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Reid Finally Allows Ukraine Aid To Go Forward

From an uncritical Politico:

Harry Reid to drop IMF from Ukraine bill


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will drop a provision to reform the International Monetary Fund from a bill to help Ukraine — a move that could clear the way to send an aid and sanctions package to the president’s desk.

Republicans have balked at President Barack Obama’s call to include the language, vowing to reject the provisions in the House. Reid acknowledged that while the Ukraine package would likely have passed the Senate, it was “headed to nowhere” in the GOP-led House…

Thanks to the Koch Brothers, of course.

The tussle in Congress over reforming the IMF has threatened the unified message officials in Washington had hoped to send to Russian President Vladimir Putin and those responsible for the invasion of Ukraine…

The "unified message" from Harry Reid being that the Koch Brothers and the House Republicans invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

And the administration did not hide its disappointment Tuesday afternoon over the removal of the IMF language. “We are deeply disappointed by the news that Republican opposition has forced the Senate to remove the [IMF] reforms from the Ukraine assistance package,” said Treasury Department spokeswoman Holly Shulman.

Our media guardians never mention it, but these changes to the IMF that the GOP fought would have given the US much less more control over where IMF funds go. And it would give more control to countries like Russia.

And never mind that the IMF funds are mostly US taxpayers’ money. (In fact, for the record, the United States is by far the biggest donor to the IMF, contributing nearly 18% to the total, followed by Japan with 6.6% and Germany with 6.1%. Russia only contributes a measly 2.5%.)

So Obama, Reid and the Senate Democrats wanted to reward Comrade Putin with these changes. When they should be kicking Russia out of the IMF all together. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Reid signaled on Tuesday evening that the Senate would vote on the Ukraine bill on Thursday, though Republicans have not relented on their demands to secure amendment votes on even more changes — such as one involving energy exports to Ukraine.

Yes, those evil Republicans actually want to help Ukraine by selling them our natural gas. They really are ‘wreckers.’

With Democrats dropping the IMF provisions, Republicans in return will give up their demand that Congress vote to delay the administration’s changes to rules cracking down on the political activity of nonprofits…

Naturally, the GOP had to cave to even get this preposterous ‘concession.’

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