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Reader Selected News, Week Nov 10 – Nov 16

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, November 9th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Nov 10 – Nov 16”

  1. canary says:

    Suicide new rebels and al-Qaida both begging West for help as they commit suicide car bombings.

    I hope Hillary get’s the message and sends GM Volts to the Syrian brotherhood overthrowing Syria. The drones she is planning to bomb Syria with are so expensive and bad for the environment.

    No instead of letting the Syrian suicide bombers take Syria the green cheap way with GM vots

    GM Volts would not only be cheaper than drones, but help save global warming.

    Even women being left out of voting for the new rebel leaders won’t deter Obama who pretends to be the friend of the women. No doubt they are making women do the suicide car bombings.

    The Independent: Suicide bombers kill at least 20 soldiers in birthplace of Syrian uprising

    Nov 11 2012


    NATO could Arrest Assad in Syria

    Reuters: New Syrian rebel leader George Sabra wants West to send weapons

    Nov 10 2012 by Murad Sezer

    DOHA, QATAR—The newly elected leader of Syria’s main opposition group slammed the international community for what he called inaction, saying Saturday that fighters are in desperate need of weapons to break the stalemate with President Bashar Assad’s forces.

    Two suicide car bombers struck a military camp in the southern city of Daraa on Saturday, killing at least 20 government soldiers and prompting clashes in the area, activists said.

    Bombings targeting state security institutions have become frequent in recent months, raising Western fears that extremists fighting with the rebels could gain influence. That’s one of the reasons the rebels’ foreign backers are wary of providing weapons.

    Women shut out of Syria’s newly elected opposition leaders

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton harshly criticized the SNC late last month and called for a leadership that can rally wider support among activists fighting the regime on the ground.


    (the above article makes no sense)

    Great Britain calls for International support to aid suicide martyrs take over Syria.

    UP: Britain wants greater involvement in Syria

  2. canary says:

    Post election Obama fails short on aiding returning Military Vets find jobs.


    Just a note, but felons, people on food stamps, and those with no education are to be hired before the Vet. Obama’s stimulus pays 40% of the wages of their hiring. Vets are at the back of the line.

  3. canary says:

    Obama’s covering up Libya terrorist attack in Libya by booting General Petraeus affair that was known for months. The CIA director is exempt from testifying because he quit.

    Oh my goodness ad Angelina Jolie to the directors security breech.

    There goes Petraeus’s plan to run for President of the U.S. Is he a Republican or Democrat?


    AP: UPDATED — Harassing emails sent by Petraeus biographer to another woman led to FBI

    by Paula Broadwell 11/10/12

    WASHINGTON — The scandal that brought down CIA Director David Petraeus started with harassing emails sent by his biographer and paramour, Paula Broadwell, to another woman, and eventually led the FBI to discover the affair, U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Saturday.

    The official said the FBI investigation began several months ago with a complaint against Broadwell, a 40-year-old graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and an Army Reserve officer.

    Concerned that the emails he exchanged with Broadwell raised the possibility of a security breach, the FBI brought the matter up with

    Broadwell planned to celebrate her 40th birthday party in Washington this weekend, with many reporters invited.

    CIA officers long had expressed concern about Broadwell’s unprecedented access to the director.

    In one incident that caught CIA staff by surprise, Broadwell posted a photograph on her Facebook page of Petraeus with actress Angelina Jolie, taken in his 7th floor office where only the official CIA photographer is permitted to take photos.

    Petraeus’ staff in Afghanistan similarly had been concerned about the time Broadwell spent with their boss on her multiple reporting visits to the war zone.

    In the preface to her book, Broadwell said she first met Petraeus in the spring of 2006.

    After Obama put Petraeus in charge in Afghanistan in 2010, Broadwell decided to expand her research into an authorized biography.

    That was especially the case after GOP allegations last spring that the Obama administration was leaking sensitive material to burnish its foreign policy reputation ahead of the presidential election, after a series of stories appeared about top secret operations aimed at al-Qaida in Yemen, and Iran’s nuclear program.


    the article goes on to say Petraeus doesn’t have to testify of what he knew about the U.S. Embassy terrorist attack because he resigned? More covering up.

    “”That was especially the case after GOP allegations last spring that the Obama administration was leaking sensitive material to burnish its foreign policy reputation ahead of the presidential election, after a series of stories appeared about top secret operations aimed at al-Qaida in Yemen, and Iran’s nuclear program.””

    And to think Obama went after Navy Seal heroes that helped him become re-elected for a dumb video game.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Fat Tax Doesn’t Work

    Are you listening Mayor Doomberg?


    Denmark to scrap world’s first fat tax

    (AFP) – 21 hours ago

    COPENHAGEN — Denmark said Saturday it would scrap a fat tax it introduced a little over a year ago in a world first, saying the measure was costly and failed to change Danes’ eating habits.

    “The fat tax and the extension of the chocolate tax — the so-called sugar tax — has been criticised for increasing prices for consumers, increasing companies’ administrative costs and putting Danish jobs at risk,” the Danish tax ministry said in a statement.

    “At the same time it is believed that the fat tax has, to a lesser extent, contributed to Danes travelling across the border to make purchases,” it added.

    Both things that conservatives already knew. But I guess dimwit liberal socialists have to actually smell the stuff on their shoes to realize it was a bad idea

    “Against this background, the government and the (far-left) Red Green Party have agreed to abolish the fat tax and cancel the planned sugar tax,” the ministry said.

    Denmark’s centre-left minority government is made up of the Social Democrats, Social Liberals and Socialist People’s Party, and requires support from other parties to pass legislation in parliament.

    Need they say more? Three entities that believe the path to everlasting happiness and utopia is by controlling the masses via financial behavior-modification. It’s been tried, and tried, and tried again and has always failed.

    The government and the Red Greens reached the agreement as part of their negotiations on the 2013 budget bill.

    The previous right-wing government introduced the fat tax in October 2011 to limit the population’s intake of fatty foods.

    This is a doubtful remark. “Right-wing” in Denmark simply means they are slightly less left-wing than the uber left-wing that’s in power now. Like comparing Stalin vs. Hitler.

    According to the Danish National Health and Medicines Authority, 47 percent of Danes are overweight and 13 percent are obese.

    Which, actually, when all things are considered, is the sign of a very healthy economy.

    “Now we need to try to do something else to address public health,” Food Minister Mette Gjerskov said, news agency Ritzau reported.

    Once a bureaucrat, always a bureaucrat. If textbook answer A doesn’t work, then try academic textbook answer B, then C and so on down the list instead of letting the free market work.

    The fat tax has been levied on all products containing saturated fats — from butter and milk to pizzas, oils, meats and pre-cooked foods — in a costing system that Denmark’s Confederation of Industries has described as a bureaucratic nightmare for producers and outlets.

    The measure added 16 kroner per kilo of saturated fats in a product.

    As an example, when the tax was introduced the price of a pack of 250 grammes (0.5 pounds) of butter rose by 2.20 kroner ($0.37, 0.29 euros) to more than 18 kroner.

    Several food chains said Saturday they would lower their prices accordingly once the tax is abolished, Ritzau reported.

    Which, the article vaguely points out, failed to alter people’s eating habits, as intended. Again, socialism will only alter people’s behavior in a manner that makes self-preservation even more important, as well as obvious. The notion that capitalism is “selfish and greedy” is wrong. Capitalism actually allows for the individual to address their own human nature to the betterment of society as a whole, as evidenced by the United States over the past 236 years. But socialist manipulators who think they know better because they wrote a book about it, can never keep their stinky fingers out of things. They are the worst kind of people because they actually believe they have all the answers.

    Minor victory for the people of Denmark. It will go unnoticed by the world’s media because it doesn’t fit the narrative that government must control the behavior of people.

    Oddly, the hippies of the 1960’s were so very against “the man, man” for all the laws and protections that were in place to allow people to have freedom and now, instead demand that society embrace their way of thinking and doing things, while simultaneously ignoring their own charter to behave a certain way. Elites, they’re always around and always pointing the finger while sitting on their morally superior high-horse.

  5. canary says:

    Obama to send US Military to fight Islamic extremists taking over East to West belt in central Africa, as Africa is short 25,000 troops needed for Mali alone. Algeria has finally agreed to aid the U.S. in planned African holy war.

    AP: African leaders agree to send troops to north Mali

    By Rukmini Ukmini Callimachi – Nov 12, 2012

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) —

    The official said that the largest number of troops will come from Nigeria, which has agreed to send 600 to 700 soldiers, he said. Niger is expected to contribute around 500. And the remaining troops will come from the other 13 nations in the 15-nation ECOWAS bloc.

    Air power, he said, will be provided by either France or the United States.

    Both France and the U.S. have said that the will provide technical and logistical support to the intervention, provided that it is first approved by the United Nations.

    Mutinous soldiers overthrew Mali’s democratically elected president in March, creating a power vacuum that paved the way for Islamists to grab the north, an area the size of France.

    Music of all kinds has been banned, and people are not even allowed to have a ring tone on their phones, unless it’s one based on Quranic recitations.

    And in all three of the major towns in the north, residents have been forced to watch thieves getting their hands hacked off.

    The official who spoke privately disagrees.

    ‘‘As soon as they say it’s OK, it won’t take 24 hours for us to go. If the U.N. says go, we will move in immediately. They (the troops from ECOWAS) will be targeting the hardcore Islamists. Not the Malian nationals — but the foreigners,’’ he said.


    U.S. providing air power, logistical and technical support is b.s.

    The U.S. has steadily increased the number of U.S. ground troops for months and months.
    It’s going to be Drone bombs in Africa and Syria; and non-discriminatory bombing at that.

  6. canary says:

    Obama fires Clinton, Geithner, Carney, Holder, and more. Replacements already rumored.

    Yahoo New: Obama’s Cabinet: Goodbye Clinton, Geithner, Carney as new names top lists

    By Olivier Knox Nov 9, 2012

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and press secretary Jay Carney are preparing for departure. Many also expect Attorney General Eric Holder to be considering an exit.

    So whose names are being talked about to take over State?

    Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who leads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has emerged as a favorite.

    Kerry’s most-cited rival is Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, who, unlike Kerry, already has “inner circle” credentials. She has worked daily for years alongside diplomats from America’s allies and foes.

    However, her controversial role in explaining the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack to the public could prompt a difficult confirmation process.

    Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott held Burns’ job under President Bill Clinton.

    Another possibility: Nick Burns, who managed policy on Iran’s nuclear ambitions under President George W. Bush. Burns publicly praised Obama’s handling of the issue.

    It’s not known yet whether Defense Secretary Leon Panetta plans to leave. But if he does, two front-runners are being mentioned for the job: His deputy, Ashton Carter, and Michele Flournoy, a former undersecretary at the Pentagon. .

    Speculation in Washington also suggested Director of National Intelligence James Clapper might be seeking an exit. He hasn’t said he will leave, but if he does, Flournoy is a possible replacement. CIA Director David Petraeus was also mentioned, but news on Friday of his resignation of his position due to an extramarital affair will likely take him off the list. Petraeus, in turn, will be replaced by acting director Michael Morell.

    So far those mentioned as potential successors include two Clinton administration veterans: Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles and current White House chief of staff Jack Lew.

    Finally, a long-shot—but not out of the question: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    —With additional reporting from Brendan James in New York.


    Chris Cristie who Praised Obama’s leadership? But, Mayor Bloomberg? Rice? Kerry?
    Oh my gosh.

    How about Letterman to take Carney’s place.

    Talk is increasing of 3 new Supreme Court Justices.

    • canary says:

      Well, he said he loves Michelle more than ever, so maybe her best friend Valerie Jarret who lied so well for well his PR. And Treasure just may be Mitt Romney since he said he’d be having future talks with Mitt Romney to help him create jobs and run health care. lol. Or someone that has a lot of dirt on him in the intelligence. I’d say Bill Clinton might be on the list somewhere, but he’s suppose to be on his death bed.

      Or maybe Hillary’s Muslim assistance who was awarded as a Patriot for making policies and loves the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • canary says:

      Maybe Oprah who has her own cable channel. Change the “O” for Obama

    • captstubby says:

      how about Cloony as Sec of State, with his smile the Muslims will be eating out of his hand in no time.

      Letterman is a legend on wall street

      ,Rev Wright as AG would certainly weed out all of those Goddamn Racists.

      or maybe Cristie to take Carney’s place,

      as he sure knows how to kiss Obama ass.

      or George Stephanopoulos , just to have around because he” just so darn cute playing grown Up” News reporter”.

  7. canary says:

    ABC: Gen. John Allen Under Investigation in Connection With David Petraeus Scandal

    By Anthony Castellano & Luis Martinez

    General John Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, is under investigation for alleged “inappropriate communications” with Jill Kelley, the woman who is said to have received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom former CIA Director David Petraeus had an extramarital affair.

    The FBI has uncovered “potentially inappropriate” emails between Allen and Kelly, according to a senior U.S. defense official who is traveling with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The department is currently reviewing between 20,000 and 30,000 documents connected to this matter, the official said.

    Panetta has asked the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing to delay Allen’s hearing, but proceed with Dunford’s nomination.

    FBI agents were at the Broadwell home in North Carolina Monday night to carry out a consensual search that had been arranged with her lawyers, law enforcement sources said.

    ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, Sarah Parnass and the Associated Press contributed to this report. http://gma.yahoo.com/gen-john-allen-under-investigation-connection-david-petraeus-063854491.html

  8. canary says:

    Interesting the media has consistently claimed Islamic extremists are taking over Mali along with the entire belt splitting Africa. The media is calling 3 Al-Qaeda linked groups “rebels” and “extremists”. Now that Obama is re-elected I imagine reporters are at odds in explaining massive growth of Al-Qaeda. Lot’s of article the UN saying they are needed. France and Europe refusing to bomb or aid the terrorist now. So, will the US change?

    PTI: UN envoy meets al-Qaida-linked rebels

    UN envoy meets al-Qaida-linked rebels

  9. canary says:

    VOA: Woman at Center of Petraeus Scandal is S. Korea Honorary Consul

    by Steve Herman

    A ministry official, speaking on condition he not be further identified, says the process to appoint Kelley began in August and she was given a certificate of appointment the following month.

    A Fox News Channel program – “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren – quotes a businessman as saying he met Kelley at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and was told she was a close friend of Petraeus and had extensive business contacts in South Korea.

    But TransGas Development President Adam Victor told the broadcaster that Kelley appeared unexperienced in business, asking for a finder’s fee of two percent for a coal gasification project (which would have totaled $80 million), far in excess of the standard rate.


  10. canary says:

    Israel only Foreign country to aid U.S. Hurricane Sandy victims though IFA as they do many other countries during disasters.
    Especially when tiny Israel has been fighting against increased rockets.

    I hope Obama and Christie didn’t clog the airways while Israel delivered food supplies and generators with helicopter ride did not interfere with other countries dropping supplies and providing generators as Clinton stalled other countries to aid Haiti who Israel was first to provide aid.

    And to think the liberal media didn’t report it, as if it would have made a difference.

    Why didn’t Christie thank Israel instead of thanking Obama before hand?

    INA: Israel Flying Aid Gives Food, Generators, Gas To Hurricane Sandy New York, New Jersey Victims

    By Karen Levy – Nov 4 2012w
    Israel News Agency


    How cute Israel named their defense operation to war declared on them

    “Operation Pillars of Clouds”.

    Egypt’s Morsi is furious of Israel fed up with near 100 rockets hitting them on one, day have now decided to take the Hamas up on the Extremists declaration of war against Israel.

    I wonder what the Hamas is calling their war? Just like all the other Muslim countries they probably named of declaration of war against Israel “Jihad” .

    Does the U.S. have planes in Israel aiding their disaster of having war declared against and near 100 rockets fired on their villages today.

  11. canary says:

    Illegal Immigrants angry Obama referred to them as illegals instead of their new name “Dreamers’

    Yahoo News: Immigrant group balks at Obama reform wording

    By Liz Goodwin Nov 14 2012


  12. canary says:

    Inappropriate headlines

    Reuters: Obama tours New York storm damage, consoles victims

    By Mark Felsenthal and Chris Francescani Nov 15 2012
    NEW YORK (Reuters) –

    It was Obama’s first trip to New York since the storm and his November 6 re-election.

    He left unanswered exactly how to pay for the damage.

    At a Small Business Administration tent where business owners apply for low-interest loans, Obama chatted with one woman and hugged another, staying with her for several minutes and posing for photographs.

    Disaster victims are increasingly frustrated at the lack of electricity, shortages of gasoline and bureaucratic obstacles to recovery.

    “It’s nice that the president has come, but he is not seeing half the devastation that hit this community two weeks ago,” said Lianne Aponte, 25, a few blocks from where Obama spoke.

    “It’s all too little too late, you know. We needed our president here when this first happened, when we were freezing at night and the neighborhood was flooded.”

    Before Obama arrived, a small army of federal, state and local law enforcement walked mud-caked streets as vehicles hauled away debris. Construction crews fixed cracked streets and weary neighbors worked with volunteers to fill dumpsters full of water-logged furniture and broken shards of sheet rock.

    (entire article)

  13. canary says:

    Obama told 75,000 U.S. Troops needed to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons depots.

    The New York Times: Securing Chemical Arms in Syria a Vast Task, Pentagon Says

    By David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt

    Nov 15, 2012


    The estimated size of the potential effort, provided to the White House by the military’s Central Command and Joint Staff, called into question whether the United States would have the resources to act quickly if it detected the movement of chemical weapons and forced President Obama, as he said in August, to “change my calculus” about inserting American forces into Syria. So far Mr. Obama has avoided direct intervention into the most brutal civil conflict to emerge from the Arab Spring uprisings, and the Pentagon assessment was seen as likely to reinforce that reluctance.

    The discovery that Hezbollah has set up camps close to some of the depots, however, has renewed concern that as the chaos in Syria deepens, the country’s huge chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the wrong hands.


    I don’t trust the administration or media in so much spinning especially by Turkey, but
    75,000 U.S. Troops needed is an eye-opener.

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