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Reid Crows: We Changed America Forever

From Fox News and The Hill:

Reid: ‘We changed America forever’

By Eric Zimmermann – 04/05/10

Healthcare reform has "changed America forever," Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) confidently proclaimed Monday night.

"People compare it to Medicare. Bigger than Medicare," Reid told Fox News’s Greta Van Sustren. "Medicare just affected old people. Bigger than social Security, beacuse [sic] at the time Social Security passed it delat [sic] only with old people. This affects everybody."

Reid acknowledged that there were flaws in the bill, but suggested lawmakers could fix those later.

"If we have to go back and patch things up and fix a few things we can do that. This is not a perfect piece of legislation," Reid said.

The Nevada Democrat also expressed surprise that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) didn’t brag more about the so-called "Cornhusker kickback" that secured extra Medicaid funding for Nebraska. (That provision has since been extended to all the states.)

"If I’d gotten that for Nevada, I’d have yelled it from the rooftops," Reid said. "He didn’t, and that’s a decision he made."

By the way, Mr. Nelson eventually voted against the final ‘healthcare reform’ bill.

Reid said he was confident in his own position for re-election. Polls have showed him trailing to any of three Republican challengers. Reid said the polls were misleading, and took a shot at the Las Vegas Sun, whom he has quibbled with repeatedly this year.

"[The polls are] not as bleak as a newspaper here tries to make them," he said. "Even the latest polls put out by the newspaper that runs an editorial every other day against me, shows that with multiple candidates in the race I win the election."

Polls do in fact show Reid possibly winning re-eleciton [sic] if a Tea Party candidate enters the race and takes a substantial portion of the conservative vote from a Republican candidate.

Finally, Reid placed the blame for the lost Massachusetts Senate seat squarely at the feet of Democrat Martha Coakley, who lost her bid against now-Sen. Scott Brown (D-Mass.).

"We don’t need to get in to what happened in the campaign," Reid said. "It wasn’t all healthcare. We had a few other problems, without denigrating the campaign or anything of that nature."

Van Sustren pointed out that Coakley was leading Brown in mid-December, just a few weeks before the election.

"Until she came back from her three week vacation?" Reid quipped.

Never mind that Mr. Reid was himself in the midst of a two week vacation when he quipped that zinger.

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8 Responses to “Reid Crows: We Changed America Forever”

  1. philmarlowe says:

    Lies and arrogance. He typifies everything that is wrong with democrats. They have no regard for their constituents, for the truth or the Constitution. This level of smugness deserves total annihilation at the polls in November. And when it happens, we will all have a good laugh.

  2. proreason says:

    Yep. He changed America forever.

    Now we know what they smell like. And we know they have no limits in the crimes they are willing to commit.

    But the Health Care cramdown? It’s about as permanenet as George III’s rule over the Colonies.

  3. U NO HOO says:

    Smugness was the word I was looking for, Nanzi Pelozi, Pinky Reid, and The Obamanator are SMUG!

    As simple as that.

  4. ptat says:

    Reid is certainly smug and oh so comfortable in his idiocy. He lives in a fantasy world, and he can afford to. But we can’t afford for him to live in such oblivious disconnect and denial. November is coming! Too bad he will live out his years, after losing, in cushy comfort and complacent oblivion. If he could only see the damage he has done and what a failed human being he really is….

    • JohnMG says:

      Reid reminds me of Wally Cox……..without Cox’s machismo.

      Nevadans must not miss this opportunity to hand this dweeb his ass, come November. Putz!

  5. bousquem says:

    What a jerk, he seems so smug because he built in execptions so when everyone else has to try and deal with the nightmare that is the healthcare bill/law, he will continue to get his platinum plated congressional healtcare plan for life. I know my premiums are going to shoot up even more just because of all the new requirements going into place. I had expected cheap insurance as I’m in the young male group but watch now I’ll have to buy the most expensive plan that covers services I’ll never use or won’t even be using for hopefully another 50 years or so.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Polls do in fact show Reid possibly winning re-eleciton [sic] if a Tea Party candidate enters the race and takes a substantial portion of the conservative vote from a Republican candidate.

    Here again is a fundamental misunderstanding by the democrats about what the Tea Party stands for. It is not a separate political party. Indeed, they are not an organization even but simply a movement.

    The people who are dissatisfied with the government as it sits know full well that voting for genuine conservative republicans is probably the best way to go since it’s been identified that there are NO moderate democrats. Reid and his ilk are living in a false assumption that tea partiers will pull a stupid stunt and vote outside the lines, thus handing any and all victories to liberal democrats.

    The truth of the matter is, the tea partiers will vote for the most conservative candidates they can find on the republican side, as they did with Brown in Massachusetts, thus hammering the point home that we, the people, don’t want your stinkin’ socialism.

    To say that these political leaders are jerks is to say that water is wet. To have this guy sit there and smirk as if he faced a “monumental challenge” in getting a craptacular bill passed is an insult to everything that really is a challenge. Shoot, they make it sound like it was climbing Everest when in reality it was simply walking across the street. And doing so against the tide and flow of the American people.

    That might be chutzpah, but where I come from, it’s just asking for trouble.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    Here’s to seeing you in the sewer ……. sucka!!
    Right next to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution
    you helped put there.

    What a arrogant Bravo!!

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