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Reader Selected News For Week Nov 16 – Nov 22

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, November 15th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

21 Responses to “Reader Selected News For Week Nov 16 – Nov 22”

  1. canary says:

    AP: Egypt gives Russian dignitaries red carpet welcome

    By Maggie Michael – Nov 14 2013

    The flirtation underscores how U.S.-Egyptian relations have soured lately over the Obama administration’s criticism of the July 3 military coup.

    But the fact that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shogiu arrived in Cairo weeks after the United States froze millions of dollars in military aid is significant.

    However, a retired Egyptian military general who maintains close ties to the present army leadership said Egypt was inching close to signing a $2 billion deal with Russia for the purchase of 24 MiG fighter-jets as well as anti-tank missiles and an air- defense system.

    “Do you want us to take the (U.S.) slap on our face and remain silent? Of course not,” said the retired general, Hossam Sweilam. “This pressure is not acceptable, so we returned to the Russians to maintain our fighting capabilities.”

    Lavrov and Shogiu were greeted with an honor guard
    and met at Defense Ministry headquarters for talks with Egypt’s powerful Defense Minister and military chief, Gen. Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi, who led the coup that ousted Morsi, and his commanders.

    Throughout the day, state television broadcast black-and-white archival footage of Soviet and Egyptian leaders meeting in the 1950s and 1960s, the two decades that saw the two nations forge a strategic friendship at the height of the Cold War and Egypt’s wars with Israel, Washington’s closest Middle East ally.

    “We seek to energize a relationship that is already in existence,” Fahmy told reporters later after meeting with Lavrov.

    Lavrov, speaking through an interpreter, described the meeting as “historic.”

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sought to patch up things with the Egyptians during a visit to Cairo earlier this month, but the partial suspension of military aid, which covers the delivery of tanks, helicopters and fighter jets, appears to have hurt the interim government’s pride.

    The Russian defense minister vowed to develop military ties and increase bilateral contacts between the two countries, saying “I expect to continue a constructive dialogue on the entire spectrum of military and military-technical issues.”

    It was the highest level Russian visit to Egypt since former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a partnership deal with then-President Hosni Mubarak in 2009.

    “Theoretically speaking, there’s no polarization and no need to pick and choose between the U.S. and Russia,” said Russian affairs specialist Farrag Aboul-Nour.

    “But practically, freezing U.S. aid was a dangerous alarm … The message to the U.S. today is: Egypt cannot remain a hostage to the U.S. forever.”

    Russia and Egypt’s new government share a common enemy in Islamists, with Moscow facing Islamist insurgencies in some of its outlying regions.

    Earlier this week, a 21-gun salute and a band played military music to welcome a Russian missile cruiser, the Varyag, when it docked in the Mediterranean port of Alexandria.

    Another Russian warship, the Boris Butoma, is now docked in a Red Sea port.

    Relations have steadily improved in recent years, with nearly 2 million Russians vacationing in Egypt every year.


  2. canary says:

    Oprah Accuses Obama Critics as Racists that Just Need to Die.

    Are Oprah Winfrey’s increasing delusional and paranoia ideologies beginning with hallucinations and hearing voices from handbags turning into deadly thoughts of violence aimed at murdering innumerable innocent white people of a minority in the world’s population?

    Many speculate that Oprah’s bizarre public rants began when her Billions made over the years from a majority of white audience fans made her believe that her own OWN magazine would be a sure success. Her magazine’s failure now followed with her own OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) television channel near failure saved by three elderly White woman talking about their sex fantasies and toys, may be leading to her deteriorating mental health.
    One speculation is the young daughter of the late icon Whitney Houston, who walked out on Winfrey during an intrusive and uninvited visit from former talk host queen Winfrey ended poorly when the youngest Houston dissed Winfrey by leaving Winfrey and accompanying film camera’s, to retreat to another room in the house as she still grieved for her mother and was insulted by Oprah’s patronizing and trying to cash in on the late singer’s fame.
    Other’s wonder if Winfrey’s role in her latest movie where she slaps and disrespects the Presidents’ long time Butler may have not been in the script. Speculation is she confused Forest Whitaker with the real black butler, and beat him for being on the payroll of white Presidents of the US.

    The Sideshow: Oprah Winfrey says Obama victim of racism

    By Eric Pfeiffer – Nov 14 2013

    Oprah Winfrey says that President Barack Obama has been the victim of racism and that the ongoing issue of prejudice is a generational one.

    “There is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs,” Winfrey said Friday in an interview with the BBC.

    “And that occurs in some cases and maybe even in many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that, and it’s the kind of thing that nobody ever says but everybody is thinking it.”

    Winfrey pointed to Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yelling “liar” during a 2009 speech Obama was giving to Congress.

    Specifically, she said that cultural prejudice in the U.S. will largely recede after the last generation of individuals have died off.

    “I said this, you know, for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, community in the South — there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die,” Winfrey said.

    “… There are laws that have allowed us to progress beyond what we saw in the Scottsboro boys and beyond even the prejudice we see in ‘The Butler.’ ”

    And the website Right Scoop added, “Oprah Winfrey is going around the world telling everyone that Americans are racist.”

    “I’m in a store, and the person doesn’t obviously know that I carry the black card and so they make an assessment based upon the way I look and who I am,” later explained.


    “Winfrey pointed to Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yelling “liar” during a 2009 speech Obama was giving to Congress.”

    Let’s hope Winfrey doesn’t find out nearly the entire country and snickering world sees Obama a liar in regards to Obama Care promises. Someone has to tell her Obama’s autobiography she plugged in her OWN Book Club and Talk Show turned out to be full of lies; at least when it came to his anti-white racism against dating any white girls.

    • captstubby says:

      thanks for the Rise And Fall Of Oprah meltdown status update.
      but to be fair,
      she was the Queen of Daytime “I will give y’all free S..T so you will like Me.” TV.

    • GetBackJack says:

      The point is, Oprah, in order to save her dwindling career in 2004 resorted to ‘giving away’. But what she figured out is an old, old trick and she obviously learned it from watching the Democrats all her life.

      “Those who support me will get goodies, paid for by others.”

      Huey Long – “Those what come in with me now will get a big piece of pie. Those what eventually throw in with me will get pie. Those what don’t throw in with me will get Good Government.”

      Like this – Congress ‘appropriates’ our hard earned wages and profits to spend on stuff they want to spend our money on. Then Congress gives gifts, perks and deals to those who support Congress.

      Oprah built a television empire. Her ad dollars are used to buy more eyeballs by giving away stuff. She gives away stuff to get the eyeballs that produce the ad revenue. Rather than a quality product she bribes viewers in a roulette of possible windfall. Just like Congress.

      Both are Circle of Taking From One to Give to Another.

    • canary says:

      Good point Jack. One of the few times I watched her show was when she gave gifts to all her workers on her show. It was another one of her many “Final” episodes that never was the final.
      The publicity she got on long descriptive details of each “handbag”, watch, and piece of jewelry made me guess she got a good deal on the items.

      I had a brief encounter decades ago. I found her deceptive and fake. She had an attitude she was Queen similar to Obama’s belief he is a King. She asked if I watched her show and I was honest and said only a couple of times. Her entire body stiffened up, and it was kind of scary and she walked off in a huff. I didn’t even get a chance to explain that her show came on in the afternoon when I and much of America worked.

      And while we are on subject the few times afterwards I saw the show, she always had so many white people on her show. Perhaps she felt it brought more viewers? I noticed most of the people she gave those gifts to were white.

      Seriously, if you can believe the tabloids I don’t buy, but will browse in a long grocery line is that
      Michelle O can not stand her. Threatened by her and her husband being close.

      Most recently, after the Benghazi scandel, on the front page of the most ridiculous tabloid “The Globe” Hillary who is writing her memoirs and had threatened to write of just how wicked and jealous Michelle O could be. And Obama’s drinking problem, which is of no secret since he brews beer in the White House. It’s a warning so Obama endorses her and in my opinion not Michello O as next president.

      A sign of Hillary’s pull over Obama is it may have been Bill Clinton going public that Obama must keep his word and let insured keep their insurance, but you can bet it Hillary was behind that push or else.

      I can only think many won’t get their insurance back. Yet, since no one can sign up, insurance companies may be calling former clients.

      I never found out the number signed up last week after awaiting the big announcement of Obama’s expectation of 500, 000 to date. News reports were it was under 50,000. (huh?) then it was finally announced under 20,000, and perhaps the news was paid off not to give the number.

      Many liberals very angry at him over this mess. heh. heh.

  3. BillK says:

    This is the degree of gun paranoia out there, especially in hard-left, ultra-liberal cities.

    From the Associated Press via Milwaukee’s WTMJ Television:

    Hunter returning home causes scare in Madison

    MADISON (AP) — A report of a man with a gun that prompted a police alert in downtown Madison turned out to be a false alarm — just a guy returning home from hunting.

    University of Wisconsin-Madison Police sent the alert around 10:15 a.m. Saturday warning students and staff to avoid one block on West Mifflin Street.

    The Madison Police Department said it had received multiple reports of a man walking with a shotgun in the area.

    City of Madison Police Lt. Stephanie Bradley Wilson tells WISC-TV the man was returning home from hunting and was walking from his parked vehicle to his apartment with an uncased shotgun. …


    Well, he had an uncased shotgun; I’m sure someone all the good liberals in Madison will want that prosecuted as “brandishing.”

    • BillK says:

      The Facebook posts:


      WiscAlert-Avoid 600blk of W. Mifflin. Police searching for while male, 20-30 years old, black jacket, jeans, carrying shot gun.

      An hour later:

      WiscAlert-City of Madison Police continue to search West Mifflin Street area for suspect armed with shotgun. Please continue to avoid the area.


      WiscAlert-Madison Police has located and contacted the suspect on West Mifflin. There is no longer a threat.

    • BillK says:

      Initial alert – no intent to alarm here:

      WiscAlert-White male – suspect wearing camoflauge vest and camoflauge paint on face. Last seen near Mifflin Street. Avoid area.

    • yadayada says:

      I love the companion picture to the “news” story. no journalistic malpractice there. don’t we all hunt fowl with a pistol-gripped, short-barreled shotgun?

      he walked from his car to his house door? that’s what 8-10 seconds? and who reported the guy? his neighbors don’t know he hunts? or were they harassing him?

    • canary says:

      Bilk, It’s going around. Here people are saying it’s not safe to wear camouflage. Black is considered safe and proper apparel for hunting and during a natural disaster. sigh…..

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Freaked out by one guy coming home form a hunt, but not freaked out by the para-military gooned out bubbas in their assault tanks and assault gear roaming the streets?

    I see Brown Shirts among us, Many, many Brown Shirts ..

  5. captstubby says:

    Progressive Blue State chooses Medicaid


    over the weekend Natural disasters have inflicted death, pain and misery in the Midwest.
    thankfully family and friends in these areas are safe.
    but with Obama Care none are spared.
    the ACA has spawned severe “storms and tornadoes ” on the on the Nations Health System and Economy

    “we have Sisters.”

  6. captstubby says:

    Military Eyes Cut to Pay, Benefits
    Joint Chiefs Grapple With Less to Spend

    By Julian E. Barnes | The Wall Street Journal

    “”You can’t expect this country to maintain a strong military if we aren’t maintaining some kind of common-sense budgeting,” Leon Panetta, the former Defense secretary, said at the forum.

    outsourcing and wasteful spending is a problem to resolve?

    smell s more like Pork.

    and let this be a warning come election time to all service men and woman.

     ”hopes to allow current service members to keep their existing retirement plans,”
    oh oh!

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    REPUBLICAN Charged With Cocaine Possession.

    I only bring this to S&L because POLITICO makes sure that the reader knows the perp is a republican. In fact, by the sixth word into the article, you know.

    However, whenever a democrat is accused or arrested, you can read thousands of words in POLITICO and still not know what the party affiliation is of the offender.

    Rep. Trey Radel charged with cocaine possession

    Poltico: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/trey-radel-cocaine-possession-100075.html?hp=t1_3

    By JOHN BRESNAHAN and JAKE SHERMAN | 11/19/13 4:21 PM EST Updated: 11/19/13 5:06 PM EST

    Rep. Trey Radel, a freshman Republican from Florida, was arrested on Oct. 29 for possession of cocaine in the District of Columbia, according to D.C. Superior Court documents.

    Radel, 37, was charged with misdemeanor possession of cocaine in D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/trey-radel-cocaine-possession-100075.html#ixzz2l8GUOkcW

  8. canary says:

    From a biased Reuters

    Reuters: Obama was briefed in spring on widespread website problems

    By Roberta Rampton and David Morgan Nov 19 2013

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama, who has portrayed himself as surprised by technical problems with the government’s new health care website, was briefed last spring on a detailed consultant’s report that warned of system failure, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday.

    Administration officials said the complicated information technology system’s financial management function would not be completed until mid-January, weeks after the first enrollees are scheduled to begin receiving benefits under the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010 as Obama’s signature domestic policy.

    The McKinsey report, released Monday night by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives committee, is the most detailed analysis made public to date of the difficulties the site was facing late in its development.

    It warned the government of the potential for system failure that could make the health care exchanges inaccessible to consumers trying to buy insurance through them, suggesting that there was not enough time before October to make all the repairs.

    In a separate House hearing, Republicans portrayed the website as not only broken but not secure for personal information of consumers.

    Three security experts testified that HealthCare.gov was so insecure for consumers that they believed it should be shut down until fixed.

    Obama administration officials responded that the site was safe.


    Very biased report for Reuters to say Republicans are trying to humiliate the broken website.
    Hopefully Republicans will push to be sure it’s secure.

    So, do people still need to make their first payment Dec 15 2013?

  9. canary says:

    Letter from mom Obama touted on Rose Garden of health care success story is now a disaster story for the mother. The insurance wrote her it was a mistake and %50 percent higher in cost, then wrote her again another mistake and cost higher. Now she has to pay the the $95 tax.

    Obama reading letter on Rose Garden and woman on FOX.


  10. canary says:

    African Islamic Extremists Kidnapping Christian Girls to Convert and Make them Brides

    Entire article at below link

    Reuters: Boko Haram, taking to hills, seize slave “brides”

    By Joe Brock

    ABUJA, Nov 17 (Reuters) –

    In a new development, Boko Haram is abducting Christian women whom it converts to Islam on pain of death and then forces into “marriage” with fighters – a tactic that recalls Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in the jungles of Uganda.

    The three months Hajja spent as the slave of a 14-strong guerrilla unit, cooking and cleaning for them before she escaped, give a rare glimpse into how the Islamists have changed tack in the face of Nigerian military pressure.

    The United States designated Boko Haram a terrorist group on Wednesday.

    The group, whose name broadly translates as “Western education is sinful”, has killed thousands during a four-year insurgency against the Nigerian state, targeting the police and armed forces as well as politicians and then turning on Christians in the predominantly Muslim north of the country.

    The militants have killed hundreds in the past few weeks, including in massacres of school children.

    They told me I must become a Muslim but I refused again and again,” Hajja told Reuters in an interview.

    “They were about to slaughter me and one of them begged me not to resist and just before I had my throat slit I relented.

    At least a dozen teenagers like her remain in captivity, Michael Yohanna, a councillor in Gwoza’s local government told Reuters.

    Some have married commanders, recalling Kony’s LRA, which abducted thousands of “wives” in a 20-year war in Uganda before a truce in 2006.

    “They took them back to a cave and tied them up. They cut their throats, one at a time,” Hajja said.

    Reuters verified Hajja’s account of having been abducted with independent figures in the region.

    Boko Haram shuns the media and none of its members could be contacted for comment.

    “They would listen to BBC Hausa or Voice of America and jump and shout if they heard about Boko Haram attacks.”

    “It’s the toothpaste effect: squeeze one end and it comes out the other. They have proven resilient and are adapting faster than the military,” a Nigerian security source said.

    “I worry that youths will take the law into their own hands. It will become a war between Christians and Muslims.”

    The longer the insurgency goes on, President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, will come under increasing criticism from his northern opponents as elections in early 2015 draw closer.

    He risks growing resentment from a northern population who believe he is out of touch with their troubles.

    “I finally tore off the veil and I cried,” Hajja said.

    “So many times I thought I’d die.” ($1 = 159 naira) (Additional reporting by Isaac Abrak in Abuja and Ibrahim Mshelizza and Lanre Ola in Maiduguri; Editing by Tim Cocks and Alastair Macdonald)

    Nov 18, 2013


    “The longer the insurgency goes on, President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, will come under increasing criticism from his northern opponents as elections in early 2015 draw closer.”

    (And one of the opponents is a Muslim whom Obama campaigned for as a Senator on a trip to Africa)

  11. canary says:

    This explains it all. Obama hands out freedom awards.

    Loretta Lynn is a favorite for her song “Stand by you Man” which inspired Michello to not leave a miserable marriage and absent husband and father.


  12. canary says:

    Obama Feds pull over Texas Drivers for Blood and Saliva Samples; Gov Contract with Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

    RT: Texas drivers pulled over at random, told to turn over blood, saliva samples

    Nov 20, 2013/ Photo AFP

    Dozens of Texas drivers have been stopped at a police road block, where they were then directed into a parking lot and forced into surrendering blood, saliva and breath samples in a study that has upset civil liberties advocates.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration admitted it was attempting to conduct a government study meant to determine the number of drunk or drug-impaired drivers on the road at any given time.

    “It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” Kim Cope, who said she was forced to the side of the road while making her way to lunch, told NBCDFW.com. “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into the parking spot.”

    The tests were made even more mysterious when reporters, alerted to the situation by concerned drivers, were unable to find any officers in the Fort Worth Police Department who had been involved.

    The NHTSA only admitted its involvement after local media sought answers.

    The NBC affiliate was able to determine that the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a government contractor, was hired to conduct the check.

    An NHTSA spokesperson admitted similar programs were being conducted in 30 other cities throughout the US.

    This oddity comes just months after Texas state troopers were caught on video conducting vaginal and cavity searches on female drivers at the side of the road.



    “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into the parking spot.”

    Do you think they were in unmarked clothes and SUV’s.

    Since ACLU isn’t mentioned must be all whities.

    Obama Care has slowed down getting citizens blood, and body fluids for DNA.

    • canary says:

      Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation’s frontpage has to articles in regards to this national study. They have quite a few offices in the states alone. Several in California, and this particular study from their Oakland California office, though they have no offices way down in Texas.

      The Prevention Research Center (PRC) of PIRE was founded in 1983, and is located in Oakland, California.

      This is a global organization. Introduction:

      “PIRE is an independent, non-profit organization merging scientific knowledge and proven practice to create solution that improve the health, safety and well being of individuals, commuites, and nations around the world.”

      Also, on their front page a few of the articles

      ” Commentary on NTSB Recommendation to lower the blood alcohol limit for driving from .08 to .05 in the United States”

      Researchers at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) say that the recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) today to lower the illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for driving from .08 to .05 in states has a strong evidence-based foundation….

      “Mixed-Use Zoning to Increase Neighborhood Walkability[sic]

      Mixed-use zoning is one public health strategy to create more walkable neighborhoods by shortening the distance between daily destinations like school, work, home and businesses like banks or grocery stores…

      note: They came for the drivers of cars and we did nothing. They will come for our bikes, and we will end up walking. The elderly who can not walk anymore will get the death penalty.
      This ties in with the US EPA’s Global Agenda of forcing people in rural areas into packed cities. After all, the federal government will own any and all farms to feed it’s people, and own all the land where there is a puddle. And irrigation leaves puddles.
      fact: In the dry seasons in their new man made puddles in cities they will lay down soccer fields. Watch out Colorado when they come for your mountains.

      “Senior Research Scientists Investigate and Present to Legislative Committees Evidence for Lowering the Illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)”

      In 2002, James C. Fell and Robert B. Voas, both Senior Research Scientists in the Calverton Center, were asked to investigate the evidence behind lowering the illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for driving from .08 g/dL to .05 g/dL, as many European countries and Australia had done…..

      And we don’t know the price tag on this and another reason we don’t need the EPA who work with Law Enforcement! Yikes.

  13. canary says:

    Obama lied on ending Afghanistan war. US Troops will fight war until beyond 2014 under Afghanistan’s tribal laws and conditions.

    UK: Up to 15,000 U.S. troops to ‘remain in Afghanistan until 2024’ according to new deal that leaves door open to a ‘war without end’

    New U.S.-Afghan security deal proposes American troops to remain in Afghanistan until 2024 and beyond

    Up to 15,000 troops could stay in military bases in the war-torn nation to train Afghan security forces and conduct anti-terror missions. Shame on John Kerry’s hypocrisy

    Will cost the taxpayer tens of billions

    By James Nye – Nov 20 2013

    The wide ranging document, obtained by NBC News, outlines plans to stay on until 2024 ‘and beyond’ – maintaining bases in Afghanistan and paying to support and train hundreds of thousands of Afghan security forces.

    The 25-page ‘Security and Defense Cooperation Agreement Between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’ is to be debated in Kabul this week by 2,500 academics and tribal elders in an event known as a Loya Jirga, which is Pashto for ‘Grand Assembly’.

    Indeed, Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said that he wont sign it without the approval of the Jirga.

    The draft agreement has been the result of back and forth negotiations between U.S. and Afghan officials and reveals multiple concessions and revisions.

    The deal between the two nations would take effect on January 1st, 2015 and ‘shall remain in force until the end of 2024 and beyond.’

    In addition, U.S. troops would not be allowed to make arrests or enter Afghan homes.


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