently and been humiliated too long in their own country. As you so well noted, the time of an idea has come.”
    Others wrote letters thanking Dirksen, including Senate Democratic Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, then-Sen. Hubert Humphrey and the Rev. Martin Luther King.

    In 1933, during his first term in the House of Representatives, he introduced a bill to prohibit the use of convict labor in Washington, D.C.
    “On the face of it, it doesn’t look like a civil rights bill,” Mackaman says. But convict labor laws, a device to obtain free labor, fell disproportionately on black men.
    Between 1945 and 1949, Dirksen introduced bills to prohibit employment discrimination and abolish the poll taxes and literacy tests typically used to stop blacks from voting in the South.
    None of them passed, none of them got out of committee, Mackaman points out, typically victims of Southern Democrats in the House leadership.
    Once he was elected to the Senate in 1950, he didn’t offer much in the way of civil rights legislation until 1955. Then he introduced bills to establish a civil rights commission and he continued to oppose literacy tests and poll taxes.
    In 1957, he endorsed the United Negro College Fund drive and he helped pass President Dwight Eisenhower’s civil rights programs, the first civil rights legislation in decades.
    And “in a real curious footnote,” Mackaman says, Dirksen helped the National Association of Colored Women get a property tax exemption for their national headquarters in Washington, D.C.
    The NACW was a collection of black women’s clubs throughout the country. (The Peoria chapter started what would become Carver Community Center in the early 1900s.) In 1956, when Dirksen took up their cause, Irene McCoy Gaines, a black Republican from Chicago, was national president of the organization and a constituent of Dirksen’s.
    But what’s most interesting, Mackaman says, is that Dirksen had to work with the District of Columbia’s elected officials, the House and the Senate. D.C. officials opposed the exemption. “It wasn’t easy, it took him two years, but he gets it done,” Mackaman says.
    During this same period in the 1950s, he repeatedly sponsored legislation to start National Negro History Week, “which never passed,” Mackaman adds.
    Dirksen did not champion every civil rights measure that came down the pike. For instance, he was instrumental in blocking an open housing law in 1966 because he thought it interfered with homeowners’ rights.
    But he did succeed in outmaneuvering many of the same Southern Democrats who had repeatedly dismissed his earlier civil rights bills when he helped Democrats pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, followed by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

    but all this will not be read by the Low Info Mob,
    it won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

    • Mithrandir says:

      If you can get to the polls to vote, you can get to the DMV to get an I.D. to vote.

      ~It’s really that simple. Republicans are totally flummoxed every time the democrats claim discrimination.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Ted Kennedy Jr. announces run for Connecticut state senate seat
    Yahoo News/Reuters: http://news.yahoo.com/ted-kennedy-jr-announces-run-connecticut-state-senate-010835121.html?.tsrc=lgwn

    (At the age of 12, Kennedy lost his leg to bone cancer, and befriended another boy who has lost a leg)

    “I asked him why he chose not to have an artificial leg, and he said he would love to have one – but his family couldn’t afford it,” Kennedy said Tuesday.

    “I was angry, upset and determined from that day to fight for the rights of the disabled so that no one in that situation would be denied what they needed because of not having money. I also realized I was fortunate to be part of the (Kennedy) family.”

    Sure. A wealthy 1%er at the age of 12, determined to fight for the rights of the disabled. Anyone in the media going to Fact-Check this story? Would a Kennedy be in physical therapy with the filthy masses who don’t even have money for prosthetics?

    UPDATE: Ted Kennedy Jr plagiarizes Ted Kennedy Sr. Health Care Speech
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhYtMmw9OVk

    “I had a son that was touched by cancer. Extraordinary health bills that we were able to afford and we received the very best. It would have obliterated and wiped out the savings of any family, mortgaged their savings. And mortgaged their education of their children in the future.
    Seven months in the hospital I was, with a broken back and received the very best of health care, I’ve been able to receive it for myself and for my family, just like all of us who are on the tip of the iceberg, way up high in the health care services. We’ve got the very best to all of us at the tip of the iceberg. But I want every delegate at this convention to understand, that as long as I’ve a vote, and as long as I have a voice in the United States Senate, it’s going to be for that democratic platform plank that provides descent quality healthcare, North and South, East and West, for all Americans as matter of a right and not a privilege.”

    So if you are part of the hated 1%, and can’t re-engineer your past as a poor boy from Hope, AK, or a tobacco farmer from TN, shout from the rooftops how rich and wealthy you are, how great it is, then pretend you are a “man of the people” and will fight for the same unachievable level of privilege to the lowly voters you spit at, on your way to the golf course.
    Instead of parting with his family’s fortune to help others, he will go to Washington to steal more of other people’s money to pay-off the voters.

    Liberals have standards, but break those standards if the person is a really really good democrat. Hate the rich with a daily “two minutes hate” but turn around and ignore their wealth if they are a dues-paying liberal.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney has Soviet Propaganda Posters in Home During Photo Shoot

    For a group of people that are constantly denying they are communists or even kind-hearted socialists, this didn’t help them at all. But this is what liberalism is these days. -Hide who you are, and throw up the elderly, women, children, minorities as SHIELDS when socialism is challenged.

    • captstubby says:

      while he is cutting his grass,
      does he wear his che guevara beret ?

    • Mithrandir says:

      I meant to post this in “Talk Amongst Yourselves” as this was on Drudgereport.com anyway.

      But also, you can see in the photo shoot in the mock press room, there is a Mikhail Gorbachevbust sitting on the bookcase shelf.

      These people are not liberals. They are communists. I wish people would at least admit it when they are brazen enough to show it to us.

    • captstubby says:

      its a shame we will never see his complete collection of Heros of the Communist Party Bobble Head Dolls.
      Rumor has it ,he has the rare, never issued Nelson Mandela .

      when question about them, Carny replyed;
      “I accidentally bought them, and was not aware of …”

  4. BillK says:

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    From The Daily Caller:

    Chicago Teachers Union to Mayor Rahm: Improving failed schools full of black kids is RACIST

    n late March, the Chicago Board of Education announced an ambitious plan to implement its “turnaround” model for three low-performing elementary schools in poor, predominantly black neighborhoods.

    The turnaround process involves the sacking of every teacher and staffer at each of the schools, according to an email from the Chicago Teachers Union obtained by The Daily Caller.

    Naturally, the union bosses aren’t happy that the nation’s third-largest school district is employing such sweeping measures to improve some of its worst schools.

    Still reeling from the closure of 50 schools in 2013, embattled Chicago Teachers Union Karen Lewis called the turnaround plan “a slap in the face to those of us who are attempting to negotiate for more resources” and “nothing more than school closings by another name.”

    The email from the teachers union also suggested that the effort to improve the schools is an effort spearheaded by Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett to damage black children and black families.

    “This is an attack on Black schools that continues the assault carried out by” Byrd-Bennett “last year, when she closed 50 schools (claiming they were the last closings for at least five years).”

    Byrd-Bennett is black.


    • Mithrandir says:

      There are multiple ways to improve public schools, most of which, democrats are opposed because they want to keep everyone dumb and dependent.

      1. As Joe Biden said about “a three letter word JOBS, J*O*B*S*, JOBS”. Make black children get ready to COMPETE for jobs, and they and their parents will take school more seriously. And that entails:
      A: Reducing welfare benefits for those who are only physically or mentally disabled.
      B: Eliminating Affirmative Action, and other social hammocks keeping kids lazy.
      C: Putting those who are failures on the new CCC program if they desire to eat from the public treasury.

      2. Allow homeschool parents to keep their property tax money that would ordinarily go to the public schools, thereby reducing class sizes.

      3. Allow corporations naming rights to schools to reduce the tax burden and increase revenue. What difference does it make if you graduated from Coca-Cola high school or William Jefferson Clinton high school?

      4. Invest in lesson plans using computers and animations. Forget teachers droning on about American history, use a child’s love of video and animation to explain it in a fun way. Have an animated Thomas Jefferson explain his role in Western expansion.

      5. Teach with RELEVANCE! How many teachers have students memorize the Civil War battles based on 1. Who the opposing generals were. 2. How many casualties there were. 3. Who won. –BORING! Good museums have animated videos, or storyboards to show the relevance of each battle, schools should catch up already!

      6. Review teachers based on LESSON PLANS and classroom teaching, not test scores! Those dumb butt kids in Chicago are going to get EVERY TEACHER FIRED from now until they graduate, it’s not the teacher’s fault they are hopeless. In football terms, it’s a rebuilding year. In social terms, you must rebuild a generation and allow the trash to filter out of the system.

      7. Military-style schools with uniforms, taught by ex-drill instructors with support staff.

      8. BRING BACK PADDLING! Kids don’t run the school, adults do, and whipping that arse should be brought back.

      9. Stop teaching hate! NO ETHIC STUDIES CLASSES EVER.–and no ethnic holidays either. No MLK Jr. days, no Women’s Month, Black History Month, Gay Day, Cinco de Mayo etc. Celebrate at home.
      White liberals are so shocked that minorities hate them, after the liberals send hate down the line and it comes back to bite them. The liberal is so shocked by the hatred, they think the country’s racism is to blame, when the fact is that liberal anti-white hate is the byproduct of their own teachings. The solution by the white liberal is to blame white people, and the process starts alllllll over again.
      Angry minorities are not going to stop and check if the white person is an uncle tom liberal or a “bigoted” conservative.

      10. Eliminate college teacher education students who don’t have “it”–the personality and temperament to teach. –not everyone who wants to, should.

      11. Fire teachers who are assessed as boring, neglectful, uninteresting, unmotivated. Only the best should work for only 6 months / year at full pay.

    • Curiosity says:

      Mith, I’ve long fantasized about starting my own private school to provide a good alternative.

      I really like this list. Some other thoughts

      1. I’ve heard of schools using something called Multi-Track to keep students on a rotating “summer break” break, since most children no longer have farm duties. This allows a building to be filled to say 4/3 (four thirds) of its capacity. If this is implemented properly, almost all teachers would be year-round. Benefits are largely a constant bite out of overhead, so this would allow them to be paid much more than the 25% increase, making the salary competitive.

      2. There’s some alternative school in Arkansas of all places that allows students to self-select into technical schools within the public high school. Rather than using standard lecture halls, it’s done thematically. While this sounds like other silly notions, the article as I recall it (Matt Drudge posted it like a year ago) suggested that the students dominated at Science Fairs and were highly competitive in nationalized tests. Attendance is abnormally high there.

      3. Reduce the shackles on public schools that are legally induced. Even if a public school system got a stellar administrative board and even if the union wasn’t foiling every good thing, legal restrictions simply prevent innovation and prevent smart changes (the Carnegie credit system comes to mind – everyone MUST take 120 hours to get a credit, nothing merit based about that – just survive).

  5. captstubby says:

    Yes, Some Republicans Are Racist
    By Michael Tomasky The Daily Beast
    Some time back, whenever a big racial controversy erupted, I trained myself into the habit of reading about it at FoxNews.com, just for the unbelievable comment threads. Let’s put it this way: If my friends and I went out to a bar and started playing a “let’s write the racist FoxNews.com comment thread” drinking game, our efforts couldn’t begin to approach what I read there.
    Now I don’t know if the people making these comments and the larger group they represent constitute 5 percent of this base or 15 or 50. It depends in part on how you define “base.” But look at the matter this way. Say you were a Republican political consultant. Would you ever in a jillion years suggest that your candidate take on racism within the GOP as a speech topic? You most certainly would not. Your candidate would be dead immediately. I mean metaphorically, but depending on the part of the country in which the speech was given, maybe literally, too. In other words, whether they’re 5 or 15 or 50, commenters like these are enough to prevent Republican politicians from ever addressing racism with any degree of candor. The cowardice on the GOP side on this issue is universal and always has been.
    Two-thirds of Americans admire the first lady. Millions of young children are growing up thinking that Barack Obama is what a president is supposed to look like. All this means that one of these days, and maybe soon-ish, especially if they lose in 2016 and once again snare their usual single-digit share of the black vote, the numbers will favor some Republican giving that speech. When that day comes, our political and media culture might suddenly realize that one of our two major parties turning a blind eye to and sometimes coddling racism in its ranks was a pretty lousy idea. Until then, remarks like Israel’s will be “controversial.”
    {references and citations to ,well you know, never to follow.}


    ”These Negroe,(sic ?) they‘re getting pretty uppity these days and that‘s a problem for us since they‘ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we‘ve got to do something about this, we‘ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

    “I’ll have those n….rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years. [Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]”
    “Whether or not the quotes is authentic is questionable”, …
    an excerpt from a political talk radio program in which the host, Thom Hartmann, discusses racism with Jennifer Burke of the “Tea Party News Network”. Jennifer Burke, herself an African American, subscribes to the “tricked” theory to explain why a majority of African Americans vote Democratic, as well as the claim that it is actually the Democrats who are racist.
    Excerpt from the discussion between Thom and Jennifer on the 10/23/2013 airing of Thom’s program as follows .
    Jennifer Burke: It amazes me that the Left tries to take their racist history… the KKK was formed by the Democrats…
    Thom Hartmann: Oh, the Democrats were definitely the party of racism in the early 20th century, absolutely. And they changed in the 1960s, and, as I’m sure you know, in the 1970s Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy was to reach out to Southern racists. That’s why, when Ronald Reagan was nominated to be president, the first speech that he gave as a presidential candidate; his first official speech was in Philadelphia MI where those three Civil Rights workers were murdered. And he gave a speech about State’s Rights, wink, wink.
    JB: So, State’s Rights now equals racism, so Ronald Reagan was a racist?
    TH: It certainly did in 1980. In 1980 there still was an ongoing effort to roll back the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. Yes.
    JB: You mean the Civil Rights Act that the Democrats tried to stop from happening?
    TH: No, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act that the Democrats passed overwhelmingly, Lyndon Johnson signed; and that’s how the Democrats lost the South. He told Bill Moyers at the time he signed it that the Democratic Party would lose the South for a generation. Turns out it’s been two generations.”

    ~Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat)

    brought to you by the Party who practiced every and any form of Racism

  6. captstubby says:

    Paul Krugman could receive $25,000 per month for income inequality initiative
    By Ashe Schow April 17,
    New York Times author and liberal economist Paul Krugman has been offered a position as a distinguished scholar for a nine-month stint at the City University of New York’s Luxembourg Income Study Center, which researches income inequality.

    Krugman has also been nominated to become a distinguished professor for LIS, which would bring with it a hefty $225,000 salary.

    That means that Krugman, while working to research income inequality, will earn nearly five times the median household income of residents of New York City — for nine month’s work.

    In addition to the lavish salary that most of us 99-percenters could only dream of, Krugman was also offered an additional $10,000 for research and travel, up to $10,000 for moving expenses and his own graduate assistant or two.

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

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