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Reader Selected News For Week Jun 8 – Jun 14

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 7th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

13 Responses to “Reader Selected News For Week Jun 8 – Jun 14”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    June 7, 2013, 3:39 PM

    Dingell Breaks Record After 57 Years in House

    Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.) became the longest-serving member of Congress in U.S. history Friday, and in an interview reflected on major legislative achievements and the changes in Washington over his nearly six decades in the House.

    http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2013/06/07/dingell-breaks-record-after-57-years-in-house/?mod=WSJ_hpp_MIDDLENexttoWhatsNewsFifthJune 7, 2013, 3:39 PM


    This astounding statistic basically means this petrified old fart is more responsible than anyone else now serving in government for our $17 Trillion Dollar debt.

    Thanks Michigan!

    • GetBackJack says:

      His fingerprints are all over FAIL after FAIL after FAIL. Plus virtually every corruption of the federal government.

      He’ll surely get a gigantic retirement package + a generous severance when the voters finally rid themselves of this tumor + unspeakably lucrative book deals and speaking fees (publishers and speakers bureaus being the new bag men of the political criminal set)

  2. preparing4theworst says:

    Million Muslim March on 9/11/13…..http://mmm91113.evenbrite.com

    • canary says:

      Link didn’t work, but this appears to be a new terrorist organization a-m- p- a- c
      They want donations but have identification so it would probably be safe to call the number they give after the NYCPD were chastised for profiling Muslim terrorists. (cough cough)

      no registry, just started up. Luckily they will be protesting at the White House where it will be safe.

      This is insane. Perhaps meant to be a sitting duck to bring the terrorists out. After all their target will be infidels that wear bathing suits and sinners that attend.

      Ms. Universe in Indonesia, when it’s not even safe for leadership to go there and they hate Americans now worse than when George W. Bush got them multi-millions of dollars.


    • Noyzmakr says:

      FireFox says that million dumbass march link is very dangerous.

      I hope they do all meet up in one place. That would be, let’s say, convenient.

  3. Noyzmakr says:

    Fom The Washington Times:
    From robes to riches: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor nets over $3 million from memoir
    By Jesse J. Holland-Associated Press
    Fri. June 7th, 2013

    Being a Supreme Court justice has not only been good for Sonia Sotomayor’s legal career, it’s also helped her bank account.

    The justice on Friday reported that she’s received more than $3 million in advance payments for her best-selling memoir, “My Beloved World.”

    http://p.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/7/sotomayor-gets-another-19-million-memoir/ __________________________________________________________________________________________

    Funny how I haven’t seen a peep about this anywhere else. I wonder if she’ll do the talk show circuit and if not, why? If nothing’s wrong with it then why is it beneath her? Because it is unseemly? Why?

    Is it just me or doesn’t this seem a little corrupt? I’m sure she isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last. I mean what’s stopping anyone who anticipates their case going before the SCOTUS buying a warehouse full of her books and gently letting her know that. Will she ever rule against her publisher or their holdings interest?

    Fort Worthless Jim Wright did a similar thing when he was Speaker of the House. He wrote a book that absolutely no one read and the unions bought thousands upon thousands of copies and left them crated up in a warehouse. It was a money laundering scheme to pay ole Jim back for getting cushy legislation passed for them.

    Our whole system of government has become as corrupt as any third world nation. In every corner, no matter whose in power, there seems to be an attitude of “might as well help myself”. All the money going to Washington is drawing the most corrupt con artists our nation has to offer. Not everyone….just most.

    The “r” word can’t be far from the lips of patriots. It’s becoming increasingly evident that it may be the only resolution to this problem. The only choice is this; will it be like the American or the French?

  4. preparing4theworst says:

    We at AMPAC (American Political Action Committee) are planning a historic event for 9/11/13. One million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government. We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our 1st Amendment rights.

    We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign for the Presidency of a transparent government. Lastly we are asking for the establishment of a real 9/11 Commission to reveal the truth to the American people. On 9/11/01 our country was forever changed by the horrific events in New York. The entire country was victimized by the acts done on that day. Muslim and non-Muslim alike were traumatized but we as Muslims continue 12 years later to be victimized by being made the villains. To this day every media outlet and anti-Islamic organization has committed slanderous and libelous statements against us as Muslims and our religion of Islam. Yet our government either sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or it exacerbates the problem with its constant “war on terrorism” in Islamic countries, congressional hearings on Islam in America, and its changes to the NDAA law. These lies told to the American population has made it impossible for us to do true Dawa (Islamic outreach). Why do we have to defend our religion while doing Dawa? Why can’t we just share the perfection of the Quran and the beauty of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SWS)? It is time for us as Muslims in America to stop being defensive and start being proactive by using our right to vote and our freedom of assemble and let our voices be heard by our country and the world. Stand with us help us fight the injustices being committed against us. Help us to wake the American citizen up to the truth and together Muslim and non-Muslim we can take our country back to true Democracy which is “For the people by the people”. Our Prophet in his final message told us: “Whoever sees an injustice should set it right by means of his hand; if not, by his tongue; if not, then by his heart and that is considered to be the weakest of faith.” And more to the point “If my nation is afraid to say to the oppressor, ‘O oppressor!’, then there is no hope for them.”



    Find us on Facebook:

    Million Muslim March: http://www.Facebook.com/MMM91113.

    Call us:

    MD Rabbi Alam // (816) 372-1873

    Isa Hodge : (816) 482-6893

  5. preparing4theworst says:

    got it that time…..

    • Noyzmakr says:

      So did we. Thanks for the heads up!

      “Lastly we are asking for the establishment of a real 9/11 Commission to reveal the truth to the American people.”

      Let me guess: The jews did it!!

      You can tell by just reading this nonsense what party these maniacs side with.

      Hint: They shouted a vote to remove God from their party platform.

      As I said above, I hope every muslim in the country shows up in DC. It will be convenient.

  6. canary says:

    So instead of the newly experienced Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor is writing a book on tax-payers dollars on the clock instead of focusing on her job.

    And old feeble Supreme Court Ginseng what’s her name is touring too.

  7. heykev says:

    Be afraid…be VERY afraid. The IRS is getting into the Data Mining business, just in time for the onset of Obamacare

    IRS tracks your digital footprint
    The IRS has quietly upgraded its technology so tax collectors can track virtually everything people do online.
    4/10/2013 4:15 PM ET | By Richard Satran, U.S. News & World Report

    The Internal Revenue Service is collecting a lot more than taxes this year — it’s also acquiring a huge volume of personal information on taxpayers’ digital activities, from eBay auctions to Facebook posts and, for the first time ever, credit card and e-payment transaction records, as it expands its search for tax cheats to places it’s never gone before.

    The IRS, under heavy pressure to help Washington out of its budget quagmire by chasing down an estimated $300 billion in revenue lost to evasions and errors each year, will start using “robo-audits” of tax forms and third-party data the IRS hopes will help close this so-called “tax gap.” But the agency reveals little about how it will employ its vast, new network scanning powers.

    Consumers are already familiar with Internet “cookies” that track their movements and send them targeted ads that follow them to different websites. The IRS has brought in private industry experts to employ similar digital tracking — but with the added advantage of access to Social Security numbers, health records, credit card transactions and many other privileged forms of information that marketers don’t see.

    This is a scary addition to what is already known about us. With the addition of Big Data and Big Analytic’s to the IRS’ equation. They will know more about us then even the best marketing company. At some point this has to end.

  8. canary says:

    Selfish Perverted Transgender Girl going to high court in Maine, because she’s too selfish to go to the boy’s room where the toilets are made for weenies, nor the staff’s restroom where she can feel safest.

    At least there is a political correct name now. If the word “transgender” comes before a girl or boy, it’s means she or he is the opposite.

    Can you imagine what a mess a girl would make peeing in a boy’s commode. Shamefully,
    hospitals are all making little coed restrooms with long lines to solve the problem.

    I am sick of this. And that is what I tell my gay friends. I tell them very nicely to understand that people are kind of sick of it all. Oh, and especially now that oral sex causes throat cancer more than cigarettes according to the liberal ICD.

    Where is the Surgeon General on this. A sign should be up next to condoms in every store and
    and the condom people could really make a killing of they publicized this.


    • canary says:

      If it’s not considered to be a disability anymore than why should it get extra consideration and change everyone’s way of living.

      The IRS will certainly have a time with this new mess.
      Seriously, they won’t be able to stop two brothers and two sisters from getting married. They can’t reproduce either.

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