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Recall Elections Scheduled For Bell, Calif

From an uneasy Associated Press:

Recall election scheduled for city of Bell

By John Rogers, Associated Press
November 2, 2010

BELL, Calif. – The crowd outside Bell City Hall erupted in cheers when the City Council for the scandal-plagued Los Angeles suburb voted to hold a recall election, although many were not happy that they couldn’t watch the historic moment in person.

Minutes earlier, police had cleared the City Council chambers of a raucous audience of about 100 recall supporters after one of them had offended a council member who then briefly walked out.

After the audience left and the member returned, the council quickly voted 3-0 to schedule a recall vote on March 8. On that day local residents will go to the polls to determine whether to boot Mayor Oscar Hernandez, Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo and Councilman George Mirabal from office and replace them with three candidates for City Council

It is quite amazing that any of these council members still have their jobs. It is even more appalling that, at least so far, nothing seems to have been done to cancel their absurd pension packages.

The recall was prompted by news that Jacobo, Hernandez and two other council members were each paid nearly $100,000 a year and that several city administrators were making well more than that.

Eight current and former officials, including Hernandez, Jacobo and Mirabal, have been charged with looting $5.5 million from the city treasury.

Hernandez and Jacobo, who are free on bail, appeared at the meeting along with Councilman Lorenzo Velez, the only Bell elected official not charged with a crime. Velez, who was paid only about $8,000 a year for his council service, has said he didn’t know of the huge salaries other officials were receiving.

A fifth councilman, Luis Artiga, resigned soon after he was arrested. Mirabal, who was released from jail only last week, did not attend Monday’s meeting…

"We’re excited with the vote but are we finished? No," said [Mr.] Aguilar who was among those who didn’t get a chance to speak [at the meeting].

"We’re going to continue to press and go after them as long as they’re still involved with the city," he said of the council members targeted for recall…

Residents targeted Hernandez, Jacobo, Artiga and Mirabal for recall soon after the Los Angeles Times reported last July that the four were paid nearly $100,000 a year and that several other city officials were also drawing huge salaries.

Top among them was former City Manager Robert Rizzo who when numerous perks like vacation, insurance and other benefits were added to his $787,637 salary had a total compensation package of about $1.5 million a year

Today, we are all residents of Bell, California.

Today is the first of our recall elections.

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9 Responses to “Recall Elections Scheduled For Bell, Calif”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Given the last names of the defendants in this recall election, clearly the voting public is rife with rage and angst and very racist.


  2. Adam Moreira says:

    Good that there is a recall – so that their current jobs can’t be used as a bargaining chip in plea negotiations. How often have you seen someone resign from office as part of a plea bargain?

  3. Right of the People says:

    My guess is Mr. Velez has an (R) after his name and the others a (D). Just a guess.

  4. proreason says:

    If these Bell County guys get any more successful, their compensation packages will begin to approach what members of Congress pull in during a bad year.

  5. canary says:

    Rusty, Is it the illegals voting or the liberals tendency to cheat.
    With the cheating that went on when Obama was elected I feared it would only get worse.
    This is good. And leads the way for many recounts. The people need to become raged.

    Even with recounts we could end up like Afghanistan’s voting corruption. Pray.

  6. canary says:

    Voting corruption in my state today. Now I understand the problem with pre-marked ballots. I made a mistake on some of the confusing bills on back. Asked for another ballot, and was given the run around, and had to sign a signature sheet. (a few years ago, when I asked for a new ballot, the man laid my old one on the floor behind him. I told him he had to destroy it. I forgot to do this, and they were making me very confused on who to go to, etc.)
    So, the same man, gave me a 3rd ballot. (I had marked straight Republican) So, half way down I noticed under one category every name was marked across. This would have made my vote not be read by the machine also. So, I had to get another ballot, sign again, this time I wrote the reason by my name, and I told the head woman, that I wanted to see her destory the ballot as per law. She would not do it. Finally, she smarted off, and ripped it in half and let it drop to the ground. So, I told her I wanted to complain. She was in charge. I asked for the electoral phone number. After being given the wrong number, she gave me the correct. Finally, got to a electoral supervisor, who insisted it was their stupidity, and not knowing the rules, and not intentional. That they would have to be retrained. I said they need to be fired. I gave the name of the man, who could not have been stupid giving me pre-marked ballots. One of the state issues is to make you show proof your a citizen & registered voter. Also, state constitutional changes.
    At my voting precinct during the primaries the Democratic table just gives dirty looks because everyone is Republican and at the Republican table. Not being to politically correct, but you know it usually a duck.

    Also, on my first try, I made a sigh do to the issues wording. The person voting next to me handed me some printed of papers on the issues to make it easier.
    ? I took a look at out of curiosity, but handed it back.

    Then as I was warning other voters check for pre-marked ballots, people held up papers and said “oh I bring a cheat sheet” It’s okay for people to do this, but they did not understand just as I didn’t understand how any marks, or 2 marks would keep the machine from reading & counting your entire ballot. It’s very hard for me to explain.

    Something has to be done. Directions other than making sure your line is straight across is b.s.

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