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Reader Selected News, Week Mar 23 – Mar 29

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 22nd, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Mar 23 – Mar 29”

  1. canary says:

    Osama bin Laden directed to target Gay parades, enroll in US Universities and spike drinks.

    Business Insider: Newly Released Al-Qaeda Memo Talks Of Mini-Submarines And Sleeping Pills

    By Geoffrey Ingersoll – Mar. 21, 2013

    Gay Pride Parades and tactics involving sleeper cells using sleeping pills recently emerged as subjects in previously secret Bin Laden compound memos.

    Requested from the Department of Justice by German prosecutors, the memos indicate “a mixture of megalomania and attention to detail,” according to Die Zeit. In them senior al-Qaeda leader Younis al-Mauretani calls for attacks on standard targets like infrastructure and energy along with stranger things like:

    — Gay pride parades

    — Use of mini submarines to plant explosives on pipelines

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bin-laden-memo-details-bombing-gay-pride-2013-3#ixzz2OJD65z4L

    I do not see this as strange and I think the timing of banning the Don’t ask Don’t tell has opened more dangers to the growing number of US Troops being sent around the world.

  2. canary says:

    Breitbart: Rep: EPA Illegally Released Family Farmers’ Info to Environmental Extremists

    Mar 23 2013

    “When we reviewed the information submitted by the states and released by EPA, we were alarmed at the detail of the information provided on hard working family farmers and ranchers, family operations including my own,” said NCBA past president J.D. Alexander, a cattle feeder from Pilger, Nebraska.

    “…For some operations, even telephone numbers and deceased relatives are listed.”

    The problem had recent roots in January 2012 when EPA proposed the Clean Water Act Section 308 CAFO Reporting rule to collect information from CAFOs and make it publicly available and readily searchable through their website.

    Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR)


    These were very small family farms that were not covered by by the CAFO
    But, then we already heard the story about the man who had a personal garden getting fined because he gave his neighbors food sometimes.

    When will they disclose the white house beer brewery, garden and bee hives to and personal date to the public. Now as to whether all those wives of UN leaders took their white house grown herb baskets that weren’t immediate tossed after the party and made it through airport screenings, one thing is for sure. Perhaps, Israel officials digging up that magnolia tree, one of many being rooted on the white house grounds and flying on AF1 across international lines show that the Democrat elites are above the law.

    You can bet the cost of Security is absurd. I wonder how big the white house compost bin is now.

  3. captstubby says:

    Official jobless rate ticks down; 236,000 new jobs
    by: Mark Gruenberg March 11 2013

    Other sites in the People Before Profit network:
    Communist Party USA
    Young Communist League

    WASHINGTON – The nation’s jobless rate dropped 0.1 percent in February, to 7.7 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Businesses claimed to create 236,000 new jobs that month, a separate survey showed.
    The number of unemployed declined by 300,000, to 12.03 million, but the number of people not counted in the workforce rose by 296,000, to 89.3 million. And that wasn’t the only warning signal in the data.
    Some 40.2 percent of the jobless in February have been out of work for longer than six months, an increase of 2.1 percent in one month. That means those long-term jobless have exhausted their state benefits and rely on federal benefits – if they’re there.
    And 14.3 percent of all workers – one of every seven – are “underutilized.” They’re jobless, discouraged and have dropped out or work part-time even though they want full-time jobs. That figure is down only 0.1 percent from the month before.
    Pro-worker economists noted the rise in labor-force dropouts.
    Factories added 14,000 jobs, rising to 11.977 million. Most were in wood products (+4,000), fabricated metal plants (+6,400) and food producers (+3,400). There were 1.108 million jobless factory workers, with a 7.2 percent jobless rate.
    Construction added 48,000 jobs, to 5.784 million. Three-fourths of those jobs (31,700) were with specialty trade contractors. And CEPR’s Baker said construction gained jobs due to the unusually warm winter. But there were still 1.291 million jobless construction workers, or 15.7 percent, BLS reported.
    Construction union leaders say the data underreport unemployment in their industry, since a worker employed even one day during the BLS survey week is counted as holding a job for the whole month. The leaders say the real jobless rate in their industry is closer to 25 percent.
    Services claimed to add 179,000 jobs. Biggest gains were in retail trade (+23,700), motion pictures (+20,800), temps (+16,000), health care (+32,000) and bars and restaurants (+18,700). Those, except the movies, are among the lowest-paying sectors.
    Governments shed 10,000 jobs, with the states (-8,000) doing the dumping. The federal government lost 4,500 workers but the Postal Service – whose boss wants to fire 100,000 workers and cut another 100,000 by attrition – added 4,200, to 607,600.

    even socialist labor unions can not cover for the lie’s anymore.

  4. captstubby says:

    Stephanopoulos twice as popular as Lauer, marketing company says

    Published March 27, 2013
    | FoxNews.com
    “Today” show host Matt Lauer’s popularity continues to dwindle, as rival anchor George Stephanopoulos of “Good Morning America” has surpassed him as one of viewers’ favorite broadcasters, according to Marketing Evaluations, which measures public sentiment toward well-known personalities.

    Stephanopoulos is nearly twice as popular as Lauer among women viewers, who make up the majority of morning show audiences, the marketing company said, as NBC denied reports that Anderson Cooper was being eyed to replace Lauer.

    In 2012, Lauer’s positive “Q” score was 23 — meaning 23 percent of people who knew him considered Lauer one of their favorite broadcasters. Last summer that score dropped to 14, and this month it stands at 9, the company said.

    Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos’ “GMA” partner, Robin Roberts, is nearly three times as popular, Marketing Evaluations said.

    Apparently a Lauer family member grew weary of NBC

    [The Official Network Of The Democrat Party] SNL and all it’s alumni clones, that night

    and switched over to watch ABC,s gladiator style games for the mob, Dancing with the [old] Stars.
    the next day.

    Stephanopoulos on”Good Morning America” was making waffles and

    they just forgot to turn the channel back

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