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Reid Illegally Exempts Some Staff From O-Care

From an unquestioning CNN:

Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare exchanges

By Chris Frates | December 4, 2013

Washington (CNN) — Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of Obamacare’s architects and staunchest supporters, is also the only top congressional leader to exempt some of his staff from having to buy insurance through the law’s new exchanges…

In the charged atmosphere surrounding Obamacare, Reid’s decision only gives Republicans more ammo to attack Democrats already suffering politically from the law’s botched rollout.

You see, it’s not rank hypocrisy on Reid’s part. It just gives the GOP ammo to make their scurrilous charges.

In September, Reid told reporters, "Let’s stop these really juvenile political games — the one dealing with health care for senators and House members and our staff. We are going to be part of exchanges, that’s what the law says and we’ll be part of that." …

But Mr. Reid always was a liar.

Reid and his personal staff will buy insurance through the exchange. But it’s also true that the law lets lawmakers decide if their committee and leadership staffers hold on to their federal employee insurance plans, an option Reid has exercised.

This is not at all true. As we have noted before, the ‘Grassley provision’ of Obama-Care states in its entirety: "Enrollment by Members of Congress and Congressional Employees — Notwithstanding any other provision of law, beginning July 1, 2013, Members of Congress and congressional employees would be required to use their employer contribution (adjusted for age rating) to purchase coverage through a state-based exchange, rather than using the traditional Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP)."

There is no mention of any exemption for any staffers. That is something that the Democrats have made up out of whole cloth. And our news media are too loyal to challenge them on it.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson emphasized, "We are just following the law." …

Former Reid staffer Jim Manley defended his old boss, arguing that "the only people hypocritical here are Republicans, who made this an issue in the first place." …

It’s like their minds are diseased. They don’t even care how obvious their lies are.

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One Response to “Reid Illegally Exempts Some Staff From O-Care”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    What is expected from Reid in the first place? His contempt for all of us is obvious.** Reid is pathetic!

    ** http://www.printfriendly.com/print/?source=site&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsweetness-light.com%2Farchive%2Freid-complains-about-dc-tourists-bo#

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