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Reader Selected News, Week Apr 20 – Apr 26

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, April 19th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Apr 20 – Apr 26”

  1. canary says:

    RT: ‘Russia warned US of Chechen immigrants’

    April 19, 2013 (entire article and interview at link below)

    The US may be shocked that the terrorist suspects behind the Boston bombings are Chechen natives, but Russia has long cautioned Washington about giving asylum to Islamists from the North Caucasus, political analyst Dmitry Babich told RT.

    Two bombs exploded in Boston during the city’s Marathon on April 15, killing 3 people and injuring 176 others.

    The suspects in the attack were identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother Dzhokhar, 19, Chechen natives, who lived in the US for some time.

    The Voice of Russia radio station’s political analyst, Dmitry Babich, believes that it’s time for the West to understand that the Islamist activity in the North Caucasus is a threat not only to Russia, but the US and Europe as well.

    Dmitry Babich: Well, I think that indeed it’s a surprise for many people that these two men happened to be out of North Caucasus. But I think it’s not very surprising because, actually, the Russian government has warned a lot about the kind of refugees, about the kind of immigrants that the US and Western European countries are ready to accept.

    A lot of them are die-hard Islamists.

    In this situation they can wage their jihad not necessarily in a place like Syria or Iraq, but also in the US.

    RT:Why would these men turn on a country which gave them asylum? DB:

    Unfortunately, it happened in many countries that people, who got asylum in the West later turned against their hosts and against their benefactors. It’s enough to remember that Ayatollah Khamenei, the founder of modern Iran, was a political refugee in France before he came back as a victor to Iran. If you expect any kind of gratitude and thankful thinking from these people you’re dead wrong. Most of the jihadists are egotists in their convictions. They think that they have the right to ascertain their convictions, they have the right to commit violence acts if they feed their cause. And their cause is the creation of this Islamic State. Maybe it could be an Islamic State in the North Caucasus. It could be a universal Islamic Caliphate. But that’s their thinking and I’m afraid in Boston they are dealing with exactly that kind of thinking.

    …. I mean, of course, president Clinton didn’t support the Chechen separatists, but then if you read the American press of the time and if you read even certain articles, which appeared on the website of the New York Times today,

    you can see a lot of simplistic thinking about the so-called Chechen Uprising and the Islamist groups in the North Caucasus.

    Obviously, this Islamist activity in the North Caucasus is not only a threat to Russia. It’s also a threat to the US. It’s also a threat to Europe, but somehow the Western countries just refuse to recognize it.


    Lest we forget Russia’s 9/11 where over 350 children were killed after thousands held hostage the first three days of school by Chechens. Heartbreaking footage and photos.


    Just another reason schools need armed security and personnel.

  2. canary says:

    Boston bombing suspects Mother arrested last year for stealing from Lord & Taylor and claims FBI followed and set up her innocent sons.

    (lot’s of photos, mug shot, and video)


    Mother of Boston bombing suspects arrested last year for ‘stealing $1,600 worth of clothes from Lord & Taylor’

    19 April 2013

    The mother of the two Chechnyan brothers suspected of setting off two bombs at the Boston Marathon was arrested last year for allegedly stealing $1,600 worth of clothes from an upscale department store.

    Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, 45, was charged with two counts of malicious/wanton damage and defacement to property after allegedly swiping the merchandise from a Lord & Taylor in Natick, Mass. in June 2012.

    She also spoke today to proclaim that her son’s didn’t plant the bombs and that they are ”100 per cent innocent.’

    ‘This is a set up, my son would never ever carry out such terror attack,’ she said Friday.
    She went on to say: ‘FBI knew everything what my son was doing, told me he was serious leader, that they were afraid of him.’

    Mrs Tsarnaeva went on to say that Dzhokhar was raised in the US and insisted that ‘no one ever talked about terror’ in their house.

    Tamerlan reportedly had a bomb strapped to his chest when he was killed while he and his brother robbed a 7-Eleven, tried to steal an SUV and threw explosives at police officers.

    They used the carjacking victim’s debit car to withdraw $800 from an ATM.

    Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev is believed to be a legal immigrant to the U.S., who arrived in the country one year ago from the Russian region of Chechnya which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars.

    The older brother Tamerlan attended Bunker Hill Community College and was studying to become an engineer but took a year off to pursue boxing.

    ‘He arrived at our school in the first form and departed in the second,’ Irina Bandurina, the secretary at Makhachkala’s School No.1, told RT.

    ‘They arrived from Kyrgyzstan and departed to the US. I’m telling you they lived here for a year. Not the whole year. They arrived at the school in 2001 and departed in March 2002 … There were four of them – two sisters and two brothers… It’s written here that they are from Kyrgyzstan.’

    Ruslan Tsarni said that Tamerlan ‘deserved it.’

    ‘I wish they never existed,’ Mr Tsarni, who lives in Maryland, told local Boston station WBZ.

    An unidentified friend told CNN that he ‘hung out, went to parties, smoked some weed… its not like he’s some foreign dude.’

    A different uncle, Alvi Tsarni, who lives closeby in Boston was visibly upset when he spoke about his nephews.

    ‘I don’t believe any of my nephews are involved in this horrible incident,’ Alvi Tsarni told the Boston CBS affiliate WBZ.

    The family tree is unclear, though the Associated Press spoke with the boys’ father Anzor Tsamaev who lives in an area of Russia called Makhachkala.

    ‘My son is a true angel,’ Anzor said.

    ‘Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy. We expected him to come on holidays here.’

    The boys’ aunt, Maret, is a surgeon who lives in Canada. She used to be in Chechnya and her acts as a battlefield surgeon are described in a book.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2311653/Boston-bombings-Mother-Boston-bombing-suspects-arrested-year-stealing-1-600-worth-clothes-Lord–Taylor.html#ixzz2QxBYT2Zf

    Sounds like the mother needed to be deported after her expensive shopping spree theft, but it’s still not too late to be safe.

  3. canary says:

    Terror suspect’s father threatens “all hell will break loose” if his son the Boston bomber is killed.

    FoxNews: ‘Turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness,’ angry uncle of bombing suspect demands

    By Joshua Rhett Miller – April 19, 2013

    The father of the suspects, reached in Makhachkala, Russia, by The Associated Press, has also called on his son to surrender peacefully, but reportedly warned the United States that “all hell will break loose” if he’ll killed.

    Anzor Tsarnaev, who characterized his younger son as an intelligent and accomplished young man, told ABC News that he spoke to his sons by phone earlier this week. He said his sons reassured him, saying, “Everything is good, Daddy. Everything is very good.”

    “Give up. Give up. You have a bright future ahead of you,” Anzor Tsarneav said, according to ABC News. “Come home to Russia.”

    He continued: “If they killed him, then all hell would break loose.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/19/turn-yourself-in-and-ask-forgiveness-angry-uncle-bombing-suspect-demands/#ixzz2QxPcLx00

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/19/turn-yourself-in-and-ask-forgiveness-angry-uncle-bombing-suspect-demands/#ixzz2QxP9JGFj

    Foxnews: Turn-yourself-in-and-ask-forgiveness-angry-uncle-bombing-suspect-demands

    April 19 2013


    • canary says:

      Russia warned the FBI in 2010 about the terrorist who went back to Russia last year for 6 months to visit his radical father who is threatening all hell will break loose.

  4. captstubby says:

    NBC pulls ‘Hannibal’ episode after Boston violence
    Apr 19, 2013 |

    LOS ANGELES — NBC said Friday that it’s pulling an episode of its serial killer drama “Hannibal” out of sensitivity to recent violence, including the Boston bombings.
    The episode that was to air next week features a character, played by guest star Molly Shannon, who brainwashes children to kill other children.
    “Hannibal” executive producer Bryan Fuller asked NBC to pull the episode, citing the Newtown, Conn., school shooting in December and this week’s Boston Marathon attack, NBC spokesman Stuart Levine said.
    Fuller said Friday that he began talking with NBC executives several weeks ago about keeping the episode off the air. His concern was prompted by Newtown and reinforced by Monday’s violence, he said.
    Although the “Hannibal” story is unrelated to real-world events, the intent was “to be sensitive to where we are as a nation,” Fuller said.

    NBC is the first to cave in to Terrorists.

    Criminal Justice Council Terrorism Research Delaware
    The Nature of Terrorism in United States.

    THE NATURE OF TERRORISMThere are six basic components to all terrorism.
    Terrorism is (1) an intentional and (2) rational (3) act of violence to
    (4) cause fear (5) in the target audience or society (6) for the purpose
    of changing behavior in that audience or society.

    to affect the larger society as a whole. An attack can be committed to destroy the buildings
    and operations of a society, to kill or injure people or to disrupt the
    peaceful existence of the society.

    Terrorism and the Media
    July 23, 2008

    “A cynical aphorism in the newspaper business holds, ‘If it bleeds,
    it leads.’ There is an obvious, if less pungent, corollary: If it doesn’t bleed, it
    certainly shouldn’t lead, and indeed, may not be fit to print at all.”

    ““Bleeding” is not the only characteristic a story must have to be attractive
    for the media. Conservative commentator and journalist Fred Barnes described,
    already in 1985, that there is a “normal lust of the media – particularly TV – for
    breaking events of international impact, and for high drama and a human
    dimension to the news. When all these occur together, there is a ‘crisis.’ Wall-towall
    coverage follows.”

    Henrik Keith Hansen, an editor for the Danish national broadcasting
    system, confirms this in an interview with TTSRL: “Yes, of course we are a
    responsible media, but as I said earlier we are in the news business and it is
    running faster and faster. You know, the demand for news, new news all the
    time is increasing, so it is actually difficult to hold back information (…) The
    nature of the news media is to present the news for the public as fast as we
    The result is that a situation may occur in which footage is simply aired,
    sometimes even using a live feed, and thus without any prescreening. In other
    cases, there may be some prescreening, but very little time to make a wellinformed
    decision on whether or not footage is suitable for broadcasting.
    Consequently, horrific pictures are broadcast into the world, possibly amplifying
    fear among viewers. After the news is brought, news programs do not want their
    viewers to switch to another channel, and thus, instead of going back to their
    regular programming, they continue reporting on the terrorist attack. Often little
    footage is available, leading in some cases to “repeated recycling of bloody
    images and of the most emotional sound bites.”

  5. captstubby says:

    World finance leaders say growth still weak
    By HARRY DUNPHY and MARTIN CRUTSINGER | Associated Press
    WASHINGTON (AP) — While world finance leaders say the global economy has improved slightly this year, they said the outlook for the future was uneven with growth and job creation still too weak.
    The policy-setting committee for the 188-nation International Monetary Fund said governments need to act decisively to nurture a lasting recovery and restore the resiliency of the global economy.
    But the major economies could not reach a consensus on what policies to follow as they move forward.
    “The commodity that is in shortest supply now is confidence,” Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the chairman of the IMF panel and Singapore’s finance minister told reporters. “We need to regenerate optimism and confidence.”
    The finance ministers tried to show they were cooperating even though they did not resolve differences that surfaced after an initially flawed bailout of Cyprus in March. The banking troubles on the Mediterranean island renewed fears that a prolonged European debt crisis still posed risks to the global economy.
    The U.S. urged European nations to scale back their austerity programs of spending cuts and tax increases in favor of more stimulus to boost growth and combat high unemployment in countries such as Spain and Greece.
    But the push was met with resistance from Germany and Britain, which believe heavily indebted European nations must reduce their debts to give markets confidence and keep government borrowing costs low. In the end, the financial leaders sought to bridge the difference by issuing economic blueprints that left room for both the growth and austerity camps to claim victory.
    The G-20 nations did reject proposals to issue hard targets for reducing budget deficits, a victory for the United States and Japan, which had argued for more flexibility.

    Krugman’s solution is that “we” just haven’t spent enough money…yet.

    4 more years of “change”.
    “we can have both.”
    welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

  6. Petronius says:

    Why blame stuff on Bush when you can blame it on the Romans?

    Daily Mail Online (UK)

    What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

    Council blames road builders for not laying strong enough road foundation 2,000 years ago

    by Anna Edwards, 20 Apr 2013

    The Romans may have brought us irrigation, public libraries and agricultural improvements.

    But when it comes to roads, they apparently did more harm than good.

    Council chiefs have blamed an increasing number of potholes on the Romans –– and are blaming asphalt problems on the French.

    Bosses at Kent County Council’s Highways Services department –– which filled in nearly 15,000 potholes around the country last year –– say that potholes keep popping up because it has been using French asphalt.

    But rather than putting the blame squarely on the French, roads chiefs also blamed the Roman Empire for not laying the roads on strong enough foundations 2,000 years ago.


    In England the Frogs are always fair game. But blaming the Romans may be a bridge too far. Only the divine Nerobama could pull off a whopper like that.

  7. canary says:

    Obama pumping up Hollywood scene higher 2nd term to include Kim Kardashian who became famous for porno sex film.

    The Wrap: Hollywood Cooking Up Major Presence at White House Correspondents Dinner

    By Ira Teinowitz – Apr 4 2013

    As Conan O’Brien readies for a second performance as host of the festivities, oft called the “Nerd Ball,” this year’s guest list includes Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd and Michael J. Fox.

    Once again, this year’s dinner will cement Washington’s annual turn as Tinseltown on the Potomac, the main event in a weekend of social activities that includes not only the dinner itself, but cocktail parties, lunches, brunches and related dinners. The dinner will feature not only a funny speech by a top comedian, but a funny one by the President of the United States. This year the correspondents’ dinner will be televised on both MSNBC and C-SPAN.

    Also read: Obama, Jimmy Kimmel Rag on Kim Kardashian at White House Correspondents Dinner

    Last year The Washington Post’s Reliable Source column called the event, “decadent and depraved. It is elitist and shallow, smug and insidery[sic], a three-day orgy of corporate preening and celebrity suck-up so far removed from its earnest D.C. journalism roots as to be completely meaningless.”

    Jay Rosen, commenting on a decline in public confidence in the press showcased in a Gallup poll last year, called the dinner “ground zero” of concerns that the press is becoming part of the power structure.

    Brokaw’s comments got an immediate push back last year from the correspondent’s group president Ed Henry, who noted in a radio interview that the event raised $100,000 for scholarships and that the Italian embassy event Brokaw mentioned was sponsored by Brokaw’s own MSNBC, not the correspondents association.

    “I do think that there are challenges … that it sometimes looks too much like a celebrity fest and we have to do things to make sure that that doesn’t overshadow it, but we give a lot of money to needy students who are the next generation of journalists so there is a balance there,” said Henry.

    Related Articles:
    Obama, Jimmy Kimmel Rag on Kim Kardashian at White House Correspondents Dinner


    A whopping 100,000 dollars for needy students?

    Surely, this is a sign the White House is out of control. Perhaps they could raise enough money for artificial limbs and burn victims of Boston and West, Texas.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage
    Illinois Family Institute: http://illinoisfamily.org/homosexuality/homosexual-activist-admits-true-purpose-of-battle-is-to-destroy-marriage/

    “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist….”

    NO KIDDING! You mean the people who HATE Christianity, are not REALLY interested in their traditions and customs? The hell you say! Next you are going to tell me that gay men are not REALLY interested in helping the Boy Scouts, but just want to destroy the Boy Scouts.

    All the easy arguments conservatives can and could have made, are lost to the dustbin of history when civilization crumbles and is destroyed, as is happening before our very eyes. It’s best to have a tactical retreat, to reinforce states are that supporting conservatism, and allow the others to fall as they already have.

  9. canary says:

    Marijuana smoke haze over Colorado Civic Center Park is visible from blocks away setting Guinness Book of World Records.

    Yahoo News: Colorado’s first legal ‘420’ rally marred by gunfire
    By Eric Pfeiffer Apr 20, 2013

    DENVER, CO. – Ten years ago, Ken Gorman, the founder of Denver’s annual “420 Rally,” stood inside the city’s Civic Center Park with about a dozen supporters as they pushed for marijuana legalization.

    Today, an estimated 80,000 individuals gathered in the same location as they celebrated Colorado voters’ decision to legalize the recreational use of cannabis last November.

    “This is what freedom smells like,” attorney Rob Corry told the crowd, as he counted down the moments until 4:20pm CT, at which point literally thousands of people simultaneously exhaled marijuana smoke into the air, creating a haze that was visible for blocks away.

    “You’re going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records,” rally organizer Miguel Lopez told the crowd, eliciting a roar of cheers and laughter. “More people will have smoked pot at ‘420’ in this location than anytime, anywhere in the history of the world.”


  10. captstubby says:

    Some flight delays appear as FAA furloughs kick in due to sequester

    Published April 22, 2013

    Associated Press

    Commercial airline flights moved smoothly throughout most of the country on Sunday, but experts say the first real test is Monday when traffic increases amid furloughs of air traffic controllers resulting from government spending cuts.
    Sunday was the first day the controllers were subject to furloughs and some delays appeared in the late evening in and around New York.
    But the nightmarish flight delays and cancellations that the airline industry predicted would result from the furloughs have not materialized yet.

    the popular conception of air traffic controllers is that

    they are have the most stressful and mental fatigue job in the world.

    how can lose one day of work every other week not overload the remaining controllers on duty?

    the news media will always remind us of public safety and accidents that things like this “will” occur.

    so if delays are the only consequences, what happened to Public Safety” we hear about?

    air collisions, runway crashes, and lost airplanes?

    no where in recent articles do you see the President imposed

    “Sequestration” word .
    its called “Government budget cuts “,

    to illustrate what the Democrats predict will happen if they are “forced” to pass a Balanced Budget.

    the crybaby in chief with the loyal news media, now has a powerful tool in shaping his agenda.

    apply “Government budget cuts ” to the most sensitive, painful, and visible areas to be watched closely by the Royal press.

    this “Government budget cuts ” is the is the result of the evil Congress, and the Campaigner in chief was compelled to do this.

    a real Heroic, courageous cross he has to bear.

    and they will be telling him this at the gala Press dinner party .

    Reagen may have been the “Teflon” president,

    this guy is Invulnerable.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I submit that the news story about delays due to ATC furloughs is crap. Flights are operating just fine. It’s a pure fabrication, and the news people are trying desperately to get the public onboard with their anger so as to steer it towards republicans.

      They never rest, these national socialists and they desperately want a one-man dictatorship to solve all the world’s problems. That in itself is a sign of utopian dreamcasting. It’s impossible. The real utopia was in the 1950’s when people minded their own business and paid attention to paying their bills, keeping a job and being honest and forthright.

      And even then, no it wasn’t perfect and it NEVER WILL BE. It cannot be perfect by design.

      God created us as imperfect beings. It is up to each and every individual to rise up and aspire to be as good a person as they can be. The national socialists have convoluted what “good” means as well as every other word in the English dictionary.

      I, for one, don’t buy their malarkey. Just cuz a barrel’s full of cowsh*t don’t make it a cow.

  11. captstubby says:

    if Utopia is removed from the Democrat dialog,
    then they no longer have a need to exist.

    From Wikipedia,
    A utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. The word was coined in Greek by Sir Thomas More for his 1516 book Utopia, describing a fictional island society in the Atlantic Ocean. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create an ideal society, and fictional societies portrayed in literature. It has spawned other concepts, most prominently dystopia.
    This interpretation is bolstered by the title of the book and nation, and its apparent confusion between the Greek for “no place” and “good place”: “utopia” is a compound of the syllable ou-, meaning “no”, and topos, meaning place. But the homophonic prefix eu-, meaning “good,” also resonates in the word, with the implication that the perfectly “good place” is really “no place.”

  12. canary says:

    Fascinating article by WSJ on Islam as motive for Boston Marathon bombing. Excerpts from a very long article.

    The Wall Street Journal: Boston Marathon Bombings: Turn to Religion Split Bomb Suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Home

    April 22, 2013
    By Alan Cullison in Makhachkala, Russia, Paul Sonne in Moscow, Anton Troianovski in Cambridge, Mass., and David George-Cosh in Toronto.

    After last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva phoned her son Tamerlan in Massachusetts to make sure he was safe.

    “Mama, why are you worrying?” Tamerlan replied from Boston, laughing.

    The upheaval in the household was driven, at least in part, by a growing interest in religion by both Tamerlan and his mother.

    Once known as a quiet teenager who aspired to be a boxer, Tamerlan Tsarnaev delved deeply into religion in recent years at the urging of his mother, who feared he was slipping into a life of marijuana, girls and alcohol. Tamerlan quit drinking and smoking, gave up boxing because he thought it was in opposition to his religion, and began pushing the rest of his family to pursue stricter ways, his mother recalled.

    “You know how Islam has changed me,” his mother, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in Makhachkala, Dagestan, says he told her.

    The changes drove a wedge through the Tsarnaev home at 410 Norfolk St., in Cambridge, Mass. Tamerlan persuaded his mother to cover herself up, which she says at one point distressed her husband, Anzor. “He said, ‘You are being crazy, covering yourselves,'” she recalled her husband saying. She said that she told him, “This is what Islamic men should want. This is what I am supposed to do.”

    Over the past two years, Tamerlan became more confrontational about his religion, engaging in arguments with other worshipers at a Cambridge mosque he sometimes attended, according to a mosque spokesman and worshipers there.

    … he was charged with assault by a girlfriend who said he slapped her, and a friend of his was murdered.

    He became one of the top amateur boxers in the U.S., according to Douglas Yoffe, coach of the Harvard Boxing Club. Tamerlan would fight as his father coached.

    He and his brother liked to throw parties.

    His ambitions to be a champion boxer stalled. Community college proved costly, and he didn’t have a job. He also had problems in his love life that included a frantic 911 call that a woman, identified as his girlfriend, made in July 2009.

    “Yes, I slapped her,” Tamerlan told police in front of his home, according to the police report.
    The domestic-abuse case was dismissed at a jury trial in 2010.

    Meanwhile a friend of Tamerlan’s, Brendan Mess, was murdered in the Boston-area city of Waltham on Sept. 11, 2011, in a case that has remained unresolved.

    During this turmoil, his mother encouraged him to turn to Islam. “I told Tamerlan that we are Muslim, and we are not practicing our religion, and how can we call ourselves Muslims?” Mrs. Tsarnaeva said. “And that’s how Tamerlan started reading about Islam, and he started praying, and he got more and more and more into his religion.”

    Relatives and friends say they saw a shift in the young man. Neighbors noticed that the parties stopped. “I’m telling you, something turned,” said Mr. Vasquez. “And it was dramatic.”

    Her sister-in-law, Maret, said she was startled by the transformation.
    She recalled having a Skype conversation with Anzor, while he was in Makhachkala, and spotting Zubeidat in the background covered in a veil.

    He said the tensions over Tamerlan’s strict adherence to religion, along with his own health problems, weighed on him and his marriage.

    People who knew him say Tamerlan would express outrage when he perceived a religious slight and was critical of Muslim immigrants’ efforts to assimilate in the U.S.

    In one incident last November, Tamerlan confronted a shopkeeper at a Middle Eastern grocery store in Cambridge, near a mosque where he sometimes prayed, after seeing a sign there advertising Thanksgiving turkeys.

    Tamerlan also protested at Friday prayers in January, around the Martin Luther King Day holiday, when a speaker compared the civil-rights leader with the Prophet Muhammad, Mr. Vali said.

    That was Tamerlan’s last outburst at the mosque, according to Mr. Vali. He said a respected member of the community told Tamerlan afterward, “If this happens again, you’re out.”

    Earlier, Tamerlan had attracted the attention of the FBI. His father said the officers visited one-and-a-half years ago to discuss Tamerlan’s interests and had tea in his third-floor apartment. “They told me they were watching everything—what we look at on the computers, what we talked about on the phone,” he said. “I said that’s fine. That’s what they should be doing.”

    The boys’ mother, Mrs. Tsarnaeva, said Tamerlan was defiant in his meetings with FBI officials. “I am in a country that gives me the right to read whatever I want and watch whatever I want,'” Mrs. Tsarnaeva recalled her son saying. “He was even trying to get the FBI [agent] to convert to Islam.”


  13. canary says:

    Muslim wife who lived with Boston bomber in most likely knew of deadly plans

    AP: A talented artist and now, bombing suspect’s wife

    By Michelle R. Smith, Katie Zezima and Jack gillum – April 23 2013

    NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — Katherine Russell was a talented artist, a good student who grew up Christian, the daughter of a suburban doctor.

    A few years later, she had dropped out of school, converted to Islam and was Katherine Tsarnaeva, wife of a man who would become a suspect in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings and a subject of one of the biggest manhunts in American history.

    Those who know her and knew her husband describe her as sweet and dedicated to Islam.

    “She believes in the tenets of Islam and of the Quran,” DeLuca said. “She believes in God.”

    The couple got married on June 21, 2010, a Monday, in a ceremony performed by Imam Taalib Mahdee, of Masjid al Qur’aan, in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, according to their marriage certificate, which lists his profession as a driver.

    Both seemed happy, he said.

    Mahdee said he never saw the couple again and that they never attended his mosque.

    The couple had a daughter and lived with her in the Tsarnaev family apartment, which was shared over the years with his mother, Zubeidat, and father, Anzor, now divorced, and Dzhokhar, DeLuca said.

    DeLuca said the couple attended the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, although the mosque’s executive assistant, Nichole Mossalam, said that Tsarnaeva had never been there to her knowledge.

    Leaders at the mosque say Tamerlan Tsarnaev did attend and in recent months had outbursts during two sermons that encouraged Muslims to celebrate American institutions such as the Fourth of July and figures including Martin Luther King Jr.

    Last year, Tsarnaev traveled to Russia for about six months, while his wife stayed in their Cambridge apartment.

    His aunt said he spoke with his wife every day using Skype and at times she would instruct him on how to observe religious practices correctly when he lapsed.

    Tsarnaeva’s lawyer said she had no reason to suspect her husband of anything and was focused on supporting her family, working 70 to 80 hours, seven days a week as a home health care aide. Her husband cared for their daughter when she was away, Deluca said.

    But Anne Kilzer, a Belmont, Mass., resident who went with her daughters to the Tsarnaev home to get facials from Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother, said when she visited the apartment Tsarnaeva was always there with the baby and her mother-in-law.

    Kilzer, who had not been to the home since around Labor Day, when the mother told her she was leaving the country, described Tamerlan Tsarnaev as surly and intimidating and painted his wife as cowed and intimidated by him.

    She said Tsarnaeva seemed lonely and would bring out the baby for her to hold when she visited.

    The apartment was so cramped and crowded, Kilzer said, that it would have been difficult for Tsarnaev to hide criminal activity from his wife.

    DeLuca said she learned of her husband was suspected of being responsible for bombing the Boston Marathon the same way a lot of other people did: on TV.


  14. canary says:

    NYDailyNews: West Virginia teen suspended, arrested after wearing NRA shirt returns to school in the same shirt

    Students throughout Logan County, W. Va., showed their support for 14-year-old Jared Marcum by wearing NRA-related clothes on Monday. The eighth-grader was arrested and suspended on Thursday after he refused to remove or turn inside out his shirt, which displayed a hunting rifle and the NRA logo.

    By Victoria Taylor/ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/April 23,2013

    The West Virginia teenager who was suspended and arrested after refusing to take off his National Rifle Association T-shirt returned to school on Monday wearing the same shirt, and he was not alone.

    Dozens of students across Logan County showed their support for 14-year-old Jared Marcum by showing up to school in similar NRA apparel, the teen’s lawyer, Ben White, said.

    Marcum, a Logan Middle School eighth-grader, got into some trouble on Thursday after he had a disagreement with a teacher over his NRA shirt, which displays a hunting rifle and the

    NRA logo along with the phrase, “Protect your right.”

    The teacher told Marcum to turn the shirt inside out or remove it, but Marcum refused. He was sent to the office, where he once again refused the order. He was eventually arrested and taken away by Logan City Police.

    “Their version is that the suspension was for disrupting the educational process, not the shirt,” White told the Associated Press.

    He added that Marcum wore the shirt to express his support for the Second Amendment, and did not violate the school’s dress code.

    Marcum, who served a one-day suspension, returned to Logan Middle School on Monday wearing the same shirt.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/teen-suspended-arrested-nra-t-shirt-returns-school-shirt-article-1.1325252#ixzz2RKGGgX2n

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/teen-suspended-arrested-nra-t-shirt-returns-school-shirt-article-1.1325252#ixzz2RKG5SA8q


  15. canary says:

    House GOP report slams Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton


    Chelsea Clinton got a trophy award at the GLADD awards.

    Chelsea just got a plug by her father Bill Clinton who presented her a trophy at the GLADD awards giving Chelsea credit for changing his mind that all people should be able to marry what other people they want to marry. He gave her a hug and kiss as he handed Chelsea the trophy.
    No Hillary in site.

    That will give Chelsea her more points for originally came up with the belief, than even Obama who credited his young girls for changing his minds.

    It insures the GLADD votes for Chelsea.

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