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Red Cross: Obese Now Outnumber Hungry

From a seemingly straight-faced Agence France-Presse:

Obese now outnumber hungry, says Red Cross

September 22, 2011

Obese people now outnumber the hungry globally, but hardship for the undernourished is increasing amid a growing food crisis, the International Federation of the Red Cross warned Thursday.

The Geneva-based humanitarian group focused on nutrition in its annual World Disasters Report, released in New Delhi, seeking to highlight the disparity between rich and poor, as well problems caused by a recent spike in prices.

One would think that a spike in food prices would help curtail the obesity problem. But apparently not.

In statistics used to underline the unequal access to food, the IFRC stressed there were 1.5 billion people suffering obesity worldwide last year, while 925 million were undernourished.

"If the free interplay of market forces has produced an outcome where 15 percent of humanity are hungry while 20 percent are overweight, something has gone wrong somewhere," secretary general Bekele Geleta [sic] said in a statement.

‘White folk’s greed runs a world in need’ — again. Damn those free markets.

Obviously, fat people must have their access limited, while the undernourished are given greater ‘access’ to food. And either the International Red Cross or the UN should be put in charge of administering that around the world.

Short of that, the clear solution is to give the IRC and UN more money. (After all, their hotel bills alone are astronomical.)

Asia-Pacific director Jagan Chapagain [sic] called it a "double-edged scandal" at a press conference in the Indian capital, adding that "excess nutrition now kills more than hunger."

Which must mean that food now kills even more people than handguns. So where are the calls for ‘food control’? (That is, apart from Michelle Obama and ‘Mayor Doomberg.’)

The problem of hunger existed not because there was a lack of food globally, he stressed, but because of poor distribution, wastage and rising prices that made food unaffordable.

Then what is causing the excess nutrition which is killing people. Good distribution, lack of waste and low prices?

Food prices have spiked globally in 2011, raising fears of a re-run of the crisis seen in 2008 which led to riots and political instability in many countries.

The rise in food prices, which the IFRC blamed on speculative commodity trading and climate change, among other factors, is seen as having contributed to the unrest witnessed in north Africa and the Middle East this year.

In reality, ‘global warming’ would allow longer growing seasons around the world, which would actually lower the price of food. Or that the efforts to curtail carbon emissions just drive up the cost of growing and transporting food.

Why let such niggling details get in the way of another of another demand for more income redistribution?

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5 Responses to “Red Cross: Obese Now Outnumber Hungry”

  1. Dupree says:

    Seems to me, that the problem of undernourished peoples globally is caused by authoritarian governments not allowing their people to produce a living for themselves, rather than some lack of distribution or access.

  2. BigOil says:

    Funny how the Red Cross mentions the problem of a food price spike but avoids mentioning the major cause – converting a world food staple, corn, into fuel.

    It presents quite the dilemma for a liberal organization. Do they advocate saving the planet or feeding the hungry masses?

  3. GetBackJack says:

    When is it going to become obvious that someone has been peeing in our gene pool?

    Don’t talk to me about food, quality of, availability, lack of control, etc. This obesity problem is genetic and intentional.

  4. untrainable says:

    There is a food shortage, but many people get “excess nutrition”. Don’t you just love the liberal word play?
    Excess nutrition? Who talks that way? Obese people suffer from the horrible scourge of surplus sustenance (makes you cringe doesn’t it?).
    You have to give the libs credit though. In this case they’ve got victims on both sides and the evil in the equation is life.
    So the solution (via socialist government machinations) … MAKE LIFE FAIR. How can you argue with that goal? Right?

    Someone needs to stand up and tell the poor fat, and the poor skinny, and the poor pittiful… Life’s not fair… build a bridge and get over it. A lack of personal responsibility on your part does not constitute binding federally enforced financial responsibility for you on my part. Except that in these days of messianic rule by Oblamer the first, it seems to. I don’t begrudge those truly in need, but to sustain an entire sector of the population because life’s not fair makes a mockery of freedom and the liberty that so few these days truly appreciate. Has anyone done any research to show the political dynamics of poverty? I’d love to see a chart that shows how many of those in poverty are democrats, and how many are republicans. I’d be willing to bet that poverty would be shown to be a direct result of the democrat (wonko liberal) mindset and belief structure, and that the numbers would show that conclusively. No study like that could ever be published though. It might hurt Oblamer’s re-election chances, and as we all know, that’s what it’s all really about these days.

  5. proreason says:

    The fatter I get, the hungrier I get.

    Maybe I should be in gubamint.

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