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Reid Stooge Withheld Info To Kill Yucca Mt.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Report Slams U.S. Nuclear Regulator

JUNE 10, 2011

WASHINGTON—The U.S.’s top nuclear-power regulator "strategically" withheld information from his colleagues in an effort to stop work on a controversial proposed waste dump, according to a report by the agency’s internal watchdog, a finding likely to inflame debate about how to handle the nation’s nuclear waste.

The June 6 report by Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspector General Hubert T. Bell offers an unflattering portrait of the NRC and its leader, Gregory Jaczko, who is described as having a temper that makes it "difficult for people to work with him."

At issue is a directive by Mr. Jaczko to agency staffers that effectively halted work on a key NRC report about a proposed waste repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. The inspector general alleges that Mr. Jaczko wasn’t forthcoming with his fellow NRC commissioners about the implications of his directive…

The seven-month investigation that culminated in the report is the topic of a congressional hearing scheduled for next week…

Through a spokesman, Mr. Jaczko said he believes "very passionately" in nuclear safety and that he holds people "to a high standard."

Translation: Messrs Reid and Obama told Mr. Jaczko to kill nuclear power in this county. And he wants to keep his job.

Under a 2002 law, Yucca Mountain was designated as the site for the nation’s high-level nuclear waste. Construction and opening of the repository stalled amid opposition from Nevada’s congressional delegation, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the Obama administration, which says the repository is not a "workable" option because it lacks support from the state. As a result, waste has mostly stayed at the dozens of commercial nuclear reactors where it was generated.

Which is just like what the Japanese were doing in Fukushima. What could possibly go wrong?

The report suggests the debate over Yucca is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. Even though federal law requires the agency to make a final decision on whether to build the facility, "there are various factors preventing the agency" from doing so, including the Obama administration’s effort to terminate the project.

The "debate" is over. Thanks to Mr. Obama and the Democrats, this country has no long term storage plans for our nuclear waste. Which not only endangers our country, but it puts the kibosh on any future nuclear plants.

Which, of course, was the intention. And never mind the billions of dollars squandered along the way.

Mr. Jaczko, a physicist by training, has come under criticism from congressional Republicans who say he is improperly blocking the agency’s technical review of the Yucca project, which has long been favored by the nuclear industry. Opposition in Congress has been led by Mr. Reid, for whom Mr. Jaczko once worked as a science-policy adviser.

Gee, what a coincidence. Well, then we can be sure Mr. Jaczko is unbiased.

President George W. Bush, after some initial resistance, appointed Mr. Jaczko to a seat on the NRC in 2005 after Mr. Reid blocked Bush nominees for dozens of positions. President Barack Obama elevated Mr. Jaczko to the chairmanship in 2009.

What a brilliant career.

The dispute stems from a decision Mr. Jaczko made last fall to direct commission staffers to wind down the NRC’s technical review of an application in favor of the proposed Yucca repository. A memorandum issued by Mr. Jaczko’s office to NRC staffers said that because Congress hadn’t passed a budget for fiscal 2011, which began last Oct. 1, the staff should use instead Mr. Obama’s budget request, which called for terminating the project

We were among the very few to note at the time that Mr. Obama’s budget effectively killed Yucca Mountain, even after he had promised to expand our nation’s nuclear power plants.

But lest we forget, Obama’s budget was never passed by Congress. Of course bureaucrats like Mr. Jaczko don’t need to bother with such details. They have been given a mission – to stop our country’s nuclear program – and they aren’t going to let such petty details stand in their way.

Mr. Jaczko has said the directive was legal and was reviewed by the agency’s general counsel… But it also says Mr. Jaczko "was not forthcoming with" his fellow commissioners about his intent to use the budget guidance to halt work on the Yucca report.

The safety evaluation would have determined whether Yucca met NRC health and safety regulations. Yucca’s supporters have long hoped to see the safety report made public, because they believe it will support the technical and scientific case for the repository.

This is somewhat confusingly written. But we take it that Mr. Jaczko used Obama’s defunding of the repository as a way to put a stop to the NRC’s technical review of an application in favor of the Yucca repository. Despite the fact that Obama’s budget was never adopted by Congress, and was therefore entirely moot.

Mr. Jaczko also suppressed an important safety evaluation, which would have given Yucca Mountain a clean bill of health.

Mr. Jaczko anticipated that using the budget guidance to halt work "could be controversial" and acknowledged that others might see it as requiring consideration by the full commission, the report said.

As a result, Mr. Jaczko "strategically provided" three of the four other NRC commissioners "with varying amounts of information" about his intention to prevent publication of the safety documents. The report says that two of the three commissioners "did not fully understand" the implications of Mr. Jaczko’s budget guidance, and that a majority of the commissioners "disagreed with" the outcome.

The report paraphrases Mr. Jaczko as saying that all of the NRC’s commissioners were kept informed and "supported issuance of" the guidance. It said the chairman became "very agitated" when a fellow commissioner told him he didn’t realize the implications of the budget guidance on the safety report.

"You should have asked," the inspector-general report quotes Mr. Jaczko as having told the commissioner.

Clearly, Mr. Obama’s arrogant ‘ruling’ style is being imitated by his followers throughout the bureaucracy.

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3 Responses to “Reid Stooge Withheld Info To Kill Yucca Mt.”

  1. eaglewingz08 says:

    Seems like Obama’s “compliance” with the War Powers Act. Hey, I gave dribs and drabs of info. You could have asked (not that Obama would have been any more forthcoming). It’s your fault, fellow commissioners, for trusting a power hungry environazi liar.

  2. canary says:

    ‘ Mr. Jaczko, a physicist by training ‘ should go to prison for fraud and get an education.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “who is described as having a temper that makes it “difficult for people to work with him.” Could it be that he’s unstable? Or just volatile? Is this personality trait due to his inability to accept that there are people smarter than him? It would seem that the left is filled with social miscreants and deviants. In any other line of work, having such a temper is grounds for dismissal. That is, unless you’re a hand-picked member of the ruling class who “has it all over others” in terms of perceived brilliance and capability. But more important than that, the overriding desire to see us become a socialist nation and thus, secure your place in power.

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