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Reader Selected News, Week Sep 22 – Sep 28

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 21st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “Reader Selected News, Week Sep 22 – Sep 28”

  1. captstubby says:

    For Romney, another day, another donor event
    By Ros Krasny | Reuters …

    LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Under fire from fellow Republicans to be more visible in swing states to help his shaky campaign, Mitt Romney will have to pull himself away from a major drag on his time: fundraising events.

    Presidential hopeful Romney’s new strategy to sometimes hold three campaign events a day in the key states that will likely decide the November 6 election has yet to kick in.

    “How is this any different from Obama’s constant Fundraising , other than Obama does it on our Taxpayer dollars.”

    Maybe Romney is not filling the networks coffers enough with ads?
    Romney’s new strategy has to be against The Libral Yahoo, ABC and NYT.
    the Media is Obamas last hope.

    • Curiosity says:

      Google (operator of YouTube) is quite liberal as well. They are much more subversive about it, by the way they manage their searches, advertisements, and videos on YouTube. I think a few years back S&L was briefly flagged as a hate site or an attack site (trying to infect your computer with viruses) by Google.

  2. canary says:

    Obama’s not blaming Muslim Protests leads to bounty on film maker marked “Day of Love”

    Innocence of Muslims Protests: Pakistan Minister Puts Bounty on Anti-Islam Filmmaker
    Pakistan railway minister announces $100,000 reward to anyone who kills anti-Islam film maker

    By Geetha Pillai: Sept 23, 2012

    A protester shouts anti-American slogans during an anti-US protest rally to mark the “Day of Love” dedicated to the Prophet in Peshawar.

    A Pakistan minister has announced a reward of $100,000 (£61,620) to anyone who kills the maker of the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims.

    “I invite the Taliban brothers and the al-Qaida brothers to join me in this blessed mission.”

    “I call upon these countries and say: Yes, freedom of expression is there, but you should make laws regarding people insulting our Prophet. And if you don’t, then the future will be extremely dangerous.”

    Meanwhile, anti-Islam film protests continue to sweep Islamic countries. In the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka, thousands of protesters clashed with police.


    • canary says:

      Don’t forget the huge area of gold and find metals discovered in Afghanistan that China wants.
      Amazing the Muslim fanatics would deal with a country who doesn’t believe in God.

    • canary says:

      Drunken uncle Joe Biden lies there are 650,000 (47% of Americans) that Romney complained don’t pay taxes. Obama recently gave a much lower number of troops in Afghanistan showing neither the pres of the vp are drinking too much concentrated White House Brew.

      ABC: Joe Biden Misstates Troop Size in Afghanistan

      Sept 21 2012

      CONCORD, N.H. – While railing against Mitt Romney’s comment about the 47 percent of voters who consider themselves to be “victims,” Vice President Joe Biden misstated the number of U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan by several hundred thousand Friday evening.

      “By the way, those dependent people he refers to, those 47 percent, they include the 650,000 troops still left in Afghanistan who, because they are in combat, being shot at, injured, they do not have to pay any federal income tax on their salary. I don’t call that dependency. I call that ingratitude to not recognize they are a part of that 47 percent,” Biden said on the steps of the state house in Concord, N.H.


  3. canary says:

    Hillary Clinton lied of al-Qaida threat in Libya being as 4 Star General warned in Feb Stevens was at risk.

    CNN: US General warned about militants in Libya
    Chief of Africa command concerned about al-Qaida, other groups

    By Barbara Sept 21 2012

    Just three months ago, the four-star chief of the U.S. Africa Command warned of a growing threat from al-Qaida and other militant groups in Libya.

    “There is a real concern in Libya. As Libya is coming out of the revolution and forming its new government, there very clearly are those who wish to undermine the formation of that government,” said Gen. Carter Ham in a speech to senior military and civilian officials from Africa, Europe and the U.S.

    “We see some worrying indicators that al-Qaida and others are seeking to establish a presence in Libya,” Ham warned. Ham often worked closely with the late Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, killed in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

    Ham made much of the same case as early as February of this year in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, when he testified that there were “some small pockets” of “foreign fighters” in Libya.

    He is considered to be extremely knowledgeable about al-Qaida movements in Africa, as was Stevens.

    (entire article)

    Obama and Hillary will never admit the truth. Next on the list is Obama sending more military aid to Mali who has been taken over by al-Qaida.

  4. canary says:

    The Washington Examiner: THE OBAMA YOU DON’T KNOW

    Special Report – Sept 20 2012


    Hat’s off. Click on Introduction and Ten Chapters revealing Obama was is a deceptive fraud.

  5. canary says:


    By JEROME R. CORSIE – Sept 20 2012

    What is clear is that the moment Gadhafi became inconvenient to the Muslim Brotherhood, Gadhafi became inconvenient to Obama.


    Very interesting article tying Obama and his long time mentors to Gadhafi to include Kenya’s Kenya friend Odinga who spread blood shed.

  6. canary says:

    Egyptians killing Israelis increased since Mubarak overthrown by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida. Latest inspired by al-Qaida in Egypt.

    AP: Egypt-based group claims Israel border attack

    Sept 23, 2012

    CAIRO (AP) — A group inspired by al-Qaida and based in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula has claimed responsibility for a shootout along the Israeli-Egyptian border in which three militants and an Israeli soldier were killed.

    It said the militants were Egyptians and that the operation was a “disciplinary attack against those who insulted the beloved Prophet.”

    The group alleged Jewish involvement in the low-budget film, though it was produced in the United States by an American citizen who is originally from Egypt.

    Ansar Jerusalem said three militants had crossed the border into Israel early Thursday and remained hiding until midday Friday, when they saw and attacked an Israeli patrol.

    The Israel-Egypt border has become particularly volatile since the fall of longtime Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising last year. Several militant groups mushroomed in Sinai, staging multiple attacks on a pipeline delivering gas from Egypt to Israel, frequently lobbing rockets into the Jewish state and sneaking across the border and killing Israelis.


  7. canary says:

    Remember Obama said he would not be meeting with World Leaders this week to include Israeli’s Prime Minister he is always snubbing?

    Obama and Michelle are going to be on The View instead.

    article in NY POSt

    • captstubby says:

      as i did not watch it last night, how was his speech after getting the ” highest amount of appearences by a president on liberal Talk T V ” Emmy award?

  8. Gil says:

    Something I enjoy doing is reading the articles and posts here, which give a dose of reality – particularly with the skewed polling data on the election. So I found this one of like mind and thought you might like to see it, as someone created a new website, called unskewedpolls.com, which states: “Their results are quite different, giving Romney somewhere between a five and eleven point lead.”

    Skewed and Unskewed Polls
    by Charlie Martin
    September 23, 2012

    Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen talked about it recently. Asked if the polls were, in his opinion, a fair representation of the electorate, Schoen said:

    “The simple answer is no John. The bottom line is there were seven percent more Democrats in the electorate in 2008 than there were Republicans. That’s from the exit polls and that’s about as accurate as you can get….President Obama won by about seven points. Given 90 percent of Democrats vote for the Democrat and 90 percent of Republicans vote for the Republican, every time you reduce the margin between the parties by one point, roughly it’s about one point off the margin.”

    Schoen pointed out that the Pew poll was based on Democrats sampled for having an 11 percent voters registration edge over Republicans. He further added, “saying that America has gotten more Democratic than 2008, which is a questionable assumption.”

    In fact, Rasmussen keeps a running monthly poll of party identification. In the latest poll, released September 1, they found:

    During August, 37.6% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.9% in July and 35.4% in June. It’s also the largest number of Republicans ever recorded by Rasmussen Report since monthly tracking began in November 2002.

    Other polls — including Gallup — apparently have similar assumptions (called “turnout models”) in their polls.

    There is a new website, called unskewedpolls.com, that basically reweights the data to fit the Rasmussen party identification. Their results are quite different, giving Romney somewhere between a five and eleven point lead.


  9. canary says:

    Angry Egypt’s leader Morsi warns Obama & U.S. he won’t be as kind as Mubarak, and American money won’t ease his pent up anger over naked restaurants like Hooters

    The NYT: Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties

    By David D. Kirkpatrick and Steven Erlanger – Sept 22, 2012

    CAIRO — On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger.

    “If you want to judge the performance of the Egyptian people by the standards of German or Chinese or American culture, then there is no room for judgment,” he said. “When the Egyptians decide something, probably it is not appropriate for the U.S. When the Americans decide something, this, of course, is not appropriate for Egypt.”

    He suggested that Egypt would not be hostile to the West, but would not be as compliant as Mr. Mubarak either.

    “Successive American administrations essentially purchased with American taxpayer money the dislike, if not the hatred, of the peoples of the region,” he said, by backing dictatorial governments over popular opposition and supporting Israel over the Palestinians.

    When asked if he considered the United States an ally, Mr. Morsi answered in English, “That depends on your definition of ally,” smiling at his deliberate echo of Mr. Obama.

    He praised Mr. Obama for moving “decisively and quickly” to support the Arab Spring revolutions, and he said he believed that Americans supported “the right of the people of the region to enjoy the same freedoms that Americans have.”

    “As long as peace and justice are not fulfilled for the Palestinians, then the treaty remains unfulfilled,” he said.

    “I grew up with the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said. “I learned my principles in the Muslim Brotherhood. I learned how to love my country with the Muslim Brotherhood. I learned politics with the Brotherhood. I was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    “I prove my independence by taking the correct acts for my country,” he said. “If I see something good from the Muslim Brotherhood, I will take it.

    He was troubled by the gangs and street of violence of Los Angeles, he said, and dismayed by the West’s looser sexual mores, mentioning couples living together out of wedlock and what he called “naked restaurants,” like Hooters.

    Correction: September 24, 2012

    An earlier version of this article carried a correction that was posted in error. It has been removed for further research.


  10. canary says:

    Obama’s newest orders put U.S. Soldiers in Afghan in more danger; namely sending U.S. leaders
    to follow Afghanistan leaders’ orders.

    AP: Army leaders adjust to role as Afghan advisers

    By Kristin M. Hall – Sept 25 2012

    FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — After years of taking the lead on the battlefield, Army leaders from Fort Campbell are learning how to take a backseat role when they return to Afghanistan this fall to serve as military advisers.

    With the surge troops gone, the teams will be a minority among Afghans just as insider attacks on NATO forces by Afghans have been rising this year.

    While the brigade partnered before with the Afghan National Army and police forces, the brigade this time will leave most of the planning and operations up to Afghan military leaders, providing support rather than leading missions.

    “They are a sovereign nation and their soldiers are very capable and so we will advise them, but at the end of the day they are going to make the decisions,” Browne said. “Is it hard for our guys? Yes.”

    Another big challenge is only about half the brigade is deploying, which includes mostly officers and senior noncommissioned[sic] officers.

    Capt. John Ford, with 1st Battalion, 32nd Cavalry Regiment, said the training was the first time he worked with his new team members in a real life scenario. Whereas he would normally command more than 90 combat ready soldiers, his small team is made up of a mix of backgrounds meant for teaching rather than fighting.

    “A lot of the guys are not the type I am used to deploying with. It’s a lot of senior leaders, guys that have specific job sets, like communications, personnel or logistics,” Ford said.

    “It’s an Afghan unit with Afghan solutions. I can’t go in there with the mindset that that this is the way we did it and we are successful, now you’re going to do it my way,”…

    (entire article)

    Imagine sending a few officers and without combat experience to stay til the end.
    If they survive they will have more respect for their men, but the point is Obama is sending the few that can speak the Arabic language & communicate and that is are vital; on suicide mission like
    the U.S. Ambassador of Libya was given with no security.

  11. canary says:

    Obama continues to deny U.S. Soldiers Troops simple survival item needs with 2012 election around the corner. .

    In spite of increase of U.S. Soldier deaths and injuries, Obama has refused sending more stretchers to Afghanistan.

    Obama is now denying the simple chalk to U.S. Troops to mark IED bombs & fields in spite of
    Congress investigating why Obama is ignoring technology to locate IED bombs.

    Many wounded soldiers are getting wounded and denying having to carry dead and wounded soldiers on their backs because there is a shortage of stretchers.

    FoxNews: Group sends badly needed supplies to troops overseas
    Sep 26, 2012- 2:13 –
    Claudia Cowan reports from San Francisco


    FoxNews: Army resisting technology that helps locate IEDs?
    Jul 26, 2012- 2:26 –
    Call for investigation of situation from Congress


    Michelle Obama has failed as her 1st lady priority to care for U.S. Troops.

    Instead her focus has been regulating food, growing herbs, and making honey for Obama Beer.

  12. canary says:

    US military personnel who contact WikiLeaks may be charged with military crime with maximum sentence being that of death penalty.

    The Sydney Morning Herald: US calls Assange ‘enemy of state’

    Sept 27, 2012 by Philip Dorling

    THE US military has designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as enemies of the United States – the same legal category as the al-Qaeda terrorist network and the Taliban insurgency.

    Declassified US Air Force counter-intelligence documents, released under US freedom-of-information laws, reveal that military personnel who contact WikiLeaks or WikiLeaks supporters may be at risk of being charged with “communicating with the enemy”, a military crime that carries a maximum sentence of death.

    The documents, some originally classified “Secret/NoForn” – not releasable to non-US nationals – record a probe by the air force’s Office of Special Investigations into a cyber systems analyst based in Britain who allegedly expressed support for WikiLeaks and attended pro-Assange demonstrations in London.


    The suspected offence was “communicating with the enemy, 104-D”, an article in the US Uniform Code of Military Justice that prohibits military personnel from “communicating, corresponding or holding intercourse with the enemy”.

    US Army private Bradley Manning faces a court martial charged with aiding the enemy – identified as al-Qaeda – by transmitting information that, published by WikiLeaks, became available to the enemy.

    Mr Ratner said that under US law it would most likely have been considered criminal for the US Air Force analyst to communicate classified material to journalists and publishers, but those journalists and publishers would not have been considered the enemy or prosecuted.

    “It appears that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are the ‘enemy’. An enemy is dealt with under the laws of war, which could include killing, capturing, detaining without trial, etc.”

    The Australian government has repeatedly denied knowledge of any US intention to charge Mr Assange or seek his extradition.

    Mr Assange is scheduled this morning to speak by video link to a meeting on his asylum case on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/us-calls-assange-enemy-of-state-20120927-26m7s.html#ixzz27eJ2Pan9

    A long confusing article with a photo of Assange in NYC for the United Nations General assembly
    while hold up in London.

  13. canary says:

    Obama to change policy & remove criminal Iranian terrorists off list after fundraising of millions to the Obama Victory Fund and other politicians..

    The Guardian: Iranian exiles, DC lobbyists and the campaign to delist the MEK

    US policy change on banned Iranian group came after extraordinary fundraising operation to transform its image

    By Chris McGreal – Sept 21 2012

    To the US government, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) was a terrorist group alongside al-Qaida, Hamas and the Farc in Colombia. The MEK landed on the list in 1997 with American blood on its hands and by allying itself with Saddam Hussein along with a long list of bombings inside Iran.

    Only a few years ago, the US authorities were arresting pro-MEK activists and freezing the assets of front groups for “material support for a terrorist organisation[sic]”.

    Among the beneficiaries were Ted Poe, a member of the House foreign affairs committee, and Sheila Jackson Lee, who have been vocal supporters of delisting the MEK. TJackson Lee described the group as the “voices of freedom”. Soudjani also gave to John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives as well as the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Obama Victory Fund.

    • Colorado’s Iranian American Community. One of its leaders, Saeid Ghaemi, paid close to $900,000 of his own money to a Washington lobby firm, DLA Piper, for its work to get the MEK unbanned, the protection of its members in Iraq and human rights issues. Ghaemi’s brother, Mehdi, who is president of the Colorado group, paid $14,000 to fly a member of Congress, Bob Filner, to meet MEK leaders in Paris and attend the group’s rallies.

    • The Iranian Society of South Florida (ISSF). The group came to the notice of US authorities eight years ago as one of the sponsors of a fundraiser in Washington ostensibly to help victims of the Bam earthquake which killed 30,000 people. The FBI concluded it was a front for raising funds for the MEK.

    The ISSF’s president and vice-president, Bahman Badiee and Akbar Nikooie, have for years made regular donations to Ros-Lehtinen. The Florida congresswoman boasts on her website of receiving an award from the ISSF.

    The former Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell, has accepted more than $150,000 in speaking fees at events in support of unbanning the MEK.

    Three years ago, seven people in California pleaded guilty to “providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organisation”, and a parallel conspiracy charge, after fundraising for the MEK.

    Following an investigation by the FBI’s joint terrorism task force and the convictions, the US attorney’s office said “the CHR was simply a front organisation[sic] for MEK fund-raising operations in the United States” and that the money was going in part to support the group’s “terrorist activities”.

    “We cannot allow any terrorist organisation[sic] to fundraise[sic] on our shores or to steal money from our own citizens so that they can finance their own terrorism operations,” said the prosecuting US attorney, Thomas O’Brien.

    In 2004 Bush administration officials examined whether a fundraising event at a Washington DC convention centre[sec], ostensibly on behalf of victims of the Bam earthquake, was in fact a cover for collecting money for the MEK.

    The FBI concluded that the Iranian-American Community of Northern Virginia was a front for the MEK and the treasury department froze the funds raised by the event.

    Those groups cosponsoring the fundraiser included several that the FBI described as MEK front organisations[sec] or as linked to prominent supporters.

    The California congressman said he is comfortable accepting donations from MEK supporters.

    Rohrabacher said he is not concerned at potentially being at odds with the law.

    The congressman also denounced the treasury investigation of payments to speakers in support of the MEK.

    That’s a damper on freedom of speech,” he said.

    more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/sep/21/iranian-exiles-lobbyists-delist-mek
    Enormous article of details.

    …”Only a few years ago, the US authorities were arresting pro-MEK activists and freezing the assets of front groups for “material support for a terrorist organisation[sic]”. “…

    Could they be specific?

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