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Reid: Obama-Care Horror Stories Are ‘All Untrue’

First we have this from the Weekly Standard:

Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare ‘Horror Stories’; ‘All Are Untrue’

By DANIEL HALPER | February 26, 2014

Harry Reid spoke about the Obamacare "horror stories" on the Senate floor this morning. He said that "all are untrue." "Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America," said Reid.

Are they as untrue as the ads that Romney caused a man’s wife to die of cancer? Are they as untrue as Reid’s claims that Romney paid no income taxes for ten years? Are they as untrue as the claim that ‘if you like your health insurance, you can keep it’?

"The leukemia patient whose insurance policy was canceled [and] could die without her medication, Mr. President, that’s an ad being paid for by two billionaire brothers. It’s absolutely false. Or the woman whose insurance policy went up $700 a month–ads paid for around America by the multibillionaire Koch brothers, and the ad is false.

"We heard about the evils of Obamacare, about the lives it’s ruining in Republicans’ stump speeches and in ads paid for by oil magnates, the Koch brothers. But in those tales, turned out to be just that: tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.

"Mr. President, these two brothers are trying to buy America. They not only funnel money through their Americans for Prosperity, they funnel money into all kinds of organizations to do the same thing that they’re doing. They’re trying to buy America. I don’t believe America is for sale. We’ll see, Mr. President."

Just wait until Harry Reid finds out what George Soros has been up to all these years. (Not that there is any comparison between the Kochs and Soros. After all, the Kochs are not wanted in France for illegal currency manipulation.)

From the Associated Press:

Top Senate Dem: Koch brothers are un-American

By Alan Fram | February 26, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate’s top Democrat criticized a pair of billionaire brothers in unusually harsh terms Wednesday, accusing the conservative duo of being "un-American," spreading lies about President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul and lacking a conscience…

This from a man who is a pathological liar, whose only skill seems to be making untold millions of dollars in shady Nevada real estate deals while he live in DC.

"When you make billions of dollars a year you can be as immoral and dishonest as your money will allow you to be," Reid said.

"It’s too bad that they’re trying to buy America, and it’s time that the American people spoke out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers who are about as un-American as anyone that I can imagine." …

Notice how Harry Reid is always careful to smear people from the floor of the Senate, where is he protected from being sued for libel. In fact, it turns out that practically everyone who disagrees with Harry Reid is a liar and/or un-American.

In a written statement, Philip Ellender, an official with a Koch-owned company, said the brothers were not responsible for an Americans for Prosperity ad that Reid seemed to cite showing a Michigan leukemia patient.

"It is disgraceful that Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats are attacking a cancer victim as part of their campaign against Charles Koch and David Koch," said Ellender, president of government affairs for Koch Companies Public Sector LLC. He said the brothers have "devoted their lives to advancing tolerance and freedom in America" and want a country where people "are free to make decisions about their lives."

In a written statement, Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, said, "Sen. Harry Reid stood on the Senate floor today and attacked the character and integrity of every American who had the courage to share how they’re being hurt by the president’s health care law — some of whom are battling serious, life-threatening illnesses."

Philips said Democrats were trying to distract attention on the health care law’s problems "by declaring war on its victims."

Which is what they always do.

In frequent messages to reporters and supporters, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has made a point of mentioning the Koch brothers. The party seems to be trying to turn them into boogeymen of this campaign and their wealth into a rallying point for the liberal base


Koch Industries of Wichita, Kan., is one of the largest privately controlled companies in the world. The two brothers are among the wealthiest men in America.

Which they earned through perfectly legal means by supplying products and services. Unlike, say, Harry Reid (shady land deals) or George Soros (currency manipulation).

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  1. Right of the People says:

    Harry, time to take your meds.

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