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Reich: “No White Construction Workers”

From C-SPAN, via YouTube:

Obamas economic advisor doesn’t want recovery jobs for "White Male Construction Workers.”

Mr. Obama is really getting carried away with his ‘Honest Abe’ aping. His economic plan is sounding more and more like “Reconstruction” than “Recovery.”

Though, come to think of it, that was more the work of Andrew Johnson — who was impeached.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

76 Responses to “Reich: “No White Construction Workers””

  1. Flession says:

    This is the hope and change we were promised.

    Why would we want to help the majority as well as the minority, instead of the just the minority? Isn’t it OUR tax money?!

    • Colonel1961 says:

      ‘Our’ tax money? Typical white person. Claiming it to be ‘our’ money… Tsk. Tsk.

      Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Re-Education Camp you go…

    • curvyred says:

      Any irony in his last name – I find it very ironic.

  2. jobeth says:

    What strikes me here is the concept that he thinks contruction jobs should not be going to high skilled workers but to low income, unskilled “others”.

    Do you really want to cross a bridge or enter a building built, not by professionals, but the unskilled? That is frightening.

    There is a reason why the high skilled are “rich” or “well off”. They spent years learning a profession for safety and quality all the while a lot of these unskilled “others” were coasting by NOT preparing for a career.

    And I don’t buy they didn’t have opportunity. There are enough gov helps out there that if ANYone wants to further his education he/she can. But it does take work and devotion and an IQ of at least average. (I know this from personal experience..I did it)

    So to take this work away from the qualified and give to the unqualified is not only stupid it’s unsafe to the whole country.

  3. proreason says:

    thought experiment……what happens if white males all become rappers?

    • Flession says:

      Like Joaquin Phoenix?

      Sure, I’m game. We can have a army of Vanilla Ice’s take over the hood.

    • Confucius says:

      Answer: Vanilla Ice.

    • Odie44 says:

      If they have the longevity and talent of The Beastie Boys, I am all for it…

      However, certainly know what you mean pro.

    • proreason says:

      guys, please……. Sample Answer 1:

      Industrial output would fall to zero, but would be offset by a skyrocketing lapdance business

      Sample answer 2:

      Noise pollution would become a greater threat to the earth than climate change, but reading and arithmatic could be dropped from the grade school curriculum

    • U NO HOO says:

      “Malibu’s Most Wanted”?

  4. A Mad Pole says:


  5. Anonymoose says:

    This sort of politically correct attitude is what I’ve faced most of my adult life. I don’t need that job as much as some other disadvantaged person, never mind I have to make a living. College degree? Doesn’t matter. Experience? Nope. Skills? Don’t make people look bad. It would be nice if I actually had all the power and money it’s assumed I’ve got.

    And I agree with Jobeth, any bridge/road built by an experienced professional would be much preferred over something built just to give people a job.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    SG – Remember my daughter’s got all those “typical white person” T Shirts left over from the campaign? I’m thinkin’ maybe they’ll be a few 100 thousand unemployed white contruction workers who would love to wear them while standing in line for the unemployment checks.

    How much is an ad on S&L anyway?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Any with “Skilled White Workers” on them?

      Never mind….crack makes mo’ money for the unskilled and they don’t know what an honest days work is about!! Plus…..you’ll lose half a crew in a drive-by!!

  7. Betsy Ross says:

    How about no more highly skilled economists? You could easily train an unskilled worked to read tea leaves.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Now that’s funny!

    • jobeth says:

      You’re right Betsy…

      And they couldn’t possibly do any worse, now could they?

      I mean after all, ALL of us must “sacrifice”…(Gosh, how I would love to see them have to live their own policy)

  8. Steve says:

    Mr. Limbaugh is talking about this thread as we type.

    • Flession says:

      Yup. We’re awesome like that.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      I thank God gave us of right minds such a unique sense for the absurd. Unfortunately, Prof Reicchhhhhhhhhhhh SHA! ‘s cognitive dwarfism is matched only by his height, which precludes him from seeing just how ridiculous he is.

      BTW SG – I trust your use of the verb “aping” was tantalizingly unintentional.

  9. Barbie says:

    Hey any white construction worker who voted for Obama – you are going to get to reap a little of that hope and change you sowed…

    • sheehanjihad says:

      There are going to be millions of people who will wake up within the year, mouth agape, who will be quietly asking themselves..”What in God’s Name have we done?”

    • Flession says:

      I, myself, have a little box of “I told you so’s” I have made for his presidency. So whenever Mr. Obama does something that I said he would, or something happens the exact way I did, I will write the offense in and merely put it in the box.

      I already have 5 of them. I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll need a new box.

      But be sure to laugh at the stupid people Sheehan when that prolific day comes: They have it coming

    • Dangerous says:

      SJ, I think you give too many of them too much credit.

      The more likely thought is “How did this happen? We hoped for the best and we voted Obama, then nothing changed for the better. What went wrong?”

  10. caligirl9 says:

    I would hope someone out there has the testes to take this to court…

    Which reminds me, we need to pray daily for the health and well-being of the conservative Supreme Court justices. They may well be our last line of defense over the next four years. We can’t afford to lose them. I shudder to think about what TCO would appoint to the Court…

    • proreason says:

      Look for older liberals to all take early retirement so younger nuts can take their places and entrench nutism for another 30 years.

  11. River says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to live in the new post-racial and diverse Obamanation? There’s an old English saying: ‘Beware beggars on horseback’; that is, the worst tyrants are people who believe they are finally getting the power and authority they deserve after being ‘held down’ and ‘victimized’. What a witches brew has been unleashed: 40 years of media persuasion that a vast class has been victimized, and now they are ’empowered’.

  12. Trialdog says:

    Gotta love Rangel. Sitting there wondering how one race can be excluded from government handouts, on the basis of race. How can they make sure that the states prohibit white workers from getting the money? Man, I’m going to love to read that legislation. I hope our “law professor” President will hold a fireside chat to explain that one. No, on second thought, I don’t want Him to explain it. If He did, His media would then explain to me how invidious it would be to allow the perpetuation of racial discrimination by letting white workers have government money, Lowery would demand that white do what’s right, and some millionaire “Gangta'” rapper would threaten any “G– D-*n M#*/!@>*/er” who opposes such a restoration of what our forefathers fought for with death. Hopenchange!

  13. Trialdog says:

    On a more personal note for a friend of mine. I’d like to ask Congressman Rangel if my white construction worker friend is married to a black woman, will he qualify for the money? And if his wife owns the construction company, will she have to fire him?

  14. VMAN says:

    And what about the unions? Are they going to stand idly by as the O hole commands them to tell their white members to just shut up and do as the O hole says? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

  15. Hilde says:

    “Though, come to think of it, that was more the work of Andrew Johnson — who was impeached.”

    Nice revisionism. Andrew Johnson was impeached because he strongly opposed Reconstruction.

  16. bill says:

    The racist party is back. With a history like the Democrat party, you would expect there would be a few racists still in the power structure of the modern day Democrats. The list of Democrat achievements in racism is a long list, they formed the KKK as their terror wing after the civil war to keep blacks on the farm, they lynched blacks and white political opponents to maintain control of the southern legislatures, passed the Jim Crow laws, and formed the core of segregation. And then they filibustered the 1964 Civil rights law.

    So with a history like that, what did you expect. Reich is a communist and a racist..

  17. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    On my father’s side there is English, Irish, Scottish, and Cherokee Indian. On my mother’s side there is Mexican, Spanish, French, and Commanche Indian. So if I had to take a job as a construction worker where would it leave me?

  18. Odie44 says:

    I have posed this question for black folks who believe in only black/minority entitlement/handouts/AA:

    Your kid drinks some poison accidently and you call the Poison Control Center Hotline. The person on the other end of the line may be the difference of life and death for your child. They got their job due to skin color and not knowledge.

    Care to take that risk?

    Of course I omit 70% of black men who have kids, for accuracy purposes…

    • Dangerous says:

      That’s a fine, chilling example.

      I’ll say thanks and I hope you have no problems with me adding it to my verbal arsenal.

  19. sheehanjihad says:

    LMAO Colonel!

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Much thanks, SJ. And, by the way, love your avatar – haven’t had the opportunity to praise your style!

    • DGA says:

      Totally off topic, speaking of avatars, what’s the speedometer from on yours Colonel, and how fast WERE you driving at the time, I can’t read it clearly.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Wow – you have good eyes. Did you cut, paste, and expand it? I’ve had to do that with a few avatars because I just coudn’t tell what they were… I like it because I thought no one would ever notice, i.e., an inside joke. Oh, well…

      About 110mph in the 360 Spider F1. Someone else was driving the car. :-)

      And speaking of which, what is yours – I don’t have a clue?

    • Liberals Demise says:


  20. ptat says:

    Another Rhodes scholar strikes back! That Rhodes scholar “thing” sure is a long and expensive way to make someone stupid! No, you wouldn’t want a minority like white construction workers getting special favors! We are witnessing a historical Full Court Press of imbeciles and loonies running the country! Very entertaining but a bit scary—yes, God is in control, but we can provoke Him with arrogance and the futility of disobedience and unbelief…….

    • jobeth says:

      A friend of mine and I were talking about that just the other day.

      We have allowed our Country to drift so far into the sewer with all the amoral behavior God has to do something to wake up the masses.

      I fear this is our last chance to come back to the right path and become a God honoring nation again….

      Great observation.

  21. GuppyNblue says:

    Construction site sign: White males need not apply.

    Everything will be about race and class now. Like terrorist leaders, communist need conflict between victims and perpetrators to give them legitimacy.

    None of this has anything to do with democracy so “hoping” the democratic process will stop it is naive. The pathetic republicans will never win the presidency again as the only real party will make this impossible over the next four years.

    • Barbie says:

      It won’t be long before white males can’t drink from the community water fountain… (not that anyone in their right mind would want to anyway. yuck)

    • GuppyNblue says:

      There are charter schools in Los Angeles where that has already come true.

    • Barbie says:

      I did not know that but I shouldn’t be surprised. This is scary.

  22. U NO HOO says:

    Bigots need not apply.

    Ha Ha Ha

  23. sheehanjihad says:

    A complete 180! Funny how those who feel they have been “oppressed” all these long years are chomping at the bit to oppress others!

    Well, too bad. I dont think I feel like being oppressed by anyone. They dont want to find out the hard way how white males dont take to being oppressed.

    Nice thing about a 180, is there is another 180 to get back to where we started! It took them 400 years by their count. It wont take that many days this time, by my count.

    I firmly believe that they are in the process of biting off a lot more than they can chew. Hoopla and feel good ideology dont make you shoot straighter.

    Taking back one’s country always does. Take it from an American-American.

  24. curvyred says:

    Racism and bigotry are wrong – no matter who benefits – funny this doesn’t seem to jive with “the one’s” message to put aside bigotry and small-mindedness.

    Secondly, for a man who is supposed to be a “economics expert” Reich doesn’t seem very aware of:

    1) Federal Contract Bids must adhere to Affirmative Action standards already.

    2) State’s generally set the guidelines.

    3) Just how does one go about building bridges, overpasses, and roads without skilled labor and Professional Engineers?

    Here is his blog:


    Just a little snippet:

    “People often ask where the money for the stimulus will come from. The answer is the same places from which the Federal Reserve and the Treasury have financed their far larger attempt to rescue the financial system. The bulk of the money will have to be borrowed from abroad, largely from China and Japan.”

    “Green Jobs Corps” teams could be trained to evaluate and advise homeowners and businesses on these and other means of conserving energy.”

    “Mortgage mitigation efforts to date have failed largely because investors won’t agree to take their losses on bad investments”

    I stopped reading – bleh.

  25. Perdido says:

    So I was thinking what a great public service it would be to publish a list of the bridges and construction projects manned by Robert “the Littlest Leninist” Reich’s criteria. You know, a safety warning of sorts. Then I thought, well, no that would be an empty list.

    The guys “the Littlest Leninist” is holding the jobs for will never show up.

    Reich, aka, “the most persona non-grata in Bartlesville, Ok. is insane. Clearly insane.

  26. TickTock says:

    Does this mean I gets to sleep all day, party all night, slap around my biatch, and live off my babymama’s checks (all four of them), then get in Blacky’s grill about how the Black Man has Victimized me?

    Build a bridge? I don’t think so, brotha’…. I gots’a drive by tonight…

    Talk about building Bridges to Nowhere…

    His name is pronounced “Rich” but shouldn’t it sound like, ‘Rike”?

    And thus the race war was fomented…

  27. Barbie says:

    I think it’s time America starts to require those who are in office or running for political office (especially at the federal level) to take a basic IQ test, common sense test, sanity test, and a drug/alcohol test. Those who fail are expelled immediately. Bye Charlie, Barney, Reich, Dodd, Graham, and the list goes on… (p.s. I know Reich isn’t elected but he definitely needs to be tested)

  28. Odie44 says:

    The hat tip goes to Rangel – who’s cess pool of a district, well has been a cess pool his entire time there.

    INstead of public works projects – I want to see the faces of elite liberals, who hire workers for additions, projects on their home. I want to see their reaction to shotty work, poor craftmanship, etc and how receptive they will be. i.e. Expose the true feelings when it effects their pocket books directly and not a black hole of “some public works projects”.

    Bambi and friends may want to take a look at the trade Union leadership. They may not be as willing to replace quality, high wage, high skilled labor for another failed AA policy… and they are not huge fans of “others”…

    • jobeth says:

      I agree with all you have said except I do have questions about this last comment.

      “They may not be as willing to replace quality, high wage, high skilled labor for another failed AA policy… and they are not huge fans of “others”…”

      At the risk of being called a racist by some lurking lib, have you looked at the color of most unions today? Unfortunately they have been attracting more and more “minorities” (altho now a days the true minority is the white American male). And we won’t even go into the issue of how liberal unions are and how much money they have put in the pockets of the far left.

      I come from a family who was pro union…back in the days when unions were needed. Now they have become so big a force that it is strangling the goose that lays the golden egg. The companies.

      I’ve seen some really smelly stuff come out of a union that covered the hospital I worked in. Including but not limited to, getting unworthy health care workers jobs back when they were truly scary. One was a worker who came to work intoxicated…yeah!

      So as much as I would like to say they won’t accept it, you have to look at who is leading the unions.

    • Odie44 says:

      Jobeth –

      Certainly there are more minorities within the trades themselves and should be, based on skill – but my comment was more to the point that shotty work being forced, by hiring non skilled minorities, ala Rangel and Reich before actual skill will not go over well.

      The ability for them to earn projects, whether gov or not , while riddled with payola – will lesson. Add in the lawsuits of shotty craftmanship, again dictated by the color of ones skin – I believe their will be an uprising within these trades.

      I have friends representing just about every skilled labor trade, know these folks well (namely in upstate NY and NYC) and they have a genuine pride in craftmanship and of course their north of $50 an hour wage.

      AA and entitlement flourish within gov entities themselves, for there is zero accountability – but within even the most ardent Dem unions of skilled labor – it cannot and will not fly. Addidioanlly, there is a growing trend of non Union workers, namely minority-led that have caused riots based on this principle.

      It would be suicide for Dems to basterdize their voting block of non minority union followers, because the only thing that causes them to hit the lever (D) is the guarantee of said high wages.

    • jobeth says:

      Odie, I certainly hope you are right. I too know many high skilled folks that are union and are dedicated to quailty and have pride.

      I was one myself. But being an old gal, I’ve been around a lot of years and have seen a lot of things that I have my doubts this will happen.

      It’s not the skilled worker that is in control much of the time. Its the union types that no longer work in the trades or professions but now lead the unions.

      Unions started out when they were sorely needed, but have you ever played the “snake” game where the more you feed the snake the longer it gets? At some point it gets so large it kills itself.

      I think the unions, with their own “social” agendas are about there now. One question to ask is why would unions contribute so much to the dems and their “social” projects? Who do they usually favor?

      Again, I truly hope I am wrong and you are right. It would really be a good thing if unions would change.

      My point in the end is, many minorities tend to protect their own. If its one of them that will be out of a job they will work hard at bending rules.

      Not all…for sure, we have many great consevative minority folks that are getting a lot of flack for their positions by the types I am talking about.

      The above employee I mentioned in my last blog was just such a story and sadly that was not an isolated event.

    • Odie44 says:

      Jobeth –

      I am trying my hardest to be sane in today’s political world, which could be my failure.

      A good friends father was recenlty indicted in NJ for NOT using union labor, as described in his “gov sponsored contract”. This is a man who grew his company from nothing, was a union ombudsmen, but got tired of the bribes, payola, shotty craftmanship, attitude – so he went away from unions 10 years ago. Amazingly – the company is now worth $50-$60M, being he actually knows how to make a profit – but the indictment (and sentencing next week) all have to do with his failure to bow down to a glut of stupidity and shottyness, aka “union rules” and forced hiring.

      I applaud your skill and the fact as a woman – I imagine it wasnt a “smooth ride” and you certianly would be more intimate with this issue, being it was your business. Perhaps you are the one thats right…

    • jobeth says:

      Otie, You give me hope for the future. Its optimism like yours that has made this country great. Problem is that the world has turned ugly in some areas. Let’s pray that we can get back to the world as it was a while ago, when people operated from self pride and quality. Like I can see in you.

      I know you come from the NE so a lot of your view is colored by that. I was raised in MD so in my family were union members from the steel- AFL CIO (dad was a shop steward) and auto UAW not to mention relatives in WV who are coal miners.

      My own sorry ex-husband had his job gotten back by the teamsters in atlantic City (before the casinos) several times. He deserved to be fired each time. (Please note he is my EX (smile)) so even if you’re white the union doesn’t always defend quality.

      Yes, I live in a “right to work” state now, Fl. So I have seen it from both sides. I watched one “election” where a white co-worker of mine was running for president of our local at the hospital against a person of color. He won…except the black woman who was running the union at the time, decided to extend (illegally) the voting deadline and sent someone over to the hospital to get as many others (black) as possible to come down to cast their vote. That tipped the scale. We complained to the district rep (who was white) and he did nothing. He couldn’t…too many “minorities” to fight.

      My co-worker only ran because of the heavy corruption in that local…we found it extended all the way up the ladder.

      And thank you for giving me credit I don’t think I deserve. I, like many people, worked hard to attain a profession, but you know what, I worked no harder than anyone else. I had my “fights’ for rights, but again, no more than anyone else. I’ve never been a victim. I can do anything I’ve a mind to do. Like every one else.
      Thanks for the great discussion!

  29. Enthalpy says:

    We are not the same. Governments have pressed the idea that if it were not for racism and a lack of opportunity, we would have equality. The White man would not have to be excluded form this Progressive model and all would be right ( or left) with the world. The only problem, of course, is that it’s based on a lie. We are not even close to being the same, and everyone who has a brain knows it. It is idiocy of this type that hastens the onset of civil strife and perhaps a looming civil war.

    • Odie44 says:

      i.e : “Equality of opportunity, equality of results”

      2 extremely important tenants of small “c” conservatism, which is why it is directly opposed by the left, namely small “l” liberals.

      I truly believe minorities have some warped view of the world and think white people, namely white men just show up and get a) wealth, b) jobs, c)influence, d) priority in everything, etc. Which as we all know, is further from the truth.

      They HAVE to believe this, for it is the presumption that leads to the blatant hysteria from the left, where one group is led by guilt and the other failed by their “leaders” It has been the dogma of the left for years.

      Wealth , of any color – is the prime indicator of “better opportunity”. Obama’s children will have more access, money and opportunity than this white guy ever has had, yet due to my belief in the above said tenants – I strive through hard work, dedication and desire to make a better life for my wife and future kids. The day I point a finger and blame anyone for failure is the day I die inside…

  30. BigOil says:

    When it comes to utilizing unskilled construction workers, what better model to emulate than that of the great Jimmah Carter.


  31. Reality Bytes says:

    My best friend, who at 375 lb 6ft 3 construction worker is only outsized by the size of the excavators he operates wants to know how fast I can print up…

    Typical White Construction Worker T & Sweat Shirts

    Boy, if this keeps up, I’m gonna be able to retire on all this material coming from Obama, Inc.

    Thanks Barry!

  32. crosspatch says:

    I want to know where each of these “welfare bridges” are so I can avoid taking my children over them.

  33. pdsand says:

    I have a pet liberal here at work with whom I debate these issues all the time, and we already went all up and down this road about three months ago. He was of the hopeychangey assumption that through this construction program the government would lay contracts, by the bushel full, and that current companies would be so swamped with new work that they’d go out and hire the great unwashed at the same time as new people would sense the economic opportunity and create a groundswell of new companies from the gorgeous mosaic, and that this little plan would work out exactly as Obama hoped it would by the government pumping money into the market, and the market correcting to invigorate the economy. I think this pretty much shows that these liberal wetdreamers are going to want to avoid that twisted version of a free-market solution, on account of how they won’t want it to seem like the money is going to people who already have jobs and fortunes, and will try to engineer some entirely new and inefficient form of government boondoggle to try and steer money directly to their favorite special people.

  34. bobbys says:

    I was a union carpenter building Bridges.

    Im not gonna drive over any bridge built by unskilled workers. .

    To put unskilled workers on a bridge job is like a death sentence.

    They could only be used as flaggers and that IS a hard job.

  35. stevierayjon says:

    Are there any white construction workers left?

    Last time I looked, almost every construction worker I saw was
    from south of the border. (At least in CA. NV. AZ. TX. CO. NM.)

  36. O Bamanation says:

    This reminds me of a story out of the the Bible in 1 Samuel 8. The Israelites are asking for a King, just like the “other” countries. Samuel tries to tell them, no you do not want a King. But the Israelites were persistent. And look, we have a King, King Obama! A man who claims to be African American, but is less than 7% African American. But, he is 50% white. Look his family up on Wikipedia and other sites. Very interesting.

    Back to my thoughts on the Israelites. I think we are the Israelites of today. Keep in mine folks, America is not considered or part of the End Times! That is a fact. Will we destory ourselves? Will it be through a racial riot? Will we join with another country? I don’t know. But interesting none-the-less.

    The best thing I can tell everyone is to pray. Pray for God’s will and to give you the ability to be in His will. We are living in perilous times and that calls for Christians into actions. Christians are suppose to stand up, when everyone else sits down.

  37. groovygrl says:

    I think this needs some even deeper investigation (as I adjust my tin foil hat).

    At the risk of sounding like a Halliburton conspiracy nut…look at Perini Corporation and URS it’s ties to Dian Feinstein. Granted her husband divested himself of those interests a while ago but are the ties really broken? Then look at the new CEO of Perini and his former company Tutor Saliba which gets many many many many contracts for public works jobs (and private as well, but we’re not talking about that).

    There’s more to this stuff than just don’t hire whitey. That’s just a distraction. This New Deal is going to be quite profittable for some Democrats and/or their friends and family. Enough to make Halliburton and Iraq look like a lemonade stand.

  38. TickTock says:

    I think it’s entirely against the nature of the Liberal Beast to break ties with money, Groovygrl.
    You make an excellent point. Look at Hillary and Slick… Now she’s Secretary of State.

    And Giether (sp). The Bad TurboTax made him do it. But he will be Secretary of the Treasury, even though he can’t account for the $350 bil TARP he was handed.

    One party rule is not a good thing.

  39. Perdido says:

    Excellent! You drove that nail with one lick!

  40. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    You guys and gals are making some very excellent points. I’ve only had a very limited amount of exposure to working with unions. One union had a lot of power but they weren’t very authoritative about it. The other union was everything dreadful we’ve come to hear about. I felt bad that a friend of mine was basically voted in absentia to be the new union rep. for my work center (I was military). He reluctantly accepted the position and it caused him no end of stress. Things got even more heated when another civilian got disgusted with the union and dropped out of it. The union head honchos then sent my friend to find out why one of their members just up and quit. I don’t think they were so much concerned that he had quit as much as they were angry that now they were minus a body that could pump money into their coffers. Sorry for this rambling. I couldn’t sleep but figured I could read some good lively chatter amongst everyone here. Keep up the good work.

    • JohnMG says:

      This is likely a non-issue for the dems and/or Obama. If you need further proof, consider that less than 10% of the working population belong to unions, yet union contributions to Obama (in dollars alone–not volunteer canvassing, etc.) exceeded $400 million. Based on the total working population, you can do the math and see how much money that works out per each of the rank-and-file membership. Now, couple this with the fact that almost 40% of that same membership votes Republican, and you can see why this issue is more likely a smoke-screen for what is to come. Amnesty for illegals, and wholesale recruiting of this same demographic into the union(s) (where they can legally be exploited) will follow. Minority ‘businesses’ will vie for these “infrastructure” jobs where they are given ‘points’ (read preferences) toward the awarding of contracts. The whole damned outfit is corrupt. I’m telling you this from experience. I’ve been “union” for 40 years (and a contractor for 25 of those years) because if you’re going to secure work in this market (St.Louis,MO area) it’s about the only alternative.

      Tell me, where else can you find where 8% of the demographic can call the shots for the other 92% of the practicioners? Only socialist countries. Hey………wait a minute!!

  41. gmjones2001 says:

    Has anyone even considered the possibility that this is a doctored video?

    Consider the source. Youtube?

    Why is the video/audio out of sync? On the CSPAN website the videos are perfectly in sync.

    Why did the poster have to mess with the video and put in all those stupid text shots?

    Why right before Reich utters ‘No white construction workers’ does the video go to yet another stupid text shot so you can’t actually see Reich’s mouth?

    I don’t like Reich’s views, but if this were authentic I bet we’d of heard more about it.


    • jobeth says:

      whoooo boy….here we go….naw, I am going to leave it alone.

      Oh pooh…can’t help myself.

      ……….”but if this were authentic I bet we’d of heard more about it”

      And who pray tell would we have heard it from….? The libedia?
      MSNBC maybe?

      again, Let it go self…just let it go!

    • 1sttofight says:

      The midget admited he said it.

      Go feed your unicorn.

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