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Reader Selected News, Week Mar 2 – Mar 8

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 1st, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Mar 2 – Mar 8”

  1. canary says:

    BreitBart: Congressman Wolf to Sec. Kerry: Turn over Benghazi Survivors –

    by Kerry Picket – Mar 1 2013

    … a House Ways and Means Committee member, sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday and indicated that he was contacted by a “reliable source who provided information that there are wounded American personnel, including State Department employees, currently in rehabilitation and recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.”

    Wolf’s letter continues saying that the source told him that as many as seven Americans have been or were given medical treatment at the facility, a number of which were State employees.

    According to both Wolf and Gerlach, another source corroborated the claim and “indicated that as many as 30 Americans (including State Department and CIA personnel and government contractors) may have been injured in the attack.”

    Letter to Kerry – See more at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/03/01/Wolf-to-Kerry-Turn-Over-Benghazi-Survivors#sthash.WSrRgo2z.dpuf

    See more at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/03/01/Wolf-to-Kerry-Turn-Over-Benghazi-Survivors#sthash.WSrRgo2z.dpuf

  2. heykev says:

    BHO hiding his gay lifestyle

    More reports of BHO’s lifestyle before running for US Senate. If this was Bush, every “journalist” on NBC/MSNBC’s payroll would be giving this “wall-to-wall” coverage.


    • canary says:

      Give it time NBC/MSCNBC will be gushing over the gay news. He can let his hair down. And all that news out there he spent his recent media banned vacation with Reggie Love, while the rest of the family who spend WH dinners around the table discussing the gay issue.

  3. canary says:

    AL-Qaeda new Magazine tells how to blow up parking lots in issue #10, following issue #9 on burning forests, plantations, and houses.

    ANI: New Al-Qaeda magazine teaches wannabe jihadis how to ‘blow up parking lots’

    Washington, Mar 2 (ANI): Notorious terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda this week released the tenth issue of it’s propaganda magazine, Inspire, and in one of its articles, it teaches wannabe jihadis how to blow up parking lots.

    The seasonal English-language online magazine is reportedly put out by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to spread its message and propaganda over the Internet, and the first issue appeared in July 2010, the New York Daily News reports.

    The author wrote: “The West should taste some burning. They should pay for bombarding and burning our Muslim brothers and sisters’ homes and our Holy (Koran). For burning down forests, plantations and houses, please refer to Issue 9.”

    The author further added: “Today we have something new for you, VEHICLES….”


  4. canary says:

    Modern Egyptians protest with cartoons depicting John Kerry as Osama Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler.

    REUTERS: 1 killed in Egypt protests as Kerry arrives By REUTERS03/02/2013 19:10

    Anti-Morsi protesters stage peaceful march in Cairo, chide Kerry for supporting Morsi; protests in Mansoura, Port Said turn violent.

    CAIRO – US Secretary of State John Kerry will stress the importance of Egypt achieving political consensus for painful economic reforms needed to secure an IMF loan, a senior US official said on Saturday.

    With Egypt’s pound and foreign currency reserves sliding, the official said that if Cairo could agree on a $4.8 billion loan from the IMF, this would bring in other funds from the United States, European Union and Arab countries.

    While the tax rise was withdrawn, Morsi is likely to face violent protests as any cuts in subsidies demanded by the IMF will push up living costs in a country where poverty is rife.

    Some held up cartoons of Kerry, portraying him with an Islamic beard, saying “Kerry – member of the Brotherhood”. Others banners said “Kerry, you are not welcome here” and showed the characteristic mustache and fringe of Adolf Hitler superimposed on pictures of Morsi.

    However, youths fought interior ministry police on Saturday in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura, where one protester was killed and dozens injured. In the Suez Canal city of Port Said, protesters torched a police station, security sources said.

    “What they need to do is … things like increasing tax revenues, reducing energy subsidies, making clear what the approval process will be to the Shura Council for an IMF agreement, that kind of thing,” said the official.


    US caves and gives financial aid to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood parties

    Reuters: Kerry: US to give Egypt budget aid after assurances


    Reuters: Gunmen attack church in Libya’s Benghazi


    TRIPOLI – Gunmen attacked an Egyptian Coptic church in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, assaulting two priests, the official LANA news agency quoted the foreign ministry as saying on Sunday.

    Libya’s small Christian community has expressed fears over Islamist extremism as the government struggles to impose its authority over armed groups which have refused to lay down their weapons since the 2011 war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi.


    Liberals leaders attempting to take U.S. citizen guns away send new batch of F-16 war planes to Egypt prompting Iran Ahmadinejad visit.


    Though Egypt’s shifting alliances are unavoidably apparent, the United States is continuing to arm the country. On Sunday U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson held a ceremony in Cairo to mark the arrival of four F-16 fighter jets from the United States. Twenty in total are due to be delivered throughout 2013.

    “Today’s ceremony demonstrates the firm belief of the United States that a strong Egypt is in the interest of the U.S., the region, and the world,” she declared.

    According to the United States Embassy website, the U.S. has delivered 224 F-16 aircraft to Egypt.

  5. captstubby says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama raised anew the issue of cutting entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security as a way out of damaging budget cuts, a White House official said on Sunday, as both sides in Washington tried to limit a fiscal crisis that may soon hit millions of Americans.

    Democrats predict the automatic cuts could soon cause air-traffic delays, meat shortages as food safety inspections slow down, and hundreds of thousands of furloughs for federal workers.

    Now that they are in place, the $85 billion in spending cuts must be carried out by September 30 if no alternative is found. Half of those cuts would hit the military with the rest scattered over thousands of other domestic programs.

    Economists have warned that such a heavy dose of belt tightening over such a short period will slow U.S. economic growth and potentially cost 750,000 jobs.

    Speaking of the search for alternatives, Boehner said on “Meet the Press:” “I don’t think anyone quite understands how it gets resolved.”

    oh, wait, look …

    United States foreign aid is aid given by the United States to other countries.

    In fiscal year 2011, the U.S. government allocated the following amounts for aid:

    Total economic and military assistance: $49.5 billion

    Total military assistance: $17.8 billion
    Total economic assistance: $31.7 billion
    of which, USAID assistance: $14.1 billion.[1]
    Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2011 Reported in $US millions,
    Obligations Country U.S. Total Economic and Military Assistance FY 2011,
    $US millions Economic Assistance FY 2011, US millions Military Assistance FY 2011, US millions Aid received per person recipient FY 2011
    Afghanistan 12,924.40 2,659.00 10,265.40 434.32
    Israel 3,026.40 31.30 2,995.10 404.97
    Iraq 2,147.60 1,183.90 963.70 70.65
    Pakistan 1,700.10 1,026.90 673.20 9.07
    Egypt 1,471.20 172.50 1,298.70 17.92
    Haiti 1,263.40 1,261.50 1.90 129.98
    Kenya 1,032.10 1,029.50 2.60 24.61
    Jordan 850.80 531.60 319.20 130.73
    South Africa 757.00 755.30 1.70 15.45
    Philippines 610.80 584.50 26.30 6.00
    Ethiopia 607.00 606.30 0.70 6.85
    Tanzania 560.10 559.20 1.00 12.29
    Sudan 534.70 534.70 0.00 15.93
    Nigeria 530.10 519.20 10.90 3.20
    Uganda 469.90 469.00 0.90 14.43
    West Bank/Gaza 463.60 463.60 109.71
    Colombia 436.00 276.00 160.00 9.75
    Congo (Kinshasa) 427.70 405.70 22.00 5.96
    Mexico 411.20 317.50 93.70 3.62
    South Sudan 387.70 345.10 42.60 38.24
    Mozambique 350.30 348.60 1.70 15.26
    Zambia 323.20 322.80 0.40 24.07
    Somalia 278.90 203.60 75.30 28.10
    Liberia 256.60 243.40 13.20 67.77
    Indonesia 252.30 229.10 23.30 1.03

    Sources: U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants, U.S. Bureau of Census (BUCEN) International Database.

    Summary of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2002 – FY 2011, Reported in $US millions, Obligations
    ] Program 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    USAID Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance
    3,367.60 3,457.20 3,312.80 3,335.10 3,812.80 5,506.80 5,685.40 8,002.20 7,038.20 5,193.50
    USAID Development Assistance
    1,299.20 6,909.70 1,519.40 1,452.20 1,563.20 1,508.90 1,615.10 1,860.10 2,349.20 2,138.60
    USAID Child Survival and Health
    1,501.80 2,459.10 1,922.50 1,703.50 1,649.80 2,107.90 163.20 19.40 5.30 134.70
    Other USAID Assistance
    2,396.80 4,374.60 4,542.30 3,854.00 2,582.10 2,404.50 2,587.30 2,993.10 4,558.20 3,420.80
    USDA Food Aid
    1,343.30 2,515.60 2,069.90 2,238.80 1,993.30 1,789.80 2,882.10 2,687.10 2,199.70 1,890.30
    Other USDA Assistance
    . 40.60 19.00 11.60 20.20 27.60 14.20 13.90 341.60 71.20
    State Department Global Health and Child Survival
    5,242.30 6,149.70 6,441.50 7,037.90
    State Department Global HIV/AIDS Initiative . .
    418.60 1,284.20 1,780.40 2,645.80 418.10 143.40 54.90 29.90
    State Department Narcotics Control
    1,029.00 950.20 1,358.60 1,796.90 1,968.00 1,248.70 1,851.80 2,677.50 2,886.10 2,625.10
    State Department Migration and Refugee Assistance
    666.60 748.50 833.40 745.50 837.20 961.80 1,297.90 1,627.50 1,672.60 1,685.50
    State Department Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related
    126.40 133.70 137.60 361.20 368.70 352.70 393.90 503.70 677.70 572.40
    Other State Department Assistance
    53.80 57.80 1,039.90 855.90 393.60 468.70 553.60 305.70 304.20 207.60
    Millennium Challenge Corporation . .
    7.90 360.80 835.70 1,639.00 2,745.70 1,316.90 1,435.40 745.90
    Peace Corps
    273.70 295.10 308.20 307.10 318.60 315.70 326.50 336.10 353.70 389.50
    Department of Defence Security Assistance
    373.00 2,044.20 4,796.20 7,142.70 4,953.50 1,837.10 2,144.70 1,389.10 1,597.10 887.90
    Other Active Grant Programs
    512.90 1,023.40 1,580.40 2,376.40 2,566.10 3,149.40 3,067.40 2,449.10 2,586.00 2,041.70
    Voluntary Contributions to Multilateral Organizations
    1,591.30 637.40 2,883.80 1,752.80 1,492.10 1,733.90 1,888.80 2,242.60 2,903.70 2,653.00
    Total Military Assistance
    4,617.70 10,483.30 6,339.40 7,834.20 12,644.10 13,747.50 16,135.20 14,456.40 14,545.60 17,867.50
    Total Economic and Military Assistance 19,153.10 36,130.20 33,090.10 37,413.00 39,779.20 41,445.90 49,013.30 49,173.40 51,950.70 49,593.10

  6. DW says:

    Here’s an “it makes you wonder…” article from Canada’s QMI Agency:

    Senior dies after nurse refuses to give CPR
    By QMI Agency

    An elderly woman living at a retirement home in Bakersfield, Calif., died after a nurse at the facility refused to administer CPR to save her, according to a clip of the 911 call.

    In the seven-minute clip, a 911 dispatcher can be heard pleading with the nurse to save the life of an elderly woman by giving her CPR, but the nurse said it was against the facility’s policy.

    “Is there anybody there that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?” the dispatcher asked.

    “Not at this time,” the nurse said

    Full story here:

    No doubt there is more to this story -front line health care workers make wonderful scapegoats. But who made that policy and why?

  7. canary says:

    FoxNews: Covert auctions in Egypt put arms that freed Libya into hands of terrorists

    By Paul Alster – Mar 02, 2013

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/02/26/arms-that-freed-libya-turning-up-at-desert-auctions-and-in-hands-terrorist/#ixzz2MataQf1f

    Obama and Kerry must take the blame for this giving more warplanes, tanks, and money and chastising the modern Muslims to accept Sharia law based government, as they ignore other
    US Lawmakers objecting.

    The Washington Post: U.S. lawmakers question military aid to Egypt, citing concerns about Israel

    By Ernesto Londoño – 03/02/2013

    Concerned about Egypt’s political instability and the U.S. budget crunch, a growing number of American lawmakers are challenging the wisdom of providing $1.3 billion a year in military aid to Cairo, arguing that the policy is overdue for a wholesale review.

    Lawmakers say that Washington’s largess, which includes large fleets of M1A1 tanks and F-16 fighter jets, could backfire, given the unpredictability of Egypt’s Islamist-led government and its fraught relationship with Israel.

    “Why are we giving billions to Egypt, when in my mind it is not a friend of America?” said Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.), who recently introduced a bill calling for a suspension of military and civilian assistance to Egypt.

    “We’re drowning in a sea of debt. Why are we spending so much money in a part of the world that doesn’t like us?”

    A few Democrats, including Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.), who sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee, have joined the Republican-led efforts.

    “I would hate to see American weapons, sophisticated F-16s, being used against Israel,” Vargas said in an interview. “We’ve seen historically, it could happen again, especially with the radicalization of Egypt.”

    The State Department did not respond to a request for comment.


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