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Reader Selected News For Week Jul 13 – Jul 19

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 12th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “Reader Selected News For Week Jul 13 – Jul 19”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The Telegraph Gets It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong


    Terror police investigating nail bomb attack at mosque

    By Tom Whitehead, Security Editor

    6:27PM BST 12 Jul 2013

    A major atrocity was narrowly averted yesterday after a large nail bomb exploded outside a mosque just two hours after the funeral of terror victim Lee Rigby.

    Please note throughout this article the bias and true slant that is horrendously applied. I will italicize the appropriate phrases for your convenience.

    The homemade device exploded near the Kanz Ul Iman Masjid mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, shortly after 1pm – when up to 200 worshippers would normally have been in the area for Friday prayers.

    However, the prayers had been moved back an hour because of Ramadan and no one was injured in the blast.

    The bomb, which was left on a disused railway line behind the mosque, showered the area with nails and other debris.

    Police were last night treating the explosion as a terrorist incident and were investigating whether there are any links to a small explosion near a mosque in nearby Walsall last month.

    Officers were also examining whether there is any connection to right wing extremists.

    As we all know, “right-wing extremists” are the bane of society today, what with all the bombings, beheadings, honor-killings, attacks on the rest of normal society. They truly must be stopped.

    It was being treated as a suspected terror attack because of the size of the explosion, the fact nails were included and it appeared to have been timed to coincide with the Friday prayers.

    One police source said such factors “appear to indicate at this stage intent to cause serious injury or damage”.

    Residents in Tipton believed the attack had also been timed to coincide with the day of the funeral of Drummer Rigby in Bury.

    But here’s the money-shot:

    The soldier died in an alleged Islamic terror attack in Woolwich, east London, in May.

    Yes, when a group of three men take a meat cleaver, scream “allahu akbar” at the top of their lungs while hacking a soldier to death and then talk to bystanders about it being an islamic attack, one can only conclude that it’s merely an “allegation”. *sigh*


    Mushtaq Hussain, chairman of the Kanzul Iman Mosque was inside the building at the time of the explosion.


    “If what I’m hearing is correct and it was a targeted attack you can’t help but feel unsafe, worried for your friends, family and your own life.”

    Razmullah Khan, 27, a local resident who lives next to the mosque, said: “It’s terrifying to be around, this is a place of worship not a war zone and with what happened in Walsall things are becoming terrifying people are starting to not feel safe about walking down the streets.”

    So…what you’re saying is: Terrorism works. Is that it? How about letting your fellow muslim travelers know that it’s the “religion of peace” again?

    The article goes on with more descriptors of other damage found and some more innocuous quotes by equally ignorant, selfish people.

    Maybe this will be the beginning of the war that the muslims have wanted all along. One of those that’s similar to the nasty, indiscriminate one between the IRA and England, except this time it’ll be against muslims and native Britons.

    Trust me, many native Britons are not to be trifled with. Patient to a fault but when the tipping point is reached, they go “all-in” as the saying goes.

    Human history has shown that it’s the most logical outcome.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Thanks, Rusty. What scares the living brown out of me is that the Brits nearby did nothing! They stood by and watched! And whipped out cell phone cameras to record the event!

    Britts are a notoriously savage people. But they’ve been reduced to blubbering mush by Law after Law by the Progressive Left and Diversity Insanity. It is chilling to watch.

    I don’t think we’re there, yet … buit the Zimmerman verdict will probably prove me wrong.

  3. captstubby says:

    the Brits are waiting for the Royal birth, we Colonials are anticipating the summer race riots.

  4. canary says:

    US weapons meant for rebels rapidly falling into hands of pro-Assad Syrian forces.

    WASHINGTON, July 13 : U.S. weapons are being reportedly used by pro-Assad fighters and the Islamic extremists trying to oust him in Syria.

    Syrian civil war has claimed more than 90,000 lives and now the country is overflowing with foreign-supplied weapons, which is going to worsen the situation.

    The Washington Times reports that Obama administration’s decision to provide arms to the Syrian rebels was to help a select number of rebel groups topple the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad.

    According to the report, U.S. weapons have been reaching al-Qaeda affiliated Shiite militant group fighting to keep Assad’s forces in power in Syria.


    (Let’s recall it was Hillary that gave the weapons and tanks to Turkey to smuggle in to Syria, via US soldiers.

    Weapons Kuwait gave Syrian Rebels are ending up in Al-Qaeda and Islamic extremists hands bought by big bucks.

    And now the Syrian Rebels are furious their commander was killed by their Al-Qaeda buddies.


  5. BillK says:

    SiriusXM renames their left wing radio channel not “Progressive” but rather “Progress.”

    From Inside Radio:

    With a slogan of “We don’t just talk, we do,” Sirius XM Radio is rebranding its liberal talk channel “SiriusXM Left” as a progressive talker. The new Progress channel debuts Monday with new morning and afternoon drive shows. The satcaster hopes to fill the void for progressive talk, which has vanished from the local radio dial in Detroit, Seattle, Portland, Reno and other markets during the past year.

    While several of the biggest names from SiriusXM Left will remain – including Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann and Mark Thompson – Progress is launching with new morning and afternoon drive shows. Mornings will be anchored by Media Matters senior fellow Ari Rabin-Havt, with first week guests that include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka. After 10 years on SiriusXM OutQ, Huffington Post Gay Voices editor-at-large Michelangelo Signorile will move to afternoons on the relaunched channel. Signorile says his show will cover “all the big issues progressives care about, from the environment to gun violence, from immigration to the economy.” …


    Nope, nothing political in naming the channel “Progress” – none at all.

  6. BillK says:

    $5.5B DoT loan derailed because of “Buy American” rules?!?!

    From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

    Feds: XPressWest failed to meet ‘Buy America’ rules for high-speed train

    WASHINGTON — A Las Vegas firm’s application for a $5.5 billion federal loan to build a high-speed railroad to Southern California was shelved in part because it failed to meet “Buy America” rules.

    XPressWest executives went back and forth with officials from the Department of Transportation to salvage the loan bid, proposing to rework its contracting and corporate structure in response to a range of concerns raised by evaluators.

    But then-Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the company’s most recent proposal, on May 20, was not accompanied by documentation that further could be evaluated, and he decided to halt the loan review after 2½ years.

    “After several years of engagement with no resolution to the threshold issues addressed in this letter and the significant uncertainties still surrounding this project, we have decided to suspend further consideration of XPressWest’s loan request,” LaHood said in a letter sent June 28 to XPressWest Chairman Tony Marnell.

    Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., a major booster of the project, said Friday there was still a chance of federal backing for the major transportation project. An XPressWest spokeswoman said the company understood the project still was being reviewed.

    A Transportation Department official said Tuesday evening he was uncertain how to respond.

    “The loan application of XpressWest is suspended and no longer under consideration,” said Kevin Thompson, associate administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration. “How XpressWest chooses to proceed is really up to them.”

    Reid had no comment Tuesday. XPressWest officials could not be reached, according to Catherine Levy, a company consultant.

    The Department of Transportation released a copy of the rejection letter, redacted in places to shield “commercial information and trade secrets,” as according to the federal Freedom of Information law.

    The government’s decision is a blow to XPressWest, which has proposed to build a high-speed rail line connecting Las Vegas with Victorville, Calif. Electric trains would whisk passengers at speeds up to 150 mph, which boosters said would relieve Las Vegas visitor traffic on Interstate 15 and open the highway to more commercial cargo.

    Besides financial questions, the project also was challenged by Republican lawmakers who are senior on House and Senate budget committees. They argued the loan would be a bad bet for taxpayers, pointing to analyses suggesting it would be difficult for XPressWest to generate sufficient revenue to pay back Uncle Sam.

    LaHood said XPressWest had “difficulty satisfying domestic manufacturing requirements” of the loan, which would have been the largest ever considered by the Department of Transportation. …


    So in short, it doesn’t matter that the line wouldn’t be profitable, but rather there isn’t enough pork being directed to US firms.

    Got it.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Additionally, the words not spoken here are: “And union labor is missing out on the cash cow that is federal dollars spending on their stuff”.


    1) Of, relating to, or characterized by competition.
    2) Having or displaying a strong desire to be more successful than others: “she had a competitive streak”.


    1) Strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.
    2) Take part in a contest.

    Why compete when you can have the government eliminate the competition. I’ll bet ol’ Bill-Jeff never saw this coming when NAFTA showed up; That all the union thugs would be P.O.’ed when international firms could under-bid for contracts and blow them away by a 20% margin.

    Ever hear the expression, “You can’t have it both ways?”.

    This is another reason why socialism doesn’t work. That old “law of unintended consequences” shows up every time to gum up the works of the utopia-powered machine known as liberalism.

    Utopia used to be a word to describe a mythical place where everything and everyone is perfect. But it has been forced by “scientists” to be on the periodic table of elements with an atomic weight of 1,000 and also as a noble gas and capable of existing simultaneously as a solid, liquid and a gas. It is next to “unobtanium” on the chart, in spite of demands by the DOJ to have it placed at the top of every row of elements. Scientists have accepted it and they were grateful for the additional research funding. It is now therefore, fact.

    Utopia though is now the recognized power-source for all socialist ideas, plans, and legislation. They are currently scripting a new sci-fi flick based on Star Trek but instead of matter/antimatter being funneled through a dilithium matrix, they will use Utopia-powered starships, cars and powerplants. This is intended to get at least a small portion of the population to believe it is real. Well, there are already many people in power to do so now but they have to get the proles on-board with it.

  8. Noyzmakr says:

    From the Orlando Sentinel:

    DOJ solicits email tips in Zimmerman civil rights probe

    Outrageous! Just as I was about to post the story the website changed the page and I don’t have time to hunt it down. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    • Noyzmakr says:

      The link to the Olando Sentinel above now works. At the end of the story they write this little blurb that Holder said to Sigma Delta:
      “Holder pledged that the Justice Department would work to “alleviate tensions, address community concerns and promote healing” in response to the case.”

      What an effing joke.

  9. captstubby says:

    today, The Ministry Of Truth said;
    “what scandals?”


  10. canary says:

    Pakistan Taliban arrive in Syria to aid Al-Qaeda and rebels overthrow Syria’s leader


    Britain prepares to go to Syria war to get chemical weapons out of Al-Qaeda who is aiding rebels
    overthrow Syria’s leader


  11. canary says:

    Fleeing Syrian refugees get angry and make demands to John Kerry & USA

    Reuters: Syrian refugees demand help from Kerry at Jordan camp

    By Arshad Mohammed – July 18 2013

    ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan (Reuters) – Syrian refugees angrily told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday that the United States should set up a no-fly zone and safe havens in Syria to protect them.

    “Where is the international community? What are you waiting for?” a Syrian woman, who did not give her name, told Kerry at the United Nations’ Zaatari refugee camp.

    “The U.S., as a superpower, can change the equation in Syria in 30 minutes after you return to Washington.”

    Waving a pen in the air and tapping it on the table, the woman referred to the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which ends in three weeks.

    She said: “Mr. Secretary, if the situation remains unchanged until the end of Ramadan this camp will become empty.

    We will return to Syria and we will fight with knives.

    Kerry made an aerial tour of the tents and pre-fabricated, container-like homes that form by far the biggest camp for Syrians in Jordan. Meeting refugees afterward in a fenced-off administrative section, he acknowledged the anger.

    “We are not satisfied with the American answer. We never were. We just need … action,” a second woman told reporters after meeting Kerry.

    After the request for buffer and no-fly zones, Kerry said: “A lot of different options are under consideration. I wish it was very simple. As you know, we’ve been fighting two wars for 12 years. We are trying to help in various ways, including helping Syrian opposition fighters have weapons.

    “President Obama, I think two months ago, made a decision to significantly increase American assistance in many different ways,” Kerry said.

    Noting U.S. aid to the camp, he added: “You are not abandoned. We are very aware of how terrible conditions are inside Syria.


    • Noyzmakr says:

      John Kerry Says…“You are not abandoned. We are very aware of how terrible conditions are inside Syria.”

      Now, where did I dock my yacht?

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