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Refugee From Sex Traffickers Claims Abuse By ‘Guardian’

From an irony proof Baltimore Sun:

Unaccompanied minor from Honduras alleges abuse by guardian

By Ian Duncan | August 4, 2014

A Honduran man living in Baltimore County faces federal charges after an unaccompanied immigrant girl sent to live with him told police he smuggled her into the United States and that the pair engaged in a sexual relationship.

The hell you say. Who would ever thought that this was possible? After all, we are spending untold billions to protect these illegal alien children from the ravages of sex trafficking. We even have the 2008 Wilberforce Act, which put an end to all such sex trafficking. And yet it still somehow happens.

Of course, in reality, the Obama administration is facilitating it by transporting the victims to their abusers just in order to buy more votes for the Democrats. And to hell with what happens to the kids.

Federal officials gave Pedro Lara Portillo, 42, guardianship over the girl, who is also from Honduras, as part of a program that places minors who cross the border alone with relatives while their immigration status is determined, according to court documents.

Come on, you can’t blame federal officials. They were acting with the best of intentions. Who would have thought that there would be any risk of sexual abuse in turning illegal alien children over to complete strangers without any background checks?

But notice that there is no mention anywhere in this article that the girl was allowed into the US, and then allowed to stay here, and then transported to her ‘guardians’ because she claimed to be the victim of sexual trafficking. Which is the legal reed that all of this nonsense hangs on.

The 16-year-old girl crossed the border in late March and after about a month in custody was released to live with Lara in Owings Mills. The girl told police that Lara had an "inappropriate sexual relationship" with her, according to the documents…

Lara was indicted last week on charges of alien smuggling and encouraging an alien to illegally enter the country…

That is against the law? Then how come Obama hasn’t been arrested?

Federal investigators say that Lara had coordinated with the girl’s mother and arranged to pay fees to a contact in Mexico so that she could cross into that country after leaving Honduras. From there she entered the U.S. alone, crossing the border in Texas, according to court documents…

And from there she was fed, sheltered and eventually transported to her abuser, all courtesy of the US taxpayer. What a great system, huh? A sex fiend’s dream.

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One Response to “Refugee From Sex Traffickers Claims Abuse By ‘Guardian’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Pedophiles, rapists and murderers .. thanks Democrat Party

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