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Reader Selected News, Week Dec 22 – Dec 28

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 21st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Dec 22 – Dec 28”

  1. captstubby says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans seem shocked by their party’s meltdown on the so-called fiscal cliff. They shouldn’t be.

    The uncompromising conservatives who blocked Speaker John Boehner’s tax bill were merely sticking to policies that Boehner and nearly all other GOP leaders have pushed, without reservation, for years: It’s always wrong to raise tax rates on anyone, no matter how rich. The nation’s big deficit is entirely “a spending problem, not a revenue problem.” And in any deficit-reduction plan, spending cuts must overwhelm new revenues, by 10-to-1 if not more.

    To be surprised by Boehner’s failure is to assume one of two things. Either House conservatives didn’t really believe their party’s bedrock principles; or they would compromise after seeing President Barack Obama win re-election on a deficit-reduction plan that called for higher taxes on the wealthy.

    For some time, signs have indicated the Republican Party is shifting away from majority public opinion on key issues. They include taxes and spending.

    Obama said this week he realizes that many House Republicans “come from districts that I lost. And so sometimes they may not see an incentive in cooperating with me, in part because they’re more concerned about challenges from a tea party candidate, or challenges from the right.”

    It’s still possible that Obama, Boehner and Congress can reach a deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” before the Jan. 1 deadline. For now, however, the House Republicans’ internal warfare makes it easier for opponents to paint them as extremists, unworthy of serious negotiations.

    “The president and Congress have no obligation to radical Republicans who have no ground to stand on,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

    It’s doubtful that any congressional Republicans see themselves as radicals. Polls nonetheless show that key GOP policies are drifting from mainstream American sentiment. The Republican establishment has yet to do much about it.

    An AP News Analysis

    The Voice Of The People has spoken.


  2. canary says:

    Approx 3,500 more US Army troops for “Secret African War” mission in 35 African Countries

    AP: Army brigade to train African anti-terror teams

    by Lolita C. Baldor – Dec 24, 2012

    WASHINGTON — An Army brigade will begin sending small teams into as many as 35 African nations early next year, part of an intensifying Pentagon effort to train countries to battle extremists and give the U.S. a ready and trained force to dispatch to Africa if crises requiring the U.S. military emerge.

    Military Times series: The Secret War in Africa

    This first-of-its-kind brigade assignment — involving teams from the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division — will target countries such as Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger, where al-Qaida-linked groups have been active. It also will assist nations like Kenya and Uganda that have been battling al-Shabab militants on the front lines in Somalia.

    Army Gen. Carter Ham, the top U.S. commander in Africa, noted that the brigade has a small drone capability that could be useful in Africa.

    Thomas Dempsey, a professor with the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, said the biggest challenge will be the level of cultural, language and historical diversity across the far-flung continent.

    “How do you train for that in a way that would be applicable wherever they go?” said Dempsey, a retired Army colonel. He said he’s not sure using a combat brigade is the right answer, but added, “I’m not sure what the answer is. The security challenges differ so dramatically that, to be honest, I really don’t think it’s feasible to have a continental training package.”

    “What’s really exciting is we get to focus on a different part of the world and maintain our core combat skills,” Broadwater said, adding that the soldiers know what to expect.


    Perhaps our leader should learn the language first as it is his home country.

    U.S. Soldier : Ungependa chai na biskuti yako? (Would you like tea with your bisquit?)

    Islam African: Kafiri, Sisi ni kufunga. (Infidel, we are fasting)

  3. canary says:

    Islamic Terrorists believed to be using poisonous gas to kill and sicken Syrians

    Ynet : Sarin-like gas’ kills 7 in Homs

    Dec 24 2012 / Israel News

    “The situation is very difficult. We do not have enough facemasks. We don’t know what this gas is but medics are saying it’s something similar to Sarin gas,” Raji Rahmet Rabbou, an activist in Homs, told Al Jazeera.

    According to the report, which is based on information from a NATO officer, soldiers from the IDF’s Sayeret Matkal and elite French and American forces are working to prevent armed insurgent groups “with a strong presence of Islamic radicals” from seizing the dangerous substances in the event that the Syrian government collapses.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that Syrian authorities are unlikely to use chemical weapons as it would be a “political suicide” for them.

    “I don’t believe Syria would use chemical weapons. It would be a political suicide for the government if it does,” he said in an interview with the RT television network.


  4. canary says:

    Studies show Christians most persecuted religion in the world.

    Telegraph.co.uk.: Christianity ‘close to extinction’ in Middle East

    Christianity faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands” in the Middle East because of mounting persecution of worshippers[sic], according to a new report.

    By Edward Malnick – Dec 23 2012

    The study warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group.

    And it claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    “A far less widely grasped fact is that Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers.”

    He adds: “The blind spot displayed by governments and other influential players is causing them to squander a broader opportunity. Religious freedom is the canary in the mine for human rights generally.”

    The report, entitled Christianophobia, highlights a fear among oppressive regimes that Christianity is a “Western creed” which can be used to undermine them.

    The report shows that “Muslim-majority” states make up 12 of the 20 countries judged to be “unfree” on the grounds of religious tolerance by Freedom House, the human rights think tank.

    It catalogues hundreds of attacks on Christians by religious fanatics over recent years, focusing on seven countries: Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Burma and China.

    “Openly professing Christians employed in government service find it virtually impossible to get promotion,” it adds.

    (entire article)

    “Christianity faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands””

    Jesus Christ our Savior, God, & the Holy Spirit who comforts will come back as One and save His people. Hallelujah!

  5. canary says:

    Islamists Destroy Timbuktu with Pickaxes

    The Standard: Mali Islamic extremists destroy world heritage site

    (12-24 10:33)

    The vandalism of the Muslim saints’ tombs in the UNESCO World Heritage site followed a day after other Islamists in the northern city of Gao announced they had amputated two people’s hands.

    “The Islamists are currently in the process of destroying all the mausoleums in the area with pickaxes,” one witness said. “I saw Islamists get out of a car near the historic mosque of Timbuktu. They smashed a mausoleum behind a house shouting ‘Allah is great, Allah is great’,’’ another resident said.

    Not only present in cemeteries and mosques, the revered mausoleums are also found in alleyways and private residences in the fabled city, an ancient center of learning and desert crossroads.

    The latest vandalism comes a day after another Islamist group in northern Mali – the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa – said it had cut off the hands of two people in the northern city of Gao and warned of more to come.


  6. canary says:

    Deceptive headlines

    The Washington Post: Israel rejects US gun lobby claims that Jewish state proves US needs more guns

    By Associated Press, Published: December 24


    Interesting Israel has police protection at all their schools, malls, bus stops, etc.

    The recent shooting and set fire trap in NY was committed by a former murderous felon who unlawfully acquired and owned a gun.

    Our students are paying the teachers and unions and they should ensure safer environments.
    And if the rumors the shooter and his mother were involved with the school as volunteer or aiding in the young man’s mental problems, as the school nurse and secretary who were also targeted along with principal, Psychologist, and Special Ed teacher murdered.

    And just as in Israel, the US, and the well armed Islamists with bombs, pick axes, knifes, poison, acid, and guns around the world would make it an insane time to ban weapons until more police protection is provided.

    Chris Christie should learn to keep his mouth shut. Selling republicans out. The polls don’t lie after his shout out for the pres. Telling the world he didn’t give a dam about the Presidential election. He’s so busy working with his personal trainer, because he said he didn’t know why he had a weight problem.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Benghazi penalties are bogus
    From New York Post: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/benghazi_penalties_are_bogus_ncP7RZx5uTIgDPbTp5WtoN?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=International

    The highest-ranking official caught up in the scandal, Assistant Secretary of State Eric Boswell, has not “resigned” from government service, as officials said last week. He is just switching desks. And the other three are simply on administrative leave and are expected back.

    That’s right. How many times have we seen the government conduct “internal investigations” which magically turn up no evidence of wrong-doing, meanwhile the culprits are on paid leave, A.K.A., vacation.

    This was my personal Mayan prediction calendar waaaaaaaay back about 6 days ago.
    Sweetness-light.com: http://sweetness-light.com/archive/4-state-dept-officials-resign-or-were-relieved#comment-214854

    Resign or Relieved of their duties?

    In the political world, it makes no difference, as it’s just Recycling. They will be back, somewhere, somehow. You get demoted, you fall on your sword, then after a few months or so, you get your stripes back. There is ALWAYS a need in Washington for good sword-fallers.

    The only slight error was that it only took mere days instead of months, but the score is still: Me = 1 Mayans = 0.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Socialists Lament Lack Of Fathers

    The Washington Times


    Fathers disappear from households across America
    Big increase in single mothers

    Nicole Hawkins‘ three daughters have matching glittery boots, but none has the same father. Each has uniquely colored ties in her hair, but none has a dad present in her life.

    As another single mother on Sumner Road decked her row-house stoop with Christmas lights and a plastic Santa, Ms. Hawkins recalled that her middle child’s father has never spent a holiday or birthday with her. In her neighborhood in Southeast Washington, 1 in 10 children live with both parents, and 84 percent live with only their mother.

    In every state, the portion of families where children have two parents, rather than one, has dropped significantly over the past decade. Even as the country added 160,000 families with children, the number of two-parent households decreased by 1.2 million. Fifteen million U.S. children, or 1 in 3, live without a father, and nearly 5 million live without a mother. In 1960, just 11 percent of American children lived in homes without fathers.

    Well, after decades of the bull-dyke men-haters drumming it out that women can do very well without men;that men are clearly not required, they have won the argument, wouldn’t you say?

    And, the next paragraph is very revealing as to how it’s all worked out:

    America is awash in poverty, crime, drugs and other problems, but more than perhaps anything else, it all comes down to this, said Vincent DiCaro, vice president of the National Fatherhood Initiative: Deal with absent fathers, and the rest follows.

    People “look at a child in need, in poverty or failing in school, and ask, ‘What can we do to help?’ But what we do is ask, ‘Why does that child need help in the first place?’ And the answer is often it’s because [the child lacks] a responsible and involved father,” he said.

    Well, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t harp on men and tell them they are worthless egotistical and just “macho” all the time while expecting them to ‘step up’ and be responsible. Which is it? You women love to deride men for “being boys” while at the same time, have no trouble taking them to court to suck their paychecks dry. What happened at that ‘special moment’ when the sex took place? You were still wanting your freedom to choose whomever you wanted to be with? You were still wishing he wouldn’t “smother you” with attention and phone calls and visits? Well, then, live with it.

    Dangerous spiral

    The spiral continues each year. Married couples with children have an average income of $80,000, compared with $24,000 for single mothers.

    “We have one class that thinks marriage and fatherhood is important, and another which doesn’t, and it’s causing that gap, income inequality, to get wider,” Mr. DiCaro said.

    Really? This is your argument? Class warfare? How about the 50 year argument that “women are powerful” “you don’t need a man” or the classic, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”? So you’ve settled on class warfare as your angle. Let me know how that works out. I’m pretty sure you also believe that the government needs to come to the rescue to “force” those men into being responsible.

    Well, I’ve got news for you…you can’t make someone love someone else. Not even the government can do that.

    The government created the “metrosexual” now they aren’t so happy with the results.

    Amazing….simply amazing.

    Tiny selfless deeds trickle in to fill that hole as the natural human desire for intimacy is fulfilled: One afternoon last week as a girl hoisted a half-eaten ice cream sandwich high over her pigtailed head, Larry McManus, the father of the girl’s sister, bent down to eat out of her hands as he picked up the girls from school.

    “I know dads that say they ain’t their kids. I see dads being disrespectful of the mothers. And I see ones who take other men’s kids to football games because they know their fathers aren’t around,” said Mr. McManus, an ex-felon who said he is “trying to make a lot of changes right now.”

    Yup, it’s all the man’s fault, clearly. The story here isn’t why dads leave their kids but why their moms make them leave. Could it be that the b*tch who is overly moody, can’t control her libido, has no idea how to keep a man happy, cannot share ideas without being disgustingly critical of the man have anything to do with it? No man will tolerate being beaten down at every opportunity by some woman. Men are used to being independent. Women DEMANDED it and got it. Now all of a sudden, once again, it’s all the man’s fault.

    That cute little row house might be a loving home if mom wasn’t such a selfish callous witch. But see, we’re not allowed to talk about such personality disorders when it comes to females. Only males are subject to such problems. Women have gotten it into their heads that men are there as “equipment” to be used and derided and then ignored (because women have all the power, you see.)

    So, I say, reap what you have sown.

    • mr_bill says:

      They’re sewing the seeds for another “protected class.” The day will come when the statists declare that bastard fatherless children shouldn’t have to be held to the same standards as those who have fathers. The liberals have perfected the equation: declare an “inequality,” decry the “need” for this “inequality” to be addressed, apply victimhood to the “unequal,” and finally force those who are not responsible for creating the situation to give up something to “fix” it.

    • Anonymoose says:

      First thing that got my attention is she had three children by three fathers. And in the graphic–no surprise, it was the poor and blacks had the highest percentage of single mothers, 38% versus 78% for whites above the poverty line.

      How many of these deliberately had children for the extra government benefits? I remember in the early 90s a casual friend who had a college degree and a “partner” working on his PhD deliberately held off on marriage to get single mother benefits. A lot of them just don’t seem to care if their unplanned sex had a kid. People would scream to the heavens about how unfair it is, but if they cut off simply giving money to unmarried mothers a lot of this would go away.

      But Rusty has a point, there’s been a big societal change; like I keep saying the liberals act like it’s a bad version of 1961 and will never change. I know of a lot of 20-30something women who go from one relationship to the next, no guy can put up with her for very long because she will just do as she damn well pleases and the guy is supposed to be her emotional support 24X7 and bring in plenty of money.

      And if he complains, wants a more equal relationship, or just asks if she even really cares about him–he’s just a a knuckle dragging Neanderthal who thinks all woman should be barefoot and pregnant and working in the kitchen.

      I’d say about a third of the women in my age group (late 30’s-late 40’s) are like that, and the younger ones are even worse. Thank goodness for paternity tests as I know a couple would shake me down for money even though I never even kissed them. And for the unlucky sap who does take his round with her and isn’t careful–reproduction is her “choice” until she gets pregnant, and then that low life scum had better be at the door pronto with his support check. Otherwise the police will tow his car with a pink or blue painted wheel lock so everyone knows he’s a deadbeat dad–one city was doing that for awhile.

      And it’s time to call them what they are: Damaged Goods. They may be beautiful, they may act all cute and funny and “don’t you want to be with me?” But the reputation gets around and soon no guy wants to mess with her and when it’s over end up being blasted all over Facebook and Twitter about what a bad guy he is.

      Relationships are built on trust and mutual support, not a woman treating all men as accessories to her lifestyle and then crying foul when people call her on it.

      But from here on out I see it only getting worse. What’s next? A general tax on single unmarried single men as we haven’t “stepped up” to support a child that isn’t even ours?

    • Mithrandir says:

      Dan Quayle Was Right
      That really should have been the headline to the article.

      I read the same one, but you beat me to the posting of it. The article spends entirely too much time cranking out numbers and statistics, and not as much time saying what really needs to be said, and that’s why you come here, because people have the guts to say it.

      1. Liberals destroyed the black family with welfare.
      2. Liberals are now destroying the white family with homosexuality. (stats will now change to “two parent families” instead of documenting children w/o fathers or mothers, to make it look like gay parents are actually good) [look at these two poor kids, and read the comments at the bottom: http://celebritybabies.people.com/2010/10/15/neil-patrick-harris-welcomes-twins-gideon-scott-and-harper-grace/#comment-621431
      …..and also David Burtka has kids (now 12) from another broken gay relationship, but why focus on his abandonment and failed relationship at a time like this? Gay couples can do no wrong! ]
      3. Conservatives were actually right in championing the nuclear family.
      4. The Bible’s moral principles were right after all.
      5. Liberal moral-relativism over the last 45 years lead to these disastrous results.
      6. Liberal policies are 100% to blame for all of this, but the article danced around that little tidbit of information.
      7. Government doesn’t improve social conditions, and there is nothing “progressive” about destruction and regression of morality, as documented in the article.

      Hmmm, 45+ years of liberal tinkering hasn’t actually improved society, imagine that! But yet the continuing tag line for all liberalism is: “It just hasn’t been implemented properly yet.”

  9. canary says:

    Obama jokes a 2nd time of wanting guns to guard his daughters’ dates

    DailyMail.co.uk.news: Obama reveals he REALLY ran for reelection so he could have ‘men with guns’ around daughter Malia, 14, as she starts dating boys

    Dec 27 2012

    President Barack Obama revealed the ‘real reason’ he wanted a second term as president is because his daughter Malia, age 14, is about to start dating boys.

    ‘One of the main incentives of running was continued Secret Service protection so we can have men with guns around at all times,’ the father of two joked.

    The President and First Lady delved into their personal lives – including how they keep ‘the fire alive’ in their marriage – during a chat with ABC’s Barbara Walters, their first sit-down interview since the election.
    Scroll down for video

    NBC was told it couldn’t use gun magazine as a prop BEFORE David Gregory went on air, claim police

    Malia was recently given a cell phone and her mother says she has given the 14-year-old a ‘long rope.’

    On tour: The First Lady showed Walters around the White House during Christmas. She said 90,000 guests will visit during the holidays


    If your daughter (or son) dated someone in the JayZ or Rhianna rapper crowd you’d want armed guards too.

  10. captstubby says:

    Poll: Americans Find Republicans Most at Fault for ‘Cliff’ Crisis
    Published December 27, 2012
    | Reuters
    Americans blame Republicans in Congress more than congressional Democrats or President Barack Obama for the current “fiscal cliff” crisis, as the deadline approaches for action to avert big tax increases and spending cuts, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Thursday.
    When asked who they believed to be more responsible for the “fiscal cliff” situation, 27 percent blamed Republicans in Congress, 16 percent blamed Obama and 6 percent pointed to Democrats in Congress. The largest percentage – 31 percent – blamed “all of the above.”
    A similar breakdown was found in response to questions about the economy. Asked who was responsible for the national unemployment rate, the poll found 23 percent chose Republicans in Congress, 16 percent said Obama and 7 percent said Democrats in Congress, while 32 percent picked “all of the above.”
    The U.S. unemployment rate stood at 7.7 percent in November, according to Labor Department figures.
    “Fiscal cliff” refers to the tax increases on nearly all Americans and the deep, automatic government spending cuts due to begin in January – possibly pushing the United States back into recession – if lawmakers do not take action.
    Sixty-seven percent of Americans polled in the online survey said the impending “fiscal cliff” was not affecting their holiday spending.
    The survey of 1,477 Americans, interviewed online, was conducted December 23-27. The precision of the Reuters/Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval. In this case, the poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.

    “Why is the Classical Approach to Margins of Error Not Appropriate for Online Polling?
    In order to produce an accurate margin of error, one must know the probability of participation
    for each member of the survey population or everyone in the population must have a known
    chance of participating in the survey.
    Online polling, most often conducted by the use of panels of consumers/citizens, does not meet
    this condition because of two effects: non‐response bias and coverage bias. In order to use
    classical margins of error for online polling, one would have to assume that non‐responders to
    online surveys are completely random, or that the effect of leaving out non‐users is so minimal
    that it can be overlooked. We know that both of these are false, as we can make the following
    claims about online polling and those who complete online surveys:
    • Not everyone has internet access;
    • Online panels are created through an opt‐in process, rather than through a random
    fashion like a random‐digit dial telephone call;
    • Less is known about the profiles of individuals who complete online surveys versus
    those who do not, or about the likelihood of an online person to complete an online
    survey or to participate in a survey panel.
    Therefore, the probability of being included in any given online survey sample is unknown, very
    difficult to ascertain, or simply zero (non‐internet users). Further, the nature of use of the
    internet is not uniform within the population, so this limits one’s ability to calculate the
    likelihood of reaching a person through an online poll. In short, without this knowledge, a
    margin of error cannot be calculated.”

    • Doowleb says:

      In the daily viewership of all cable news channels, Fox garners approx. 36%. The rest, 64%, receive their economic and world views from the 24/7 Democrat talking point MSM.

      The Republicans get blamed for the fiscal cliff? No kidding.

      Today’s MSM is a clear and present danger to freedom loving people. If anything in the constitution needs to be changed it’s the ‘dog off the leash’ freedom of the press section.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      belwood, I’m thinking that it will change and is changing. Slowly, at first. But the numbers don’t lie.

      In spite of who gets their news from MSM outlets, the fact remains that such entities are enjoying a smaller market share with every passing day. The fast, easy answer is that they’ve done it to themselves. The NYT had to sell their jet last year. (awwww)

      People like Brian Williams, Tingles Matthews and all KNOW they aren’t reaching people anymore, thus the Jerry Springer-like behavior by being over-the-top absurd. It sells. But, here’s the funny part. Matthews, in his tirades and rants, is only appealing to people who get motivated by such tirades and rants. In other words, a very small segment of the population. And of that segment, much of them are young, in their twenties and haven’t been hit with reality yet.

      But their day is coming and when they grow a brain, they will hit the mute button when Matthews is on. They may self-examine and then start to understand that their liberal parents were full of crap; That they are never going to make the kind of money their parents did because the democrats destroyed the economy and…well…they might not even get a job because it’s all been moved overseas. That has woken up more than a few twenty-somethings. The MSM, of course, doesn’t report that, unless it’s to blame the “evil” capitalist who did it.

      But the tide on the MSM is turning. I stopped watching/listening to them years ago. Before the smart-ass was elected I got more “tuned in” to the blogs on the internet (which the socialists hate with a seething bile) to get the news. American households are doing more of this and seeing the lies that are spewed by the MSM. People can put up wit a lot but almost everyone can recognize a lie. And few people I know tolerate being lied to.

  11. katie says:

    the “long rope” comment was pretty creepy…

  12. Noyzmakr says:

    @Rusty Shakleford

    Yes, people are turning off the MSM but they’re also just “checking out”. They don’t care anymore what’s going on all around them. If Lady Ga Ga didn’t say it, it doesn’t matter.

    Remember how we all felt the day after the 2012 election? Turned off Fox News, Rush and the like. That feeling we had for a couple of days is previlant in our society as a whole, especially among people of the age to do something about it. People are so shocked by the Sodom & Gomorah culture we live in that they’ve just decided to join it. Just fit in and zone out, focusing on what really counts….RG3, Psy and anything as far away from the judgement of God as they can get .

    They’re in for a rude awakening and we will only be able to watch in horror…..from afar, I hope.

  13. Mithrandir says:


    Wisconsin man accused of beating woman over Christmas gift
    FoxNews: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/29/wisconsin-man-beats-woman-over-christmas-gift-police-say/?test=latestnews

    MADISON, Wis. – Madison police have arrested a man who allegedly beat a woman because he was upset with a Christmas gift she bought.

    ….AND not even FoxNews could bring itself to print his name, which is Paul Horne. But his FULL NAME is listed at the Madison newspaper, The Capital Times, via police blotter link, as Paul DEANDRE Horne. http://www.cityofmadison.com/incidentReports/incidentDetail.cfm?id=13985
    Hmm, a very ETHNIC sounding name, curious as to why they chose to not print that, as the same as they choose not to print Barack HUSSEIN Obama. But oh the liberal in me automatically says, “You are just jumping to conclusions. Just because someone is named DEANDRE doesn’t mean he is black. You don’t know what skin color he is, what does it matter? White people commit crime too!”

    An email to my police buddy reveals more than the media wanted to reveal.
    Past charges: Possession of Firearm by Felon, Possession of THC, Bail Jumping-Felony, and another Possession of THC.

    ……Oh, and also AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

    It doesn’t matter at all, that’s why the media decided not to print a photo, or reveal his full name, because it doesn’t matter at all. And my previous posts said that if there is no photo or other information in a news article, you can automatically assume the culprit is African-American, and the democrat media is giving cover to their democrat voters. (Right again Mith!)

  14. canary says:

    From the growing defender of al-Qaeda media outlet

    Al Jazeera: Mali: The ‘gentle’ face of al-Qaeda

    An exclusive report from inside northern Mali.
    May Ying Welsh – 30 Dec 2012


    I do not believe anything this group says, but it may paint a picture why Africa does not want to fight Al-Qaeda because of $, so NATO and the US administration.

    I heard our U.S. Troops had to do combat battle yesterday. The idea of humanitarian and training purposes for African govt is a blatant lie.

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