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Regulations Close 15 (More) Coal Power Plants

From Fox News:

Federal regulations blamed for Georgia utility closing 15 coal, oil power plants

January 08, 2013

Tough federal emissions standards are being blamed for the closure of 15 coal-fired plants and the loss of nearly 480 jobs in Georgia.

Georgia Power plans to close the power plants, cutting its grid capacity by more than 15 percent, in a move the utility said was necessary to comply with federal regulations aimed at reducing air pollution

Just like Obama promised would happen, way back when he was running for the Presidency in 2008. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? )To quote George Peppard from the ‘A-Team.’)

The announcement was hailed by environmental activists but lamented by coal industry advocates, who say the Obama administration is “targeting” their industry.

“There’s no question about it, the industry is being targeted by this administration," Jason Hayes, spokesman for the American Coal Council, told FoxNews.com. He said current regulations and laws make it nearly impossible for older coal-burning plants to be upgraded in a cost-effective manner, leaving utilities like Georgia Power little choice but to shut them down.

In recent months, several utilities have made similar announcements, saying they opted to close aging coal plants rather than pay hundreds of millions of dollars to install pollution-control equipment to comply with federal clean-air rules…

To be fair, Obama told us this would happen if he was elected. Well, not "us." He warned the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle, who very conveniently sat on their own scoop. After all, Obama still had primaries to face in coal states.

Georgia Power used coal to produce 70 percent of its electricity as recently as five years ago, but now gets less than half its juice from the fossil fuel, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Officials said the lost capacity will be replaced with nuclear energy and natural gas.

That is, until they realize that, thanks to Obama and Harry Reid, there is no place to put the spent nuclear fuel.

Although officials said customer’s bills won’t jump immediately, the cost of shutting down the plants could ultimately be passed on to consumers…


Federal regulators and environmentalists say power plants are responsible for about half the nation’s mercury toxins, which contaminate water and fish…

What nonsense. If mercury were dangerous, we wouldn’t be required to buy light bulbs with mercury in them.

The new regulations are designed to help prevent premature deaths, asthma and other health problems, but coal industry officials, say the aggressive rules are costing jobs and driving up the price of electricity.

And yet the number of cases of asthma is skyrocketing. How is that possible?

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One Response to “Regulations Close 15 (More) Coal Power Plants”

  1. GetBackJack says:


    Congress passes the ban on incandescent lightbulbs, forcing us to buy fluorescent bulbs cost 15x as much. General Electric lead the way in lobbying behind the scenes for this change.

    Closing coal fired plants means less electricity in the Grid, which is likely to be EMP’d to death anyway.

    I don’t think these sons of unmarried parents have thought their cunning plan all the way through, since a fluorescent bulb costs 20x as much to manufacture. In energy.

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