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Reader Selected News, Week Aug 11 – Aug 17

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, August 10th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

13 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Aug 11 – Aug 17”

  1. heykev says:

    Very interesting article containing background on Paul Ryan (from The New Yorker of all places). Gives some insight into Ryan’s background and what drives him. The answer is, I believe, the early deaths of his father. He realized very early in life that life is both short and precious.

    Also background on his budget plans and one nice tidbit on how Karl Rove was against his plans to privatize Social Security.


    • canary says:

      I’d rather have Paul Ryan as President of the U.S. I think he’d be an active Vice President and that’s what I expect of a Vice President instead of Joe Biden who I will never understand. They say Obama chose Biden for his war take, but Obama did not heed Biden’s advice when Obama ignored Afghanistan for 8 entire months.

      I expect a U.S. President to give 100% of their attention, unlike Obama calling gold medalist Phelps to tell him he has been watching the entire Olyimpics closely. According to Phelps for an entire 5 or 10 minutes. At least Phelps did not praise Obama.

      And ya know darn well Obama will invite him to the White House. Speaking of water… dogs….

      Where’s Bo? No one has seen him for a long time.
      Obama probably asked Phelps for tips.

  2. canary says:

    Another insane global warming article with a total twist at the end.


    Why don’t they blame the fungus on frog manure from human’s overpopulating frogs.

  3. canary says:

    The House is suing Eric Holder over “Fast and Furious” that Obama ordered in 2009.

    The media is twisting the the story that it was the gunrunning[sic] program started by Bush in 2006.

    • canary says:

      Sorry. I deleted the Yahoo link until a more accurate media story is out on the subject if there ever be one.

      Yahoo is getting a fortune for constant in your face Obama campaign adds; explaining their erroneous reporting.

  4. BillK says:

    Fallout continues in the faux green economy, from the Denver Post:

    Failing wind market leads to job cuts at Vestas Pueblo factory

    By Mark Jaffe

    Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest wind- turbine maker, said Monday a weakening market is forcing it to cut about 20 percent of the 450 jobs at its tower factory in Pueblo.

    The soft market is a result of Congress not renewing the federal wind-production tax credit, which is set to expire in December, Aarhus, Denmark-based Vestas said in a statement.

    Vestas has four plants in Colorado employing 1,700 people.

    The company’s statement on the Pueblo job cuts made no mention of the three plants in Windsor and Brighton, which make blades and turbines.

    In all, there are about 5,000 jobs in the wind-energy sector in Colorado, as companies such as Hexcel Corp. and Bach Composite have built factories to supply Vestas.

    “In response to this market slowdown and in accordance with its business needs, Vestas Towers America in Pueblo, Colo., today adjusted its manufacturing workforce,” the company said. …


    Proving yet again that were it not for juicy Federal subsidies, this market would simply not exist at the levels crowed about by the administration.

  5. BillK says:

    Watch the Obama Administration continue to destroy jobs.

    Only perhaps three here, but still.

    From the Denver Post:

    Denver-based Zen Magnets fights federal agency over safety of balls

    By Steve Raabe

    From a cramped two-room office in southeast Denver, Shihan Qu is fighting a battle with the federal government over tiny magnetic balls.

    The 26-year-old entrepreneur is the founder of Zen Magnets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission takes a dim view of the powerful magnets, which it says can cause severe injuries if accidentally swallowed.

    Unable to afford an attorney for a protracted legal battle, Qu is preparing to take on the commission himself after the agency took a rarely used legal action to stop Zen Magnets and its largest competitor, Maxfield & Oberton’s Buckyballs, from selling the magnets.

    Eleven other companies with similar products have voluntarily agreed to recall the balls and stop sales.

    The safety commission said it has recorded thousands of incidents of children swallowing the 5-millimeter balls, which are intended to be used for molding together in sculptures or artistic designs.

    “I feel like there are people at the CPSC who just want some heads on a mantle,” Qu said of the agency’s move to stop sales of the product. “If they ban magnets, it’s the start of a slippery slope of absolving parents of their responsibility to heed warnings.”

    Qu said that not a single injury is known to have been caused from the 57,000 sets of magnets his firm has sold since its founding in 2009.


    Why aren’t the Dems crying out for magnet control?

  6. BillK says:

    How dare the far-left leaders of Google.

    From the AP:

    Google plans to cut 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility

    By Peter Svensson

    NEW YORK — Google is making its largest round of layoffs ever as it announced plans to cut about 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility just three months after buying the struggling cellphone pioneer.

    The move isn’t surprising given years of plummeting sales at Motorola, but it signals that Google doesn’t intend to drag Motorola along as a money-losing venture.

    After the announcement, Google’s stock rose $18.01, or 2.8 percent, to close Monday at $660.01.

    The reductions represent about 20 percent of Motorola Mobility’s 20,000 employees and 7 percent of Google’s overall workforce. Google says two-thirds of the job cuts will take place outside of the U.S.

    Google, which has been growing for more than a decade, doesn’t have a history of mass layoffs. In previous rounds of layoffs, Google at most had cut a few hundred workers. …


    Well that’s not going to help Dear Leader’s unemployment claims numbers…

  7. canary says:

    Wall Street Journal: Iran’s Favorite Bankers

    By Gordon Crovitz – Aug 13 2012

    The British policy of appeasing Nazi Germany became less tenable when the Bank of England in March 1939 secretly transferred gold reserves it was holding for Czechoslovakia to Hitler’s central bank soon after his troops conquered the country.
    Related Video

    There was such outrage last week when New York’s top bank regulator alleged that a large British bank became a “rogue institution” that “schemed” with Iran to cover up illegal transactions, leaving the “U.S. financial system vulnerable to terrorists.” The bank, Standard Chartered, is accused of flouting U.S. regulations.

    The reported response from a group executive director was, “You f—ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?”

    Standard Chartered will have to explain to regulators its alleged “wire stripping,” a practice that deleted the names of Iranian banks from the digital records of U.S. dollar wire transfers.

    Instead, the complaint alleges “subterfuge” by Standard Chartered bankers, inserting “NO NAME GIVEN” in the required message field in order to hide the names of Iranian customers.

    Other British banks fined by U.S. regulators for violating financial and trade laws include Lloyds ($350 million) and Barclays ($298 million), and HSBC has reserved $700 million for a potential fine.

    It’s also true that fining bankers in London doesn’t deter mullahs in Tehran.

    Brendan Bracken, a member of Parliament allied with Winston Churchill, in 1939 said the transfer of the gold “sanctions the most notorious outrage of this generation—the rape of Czechoslovakia.”

    HSBC has reserved $700 million for a possible U.S. fine for breaking sanctions on Iran. A previous version of this column said HSBC had paid that amount.

    A version of this article appeared August 13, 2012, on page A11 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Iran’s Favorite Bankers.


  8. canary says:

    U.S. Military soldiers in Egypt following terrorists. Terrorists in Egypt?

    AP: Panetta: Pakistan plans to open new front



    Panetta said he did not know when the Pakistani operation would start, but he said he understands it will be in the “near future,” and that the main target will be the Pakistani Taliban, rather than the Haqqani network.

    Panetta welcomed Kayani’s initiative, even though the main target may not be the Haqqani leadership.

    “They’ve talked about it for a long time. Frankly, I’d lost hope that they were going do anything about it. But it does appear that they in fact are going to take that step.”

    Panetta also revealed that the U.S. is providing additional military assistance to peacekeeping forces in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in order to strengthen security in the region. But he said that so far the Pentagon has not moved to send additional U.S. troops to the Sinai. A truck-mounted tracking system sent to the Sinai will allow troops to follow friendly forces.

    “We just want to make sure that we know how those forces are deployed in order to ensure that we can more effectively
    go after those terrorists that would try to create an incident or terrorist act,” Panetta said.

    Touching on another major U.S. frustration in Afghanistan, Panetta said he saw the accelerating pattern of attacks on American and other coalition troops by members of the Afghan army and police as a sign that the Taliban is grasping for success.

    “But, having said that, we are keeping a very close watch on the situation,” Panetta added.

    Panetta said he was comforted by President Hamid Karzai’s decision to apologize for the most recent spate of insider attacks.

    Panetta, 74, spoke at length on a wide range of topics during an interview, with his golden retriever, Bravo, lying at his side playing with a red stuffed lobster toy.

    Pakistan has denied this, saying its forces are stretched too thin fighting Pakistani Taliban militants at war with the state.


    “Panetta said he was comforted by President Hamid Karzai’s decision to apologize for the most recent spate of insider attacks.”

    Dream on Panetta…
    Panetta has a golden retirever? ………..Wheres’ Bo?

  9. canary says:

    The most revealing article and manifesto on Hillary and her muslim aid who has some serious connections. She was honored as American Patriot at WH for pushing the Islam religion which is the must intolerant, bigoted, discriminating, violent and torturous punishing religion in the world. The religion of Islam violates American constitutional rights.
    Islam will never be a religion that displays Americans freedom and rights. Never.


    • canary says:

      WND EXCLUSIVE: Manifesto puts Hillary chief in Saudi plot

      Huma Abedin worked for family institute tied to establishing Islamic America

      Aug 14 2012 by Art Moore

      Although President Obama lavishly praised her over the weekend as an “American patriot,” a manifesto commissioned by the ruling Saudi Arabian monarchy effectively places the work of an institute that employed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the forefront of a grand plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a Saudi-style Islamic state, according to an Arabic-language researcher.

      Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, was an assistant editor for a dozen years for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. The institute – founded by her late father and currently directed by her mother – is backed by the Muslim World League, an Islamic organization found in the Saudi holy city of Mecca that was founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

      Amid a backlash against five Republican lawmakers who want to probe Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the federal government, the 2002 Saudi manifesto shows that “Muslim Minority Affairs” – the mobilizing of Muslim communities in the U.S. to spread Islam instead of assimilating into the population – is a key strategy in an ongoing effort to establish Islamic rule in America and a global Shariah, or Islamic law, “in our modern times.”

      Read Walid Shoebat’s full report on the Saudi manifesto

      The manifesto, a sweeping account of the king’s success in disseminating the radical Wahhabi interpretation of Islam worldwide, does not mention the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs by name. But it cites a book written by Huma Abedin’s father, “Muslim Minorities in the West,” listing him as co-author.

      The manifesto was unearthed and translated by Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian American author and critic of radical Islam who has done extensive research on the Abedin family’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhod and its Wahhabist affiliations.

      It identifies “the Jews” as the main obstacle to success:

      Huma’s father, Sayed Zaynul Abedin, founded the Institute for Minority Affairs in 1979. Huma was listed as an assistant editor from 1996 to 2008 for IMMA’s Journal for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, the key disseminator of the institute’s ideas. Huma’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Shoebat documents that Huma’s brother, Hassan Abedin, has worked with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Omar Naseef, former secretary general of the Muslim World League and founder of a group reputed to fund terrorists, including al-Qaida.

      A disciple of Qaradawi was the author of an internal 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memo presented in the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation. It said the Muslim Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

      President Bush issued an executive order shortly after 9/11 designating Naseef’s Rabita Trust, a subsidiary of the Muslim World League, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity, and the Treasury Department froze its assets.

      Saleha Abedin also is vice dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She helped found the school with Yaseen Abdullah Kadi, a designated terrorist by the U.S. and a member of the bin Laden family.

      Shoebat believes the Wahhabist connection to the Abedin family is significant and that Huma Abedin, as an assistant editor for the Journal for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs was serving the interests of Saudi Arabia’s anti-American foreign policy.

      Advocates for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the U.S. government argue a simple reading of security clearance guidelines in reference to Huma Abedin’s family would warrant investigation.

      But Shoebat says that “page after page” of the Saudi manifesto casts “Muslim Minority Affairs” not “simply as a title or as a religious or even a social entity, but as a Saudi foreign policy, a jurisprudence and commandment from the highest of authorities commissioned to the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs.”

      Shoebat says the manifesto recalls five decades of efforts and billions of dollars spent “to ensure that Muslims will be an unassimilated group which then can influence the non-Muslim host nation and other nations, regardless how small the numbers of Muslims, by shifting the demographic scale due to their population growth in favor of this Saudi agenda.”

      President Obama speaks at White House Iftar dinner, Aug. 10 (White House photo)

      President Obama praised Huma Abedin at a White House dinner Friday night celebrating the Muslim ritual of Iftar, which concludes the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

      Obama said Abedin has been “nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear.”

      Shoebat noted that the head of the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood-backed group mentioned as an important player in the 2002 manifesto, was sitting across from Abedin at the White House Iftar dinner.

      – Obama indicated she has a role in policy.

      “Senator Clinton has relied on her expertise, and so have I,” Obama said.

      In a June 7, 2011, feature, the Washington Post reported Abedin is “personally close to Clinton” and “oversees planning and scheduling and advises on politics and policy, especially the Middle East.”

      Obama told Iftar guests the “American people owe her a debt of gratitude – because Huma is an American patriot and an example of what we need in this country – more public servants with her sense of decency, her grace and her generosity of spirit.”

      “So, on behalf of all Americans, we thank you so much.”

      Alwani, who, as WND reported, vets Muslim military chaplains for the State Department, asserts in a paper titled “The Jurisprudence of Muslim Minority Affairs” that the whole world already is under the rule of Islam.

      Alwani writes that “the land belongs to Allah, his religion is Islam, and every country is already in the House of Islam – now in the present time – since they will be in the House of Islam by force in the near future.”

      The director of the Islamic Center of Lubbock, Texas, Mohammed bin Mukhtar Shanqeeti, agrees.

      “The Muslim Minority Jurisprudence is not a heresy or a novel,” he writes, “it’s an ancient doctrine filled with the provisions for Muslims living in Dar al-Kufr (House of the Heathen) or Dar Al-Harb (House of War).”

      Under this doctrine, Muslim minorities, because of their special circumstances, can do some things other Muslims are not allowed to do, if they are for the purpose of advancing Islam.

      Shoebat believes the doctrine of Maruna has allowed Huma Abedin to marry former congressman Anthony Wiener, a Jew, who resigned his office in disgrace after he was found to have engaged in illicit Internet communications with other women.

      (entire article and links and photos)

    • canary says:

      The Blaze: New Black Panther’s Graphic Charge: We Need to Kill White Babies by Bombing Nurseries

      Aug 15, 2012 by Jonathon M. Seidl

      “Under siege.” That’s how New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams describes the black community in Tampa, FL, site of the GOP convention. And you can bet she blames Republicans, whites, and “tea baggers.”

      So during an Aug. 12 rant on Black Panther radio, she let loose not only on “crackers” but also on black conservatives. During a particularly colorful diatribe explaining why she hates whites and why all blacks should, too, she vowed that as long as whites keep characterizing blacks as “ni**ers,“ her ”feet [will be] on your motherfu**ing necks.”


      The host, which appears to be King Samir Shabazz of “kill cracker babies fame,” repeats the threat that made him famous: mainly that blacks will have to kill white babies “seconds” after they’re born — and he suggests firebombing nurseries to do it (CONTENT WARNING FOR LANGUAGE):

      audio photos vidios

      Michelle Williams apparently was not sincere when she apologized in tears for her “dead or alive” bounty on Zimmerman.

      To think of all the American’s who died in wars for Michelle Williams and the Black Panthers freedom of speech.

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