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Reader Selected News For Week Sep 14 – Sep 20

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 13th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

21 Responses to “Reader Selected News For Week Sep 14 – Sep 20”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    From the AP via MyFoxNY.com

    Teachers briefly seize historic heart of Mexico City
    Posted: Sep 13, 2013 4:35 PM EDT Updated: Sep 13, 2013 8:58 PM EDT


    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Riot police swept thousands of striking teachers out of the heart of Mexico City on Friday, driving protesters through the streets with tear gas and water cannons in a swift end to the weeks-long occupation of the Zocalo plaza over reforms to the dysfunctional national education system.

    It was a dramatic reassertion of state authority after weeks of near-constant disruption in the center of one of the world’s largest cities. The teachers have marched through the capital at least 15 times over the last two months, decrying President Enrique Pena Nieto’s plan to break union control of education with a new system of standardized teacher testing that become law on Tuesday.

    Pena Nieto will almost certainly gain significant political capital if the Friday afternoon operation, led by federal instead of city police, definitively ends the demonstrations that have snarled traffic for weeks in Mexico City.

    The confrontation erupted after the teachers armed themselves with metal pipes and wooden and blocked off the Zocalo with steel grates and plastic traffic dividers, threatening to scuttle the Independence Day gathering.

    The teachers, many veterans of similar battles with police in poor southern states, said they would not move from the square where they have camped out since last month. Some fixed knives and nails to wooden planks and declared themselves ready to fight. Others set up sewage-filled portable toilets in the path of police vehicles.

    Shortly after 4 p.m., the police swarmed in, shooting tear gas canisters and spraying water from armored trucks. Protesters hurled sticks and chunks of pavement broken from the streets…..

    But within a half hour, police had cleared the Zocalo and much of the surrounding historic center of virtually all demonstrators….

    Pena Nieto’s new standardized system of test-based hiring and promotion would give the government the tools to break teachers unions’ near-total control of school staffing. That control includes the corrupt sale and inheritance of teaching jobs, and it has been widely blamed for much of the poor performance of Mexican schools, which have higher relative costs and worse results than any other in the 34-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    Many independent observers say that the teachers are simply accustomed to using disruption as a tactic for winning concessions like better pay and benefits from the weak governments of the states where teachers are among the most powerful political forces.

    Hopefully, coming to a school near you. Maybe this is a sign of things to come here in the US.

    The article does state that the larger teachers union is in favor of the reforms. What must that tell you about who these commies are looking out for? Also note that some teaching positions were sold and/or inherited. Only progressives believe they deserve a job by birthright.

    • canary says:

      Noyzmaker, good find. So little do we hear from the culture that our boy king praises for their cultural contribution to our country. The schools only teach of their tacos, burritos, music & art.

      “Others set up sewage-filled portable toilets in the path of police vehicles.”

      I’m sure the sewage will end up on the food grown in sickly water on their crops we are importing into the USA. Can you imagine how loosely we examine this fresh and packed food is examined; far less than we inspect the people.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Reform! Reform! Always I hear the cry of Reform. A vacuous nonsense word devoid of definable meaning and executable logic. It’s like trying to nail Jello to a wall.

    A reform politician cannot be bought. He changes his mind on critical issues in direct proportion to the last man to get his ear. At least a business politician knows his word is all he can peddle and once bought, stays bought.

    Don’t know nothing about Mexico. Ain’t going there. Ever.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Earth Isn’t Getting So Hot So Fast (Maybe)

    From the WSJ:


    Dialing Back the Alarm on Climate Change
    A forthcoming report points lowers estimates on global warming


    Later this month, a long-awaited event that last happened in 2007 will recur. Like a returning comet, it will be taken to portend ominous happenings. I refer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “fifth assessment report,” part of which will be published on Sept. 27.

    There have already been leaks from this 31-page document, which summarizes 1,914 pages of scientific discussion, but thanks to a senior climate scientist, I have had a glimpse of the key prediction at the heart of the document. The big news is that, for the first time since these reports started coming out in 1990, the new one dials back the alarm. It states that the temperature rise we can expect as a result of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide is lower than the IPPC thought in 2007.

    Admittedly, the change is small, and because of changing definitions, it is not easy to compare the two reports, but retreat it is. It is significant because it points to the very real possibility that, over the next several generations, the overall effect of climate change will be positive for humankind and the planet.

    In other words, faced with the facts, the “scientists” have to back-pedal to save face. They can’t have their credibility hinged to the decidedly UN-hinged likes of Gore or the democrat party who is now losing credibility on a world-wide scale what with Obama being punk’d by Putin and Australia dumping its socialists in favor of a more conservative, common-sensical government.

    Specifically, the draft report says that “equilibrium climate sensitivity” (ECS)—eventual warming induced by a doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which takes hundreds of years to occur—is “extremely likely” to be above 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), “likely” to be above 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and “very likely” to be below 6 degrees Celsius (10.8 Fahrenheit). In 2007, the IPPC said it was “likely” to be above 2 degrees Celsius and “very likely” to be above 1.5 degrees, with no upper limit. Since “extremely” and “very” have specific and different statistical meanings here, comparison is difficult.

    Still, the downward movement since 2007 is clear, especially at the bottom of the “likely” range. The most probable value (3 degrees Celsius last time) is for some reason not stated this time.

    A more immediately relevant measure of likely warming has also come down: “transient climate response” (TCR)—the actual temperature change expected from a doubling of carbon dioxide about 70 years from now, without the delayed effects that come in the next century. The new report will say that this change is “likely” to be 1 to 2.5 degrees Celsius and “extremely unlikely” to be greater than 3 degrees. This again is lower than when last estimated in 2007 (“very likely” warming of 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, based on models, or 1 to 3.5 degrees, based on observational studies).

    I’m sorry but these three paragraphs simply mean to me that the same “scientists” were fishing for results that aren’t there. By that I mean they were emotionally (financially?) so attached to their beliefs that they could not admit their expected results were founded on a desire to gain favor with whomever sent them money, rather than an objective interpretation of the evidence, which leaves more to speculation than it does to hard science.

    (snip) Then, much later in the movie:

    Since the last IPCC report in 2007, much has changed. It is now more than 15 years since global average temperature rose significantly. Indeed, the IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri has conceded that the “pause” already may have lasted for 17 years, depending on which data set you look at. A recent study in Nature Climate Change by Francis Zwiers and colleagues of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, found that models have overestimated warming by 100% over the past 20 years.

    Get that, boys and girls? “…found that models have overestimated warming by 100% over the past 20 years”

    Explaining this failure is now a cottage industry in climate science.

    I’ll bet it has…

    At first, it was hoped that an underestimate of sulfate pollution from industry (which can cool the air by reflecting heat back into space) might explain the pause, but the science has gone the other way—reducing its estimate of sulfate cooling. Now a favorite explanation is that the heat is hiding in the deep ocean. Yet the data to support this thesis come from ocean buoys and deal in hundredths of a degree of temperature change, with a measurement error far larger than that. Moreover, ocean heat uptake has been slowing over the past eight years.

    So…in gambling parlance, “No joy there”.

    The most plausible explanation of the pause is simply that climate sensitivity was overestimated in the models because of faulty assumptions about net amplification through water-vapor feedback. This will be a topic of heated debate at the political session to rewrite the report in Stockholm, starting on Sept. 23, at which issues other than the actual science of climate change will be at stake.

    I applaud the WSJ for bringing this to the fore. We average joe citizens are sick of the politicians and the tree-hugger/whale-humpers telling us that humans are destroying the planet.

    China doesn’t seem to care with a new coal-fired powerplant going up every few months and the rest of the world to busy trying to stay alive to even worry about recycling…except maybe in Zimbawe (Oh look! Recycling!)

    Has anyone even entertained the notion of a cyclical solar pattern? ALL the planets in this solar system seem to be warming up slowly but steadily.

    Honestly, scientists of the most arrogant nature in 1899 said “All that CAN be discovered HAS been discovered”. And here we are again….with science become a pseudo-religion and critical thinking absent from the craft. Not to dismiss truly brilliant minds but when the truly intelligent are so-often squelched by the politically ambitious, it really causes problems.

    A curse of being human, I suppose but truly one of our ugliest features.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      The problem with the politicians, people like Gore and the nincompoops who listen to them is they are confusing weather with climate, and the people who know better are letting them get away with it so they can get paid.

      Who’s to say what’s normal for the climate? Ice cores can only give you data for the spot where you drilled; not the whole planet.

      As Sen. Inhofe said, “Global Warming is the second-largest hoax ever played on the American people, after the separation of church and state.”

      He was certainly right. All this nonsense can be directly traced to the fall of the USSR, when all the communist had nowhere to go but into the enviromental movement, and the anti-capitalistic version of enviromentalism was energized. Just ask the co-founder of GreenPeace, Patrick Moore. He left the organization because of them.

      It’s all a money grabbing scam on the west. Only because the East isn’t stupid enough to fall for it….yet.

      The truth is usually free. It’s the lies that cost so much.

    • canary says:

      Yes, there are the global warmers complaining that the top 1% rich have become richer. My response….”That’s because some people (you) keep buying brand new appliances to save a drop of energy when their older appliances work just fine. It’s called job creation.”

      I dread all these new appliances. Washers that take forever to fill and barely wash clothes to save energy. ” ..swish swish…ten second pause…swish swish….ten second pause. ” And hour to wash clothes uses just as much energy as once being able to do a load of wash in 30 minutes. “swish, swish, swish, swish, swich.” My bright son watching use too much energy pounding a spot on the washer during a cycle, was clever and put a little piece of masking tape on the exact spot to hit.
      I’m running everything to the ground.
      All the new things are junk. The new star rated refrigerators are junk and don’t keep food clean and make frequent loud noises cranking out some cold on a timer.

      The Democrats have set women’s jobs back decades in performing tasks and house work.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Canary, I spent a couple years working with a Heating & Air contractor/repairman who also worked on appliances such as ovens, refridgerators and washers. He told me that back in the 60’s, manufacterers realized that if they continued to make products that lasted a lifetime, they wouldn’t have any repeat business. So they began designing products to last 3-10 years depending on the quality and price you were willing to pay. Washers, dryers, refridgerators…..10years or so. Can openers, toasters, hair dryers and small appliances, about 3-5 years depending on the quality.

      Now instead of repairing things, people are more likely to toss them in the trash and buy a new one. This is by design. It’s easier, and in most cases, cheaper….but not really.

      People used to be able to work on their own cars. You can’t do that anymore other than changing fluids and windshield wipers. The same was true of appliances for the most part. Belts, hoses, relay switches and alike were easily replaced. Now you need special tools to even get to them. All by design to discourage such $ saving behavior.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for businesses making money, but I find this particular form of designed product death a little unfair to the end user. Would you rather pay $400 for a washer that will last, at best, 20 years, or a $1000 washer that would last your entire life?

      Personally, I work on all my own appliances. These new washers are trash and don’t clean your clothes. Last year I spent 3 days figuring out what was the problem with my washer. I evetually figured out it was the filling pump, but it also had a bad relay switch which I by-passed by adding a toggle switch to control that particular function. I even drilled a whole on the front ot the washer and it looks like it was made that way.

      All my appliances are old ones. The youngest one I have is a dryer I bought my mom back in 2000. Only my TV is new…..a man has his limits.

  4. captstubby says:

    Bjørn Lomborg’s The Skeptical Environmentalist
    “Being a skeptic, and in Lomborg’s case an extremely well informed skeptic, does not make one anything other than a skeptic. It does not make one a conservative, a fundamentalist or even a Republican. Both Bjørn Lomborg and his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, have been heavily and unfairly attacked.

    The Skeptical Environmentalist does not attempt to repudiate environmental research. It does try to demonstrate: How the rhetoric within the environmental movement is too often exaggerated. How people believe things about the environment as fact when there is little or conflicting evidence to support such “facts.” It warns against making hasty political decisions based on faulty analysis or while under the suasion of popular belief. And because Lomborg has questioned received wisdom, he has been attacked and the import of what he is saying, his skepticism, has been ignored.

    “Scientific American” contributed to the attack against Lomborg with a lengthy critique. Link below to read Lomborg’s reply. Apparently, “Scientific American” has been reluctant to give Lomborg an opportunity to respond. this sort of reluctance often speaks volumes.”
    One of the main criticisms of books like The Skeptical Environmentalist (License to Steal, by Malcolm Sparrow, or Tender Loving Greed, by Mary Adelaide Mendelson) is that the data is old and that therefore the author’s conclusions can be discounted. Sparrow pointed out that this is a perfect and infallible argument, inasmuch as no book can get to the market place without delays long enough to make sense of the attack.


  5. canary says:

    China claims violent Islamic Militants murdering and training, spreading the Arab Spring

    AP: China sentences 3 to death over Xinjiang attack

    By Christopher Bodeen- Sept 12, 2013

    BEIJING (AP) — China has sentenced three men to death over a June attack in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang blamed on Islamic extremists in which 24 police and civilians were killed.

    All were identified by names common among Xinjiang’s indigenous Turkic Uighur (WEE’ger) minority group, some members of which have pursued a long-simmering insurgency against Chinese rule in the vast region bordering on Central Asia.

    In the latest case, authorities said cell members began gathering as early as April 2010 to ‘‘pursue illegal religious activities and promote religious extremism’’ by watching, listening and reading materials promoting extremism and terrorism and carrying out ‘‘violent terroristic physical training,’’ Xinhua said.


    Turkic Uighur (WEE’ger)

    According to Wikipedia:

    ““The Uighurs are the people whom old Russian travellers called Sart (a name which they used for sedentary, Turkish-speaking Central Asians in general), while Western travellers called them Turki, in recognition of their language.

    The Chinese used to call them Ch’an-t’ou (‘Turbaned Heads’) but this term has been dropped, being considered derogatory,

    and the Chinese, using their own pronunciation, now called them Weiwuerh. As a matter of fact there was for centuries no ‘national’ name for them; people identified themselves with the oasis they came from, like Kashgar or Turfan.”” — Owen Lattimore, “Return to China’s Northern Frontier.” The Geographical Journal, Vol. 139, No. 2, June 1973[27]

  6. captstubby says:

    Noyzmakr , i can’t add much more then what you said.
    most of us here probably are frustrated on the non repair ability of the Imported Crap ,
    and little by little U S made products are vanishing or turning to Junk too.
    my Father who only had a Sixth Grade education, maintained and repaired everything under our roof(and he even showed me how to fix that too.)
    radios and TV had tubes that you could go out and test and replace yourself.

    remove traits and self taught skills that Men and Women in the United States are proud of and we become more manageable to the Socialist in Washington.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      True dat! I’ve aquired a lot of knowledge because of my lack of social skills and my tendency to be a hot head in my youth. I’ve quit a lot of jobs. I’ve had so many jobs of such a wide array in construction, manufacturing, service and other industries that I picked up many diverse skills that many people just don’t have anymore; not all in one package anyway.

      The curse of my youth turned into the salvation of my adulthood. As the Apostle Paul wrte in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

      There isn’t many things I can’t fix, except relationships. Though I am getting better at that. By the time I’m about 100 years old, I’ll be a well rounded human being. I guess that’s the point.

    • canary says:

      Noyzmaker, it’s so nice to talk to someone that understands.

      My green neighbors $1000 dollar washer that “pays for it self in saving energy) quickly developed a squeak problem and was told they all start to do that and nothing can be done.

      I intentionally was buying used appliances having the new ones be garbage, but now everyone is holding on to their old appliances, so too new appliances I had to buy, I’ve played the send back game.

      I got a sub to consumer reports tests and even they are disheartening as to the testers ratings, and the consumers reviews everywhere tell the problems, so it’s not been a problem just a pain.

      This greenie just came into money and is considering a new home air-conditioner unit because as great as it works and no problems the new codes she is obsessed. Took a few years to
      convince my son the earth wasn’t catching fire at any time.

      See, it’s been another year, and we haven’t burst into flames. Then he got a Chemistry teacher who suggested everyone cut their hair short to save water. He adored her. I am no longer the smartest person he knows, nor smarter than his friends parents. Oh well… come a day, he will be thankful, just as I grew up thankful I had one of the smartest dads and always was sure to tell my son, your grandpa taught me this. Not a day goes by in my life, my father’s words and teachings do not come in handy.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Don’t worry too much about your son. He’ll come around. They always do. I thought my
      parents were stupid until around 35. Then, I realized it was me that was the ignorant one.

      My mom quit school in the 8th grade back in the early 40’s after her dad died, and she and her mother had to provide for their family. She had two younger siblings. The education she lacked was well outweighed by her experiences and character, and that taught me plenty about what being ‘smart’ meant. I’d have to admit, and I’m not just saying this because she was my mother, she was one of the smartest and most likeable people I ever met. The many people and even strangers who stop to tell me so is a testament to that fact.

      One day your son will realize the teachers were lying to him to advance an agenda. And then he’ll also realize that you never did. On the cutting hair to save water deal, why not just stop bathing alltogether? Don’t shave and stop brushing your teeth. How about this….stop eating and you won’t have to use a toilet. That would save plenty of water. Better yet,let’s just kill off about 3/4 of the population. That’ll do the trick. And that’s the dream of these so-called enlightened elite. But what they don’t realize is that they will be the first useful idiots to go.

      This nonsense that we are running out of water is ridiculous. Ask the people in Colorado. If the planet is warming as they claim, then wouldn’t the melting fresh water ice caps provide more fresh water? It would also mean more evaporation which in the end falls as rain somewhere. What utter BS. And you are paying for the privilege of these people to lie to your children and teach them the exact opposite of your principles.

      As for your green nieghbor, the efficiency gained by the greener products is lost in the time and effort it takes to use them. Much like the low-flow toilets. Great idea, but when you have to flush three times it sort of defeats the purpose. If you have to wash your clothes twice to get them clean, what have you saved? When it comes to everyday knowledge of how things work, most people haven’t got a clue as to how simple it really is. Let them waste their money on being green…. a wise man once said, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

      You need to figure out how to sell them solar panels, rain collectors or some other nonsense and get in on that gravy train…lol!

  7. captstubby says:

    2 bystanders wounded in Midtown Manhattan police shooting
    September 15, 2013
    Associated Press
    NEW YORK – Two police officers opened fired on a man who was acting erratically and dodging cars on a busy Manhattan street Saturday night, wounding two bystanders and sending people running for cover, authorities said.
    Police said the man made movements suggesting he had a weapon, though he turned out to be unarmed. The officers’ shots missed him, and he was eventually brought down by a stun gun.
    Authorities identified the man as Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Brooklyn. He faces multiple counts including menacing, riot, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. He was in custody, and The Associated Press couldn’t locate a phone listing for his home.

    As officers approached, police said, the man reached into his pocket as if grabbing a weapon, and two officers fired a total of three shots. The bullets struck a 54-year-old woman in the right knee and a grazed a 35-year-old woman in the buttocks, police said.
    Photos and video taken by onlookers showed a chaotic scene. Several officers tried to contain the man as he moved through an intersection, and he was finally brought down as people in the crowd yelled at police not to shoot him.
    Broadnax was taken into custody after a sergeant subdued him with a Taser, police said. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was in stable condition, police said. Authorities described him as “emotionally disturbed.”
    The women were taken to hospitals, where they both were listed in stable condition, according to police. Neither had injuries considered life threatening, police said.
    The officers who fired their weapons had been on the force for 1 1/2 years and 3 years, police said.
    Police did not release the names of the women.
    In August 2012, nine people were injured from bullets fired by police in a confrontation with a gunman near the Empire State Building. They were hit by stray bullets, ricochets and fragments, suffering non-life-threatening gunshot and graze wounds. Officials at the time defended the officers’ decision to fire on a street crowded with people.
    Police guidelines tell officers to avoid unnecessarily endangering innocent people. But police are allowed to use deadly force when faced with an imminent threat of serious injury or death.

    and in both times, the “bad” guy was never struck by a bullet!

  8. canary says:

    First family’s celebrity pals consider their child stars cleaning their rooms amount to slavery. Let’s hope fans follow this child’s advice

    US Weekly: Jaden Smith: If Everyone “Dropped Out of School,” Society Would Be “More Intelligent”

    Sept 17 2013

    Jaden Smith Hasn’t Properly Learned the Rules of Using Capitalization in Sentences.

    Nevertheless, the After Earth star, 15 — the son to Will and Jada, brother to Willow, and boyfriend to Kylie Jenner — thinks school is very uncool. Last week, the budding singer and actor took to

    “People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now,” the Karate Kid star began. He continued: “All The Rules In This World Were Made By Someone No Smarter Than You. So Make Your Own.”

    Finally, Smith — a close pal of Justin Bieber — declared: If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society . . .

    Ironically, Will, 44, and wife Jada, 41, founded their own school, the New Village Leadership Academy, in Calabasas, Calif. back in 2008. With the Smiths donating millions of dollars into the private elementary institution — which employed a wide range of untraditional[sic] educational methodologies — the academy shut down last June.

    The Smith family was most recently spotted en masse[sic] gawking inside the Barclays Center while Lady Gaga performed the bizarre opening number for the MTV Video Music Awards in late August.

    “I think that, specifically in African American households, the idea coming out of slavery, there’s a concept of your children being property and that was a major part that Jada and I realized with our kids,” he told Haute Living magazine recently.


    Little Willow performed “Whip My Hair” at the WH showing she as her brother have gotten all their gigs thanks to daddy Will.

    There goes another celebrity who has lost my respect. Hypocritical Jayden needs to put his own phone down and learn how to count.

  9. captstubby says:

    No public tours, but 344 visits by lobbyists to the White House

    By Luke Rosiak

    September 17, 2013
    Regular American citizens visiting the nation’s capital lost access to the White House in March as President Obama eliminated public tours to make a point in his battle with House Republicans in the sequestration debate over cutting spending or raising taxes.

    But hundreds of K Street lobbyists, including corporate advocates who are paid to influence policy on behalf of Fortune 500 giants, saw no change in their access to the chief executive and his senior aides, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of White House visitor logs and lobbying records.

    The analysis found that 200 lobbyists met 344 times with White House officials at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. between March and May.

    this is the twenty first century were in the United States you Buy a President.
    White House Tours are now Pay Per View.

  10. captstubby says:

    Record gas prices: Average tops $3 per gallon for 1,000 days

    Sep 17, 2013 10:21 AM EDT
    By Joanie Lum, FOX 32 News reporter
    CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – America may never see gas prices below $3 a gallon again. Gas prices have stayed above the $3 mark for 1,000 straight days.

    AAA says that has never happened before. The current streak began in December of 2010.

    Today, the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.52.

    The U.S. Department of Energy, established in 1977 under President Carter, implements the policies that bring energy to U.S. homes and businesses, engages in the sometimes contradictory goals of weapons development for the U.S. military and delves into research to improve the country’s energy future and cleaning up the environment.

    This cabinet-level organization is responsible for research-and-development of energy technology – from electric cars to such sustainable energy projects as clean-coal production – energy conservation, nuclear cleanup from the Cold War era, energy data collection and selling government-made power to the public.

    The Department of Energy (DOE) is an organization comprised of eight program offices as well as other administrative bodies. These act as sub-departments that specialize in different areas of energy research and development. Those offices include:
    Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste ManagementOffice of Electricity Delivery and Energy ReliabilityOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyOffice of Environment ManagementOffice of Fossil Energy Office of Legacy ManagementOffice of Nuclear EnergyOffice of SciencePower Marketing AdministrationEnergy Information AdministrationNational Nuclear Security AdministrationMore on: Energy Department

    # of Employees: 14,671 (as of Oct. 2009)
    2010 Budget: request $26.4 billion

    In its more than 30-year history, the DOE’s focus and relevance have changed with the country’s needs. The federal government, looking to centralize several energy-related offices, created the DOE in an effort to unify the national energy organization and planning in response to the energy crisis of the early 1970s.

    The Department Of Energy is paying off..
    it took almost 40 years,

    but a rigid “Can Do” Foreign Dependence On Oil Policy is now the permanent norm.

  11. captstubby says:

    Planet good for another 1.75 billion years, scientists say
    By Wynne Parry

    Published September 19, 2013

    Earth could continue to host life for at least another 1.75 billion years, as long as nuclear holocaust, an errant asteroid or some other disaster doesn’t intervene, a new study calculates….

    well this scientific revelation should help the Low Info crowd sleep tonight.

    “But even without such dramatic doomsday scenarios, …”

    this planets present civilizations course will drive human life to self inflicted extinction in a few generations.

    a train wreck happening before our eyes.

    and you can watch it unfold 24/7 courtesy of the Fourth Estate.
    just saying..

  12. Noyzmakr says:

    From the NY Post:

    Obese toddler has gastric bypass surgery
    September 19, 2013

    A morbidly obese two-year-old has become the youngest person in the world to undergo bariatric surgery.

    The parents of the toddler from Saudi Arabia who weighed 72 lbs and had a Body Mass Index of 41 sought help because he suffered sleep apnea that caused him to stop breathing while asleep.

    When he first presented to an endocrinologist at 14 months, the toddler weighed 46 lbs but after dieting for four months his weight increased by 17 pounds.

    Well, the child was still growing, but I don’t think they understand the concept of dieting.

    The doctors from Prince Sultan Military Medical City at Riyadh were unable to ascertain whether the child’s parents stuck to the diet.

    That would make me confident in their abilities as doctors. I suspect the Medical center didn’t want to upset the transfer of funds parents.

    A further attempt at dieting failed and when he reached 72 lbs doctors decided to perform surgery.

    What the hell was this diet? If I didn’t know muslims refrain from eating pork, I would swear they were feeding this kid bacon at every meal.

    Unlike a lap band, the surgery is not reversible.

    Within two months the boy lost 15 per cent of his body weight and two years after the 2010 surgery his weight had fallen from 72 lbs to 52 lbs and his BMI of 24 was within the normal range.

    This story originally appeared on News.com.au.

    I don’t get it. Was this child also the worlds youngest chef? Obviously he wasn’t feeding himself for the first two years of his life.

    I suspect what we have here are parents who stuffed food in the rug-rats mouth to shut up his crying, and that led to them not being able to tell the child no. The vicious cycle of crying and stuffing began.

    Some people shouldn’t have children.

    The only thing that really suprises me about this story is that it occurred in Saudi Arabia and not California to a poor family on food stamps.

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