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Reid Supporters Shout Down Angle, Attack

From National Review Online:

Nevada Senate Forum Turns Raucous, Ends in Fist Fight

By Elizabeth Crum
September 24, 2010

Incredible but true: Nevada’s Senate candidate forum ended in a loud shouting match and fist fight between supporters of Harry Reid and Sharron Angle.

Alas, we don’t find it so incredible, given Mr. Reid’s supporters, many of whom are union thugs.

The unruly affair went down at the unlikely venue of Faith Lutheran high school in Summerlin, a master-planned community just west of the Las Vegas city limits.

As the forum opened, attendees were asked not to applaud or shout out questions or comments during the event. Harry Reid answered questions via a pre-taped 30-minute interview, and then Sharron Angle answered a moderator’s questions live on stage.

How typical of Mr. Reid. He can’t even be bothered to show up for a live town hall. (Of course, to be fair, he is too busy back in Washington, fighting the extension of the Bush tax cuts.)

A few in the 800-member audience snickered and murmured during portions of Reid’s video segment, particularly when he was talking about health care reform, and a couple of comments were uttered loud enough to be heard throughout the auditorium. For the most part, though, the crowd was respectful and fairly reserved during the Reid portion of the forum.

That changed once Angle appeared. Most of the 800-member audience jumped to their feet, half of them cheering, half loudly booing as she and the moderator took the stage. Even once all were seated and Angle began to speak, many in the crowd were quite boisterous and some became increasingly bold and uncivil as the event continued.

Angle was repeatedly shouted at as she tried to answer questions. Scornful remarks, sarcastic questions, and accusations including “Liar!” were shouted by Reid partisans. The moderator politely asked for order, twice, but it had little effect on the more raucous members of the crowd.

At one point, the moderator admonished the audience and said shouting and applause cut into Angle’s speaking time. A few people then deliberately continued clapping and making comments to prevent Angle from saying anything. To her credit, Angle stayed composed and continued speaking even when as many as 30 or 40 audience members were shouting all at once.

But Ms. Angle and her supporters are the ones portrayed by our media as the hot-headed crazies.

As Angle was giving her closing statements, some Reid supporters stood up and began to leave. An Angle and Reid supporter exchanged angry remarks which drew in others and led to a punch being thrown.

Why do we suspect that this was instigated by a SEIU member? After all, they are the union of peace.

This led to a shouting match as witnesses on both sides argued about the situation, and two security guards pushed through the small crowd in order to break up the situation.

Just imagine if the party affiliations here were reversed. This story would be the headline on every front page and the lead for all the network news shows.

But since it doesn’t fit the media’s template we will only hear about it from the National Review.

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21 Responses to “Reid Supporters Shout Down Angle, Attack”

  1. untrainable says:

    So Harry answered questions at a live townhall meeting in a 30 minute taped interview. So… Harry knew what questions would be asked by the audience and had the interviewer ask them ahead of time so that he wouldn’t have to appear? Brilliant! Rule from the green room!

    Maybe Obama should try this for his next press conference, if he ever takes the time to have another one. At least if he goes off script and says something that makes him look (more) stupid, they can always edit the tape down so that his answers don’t take 25 minutes each.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    He who yells the loudest wins the argument, eh?

    This whole thing is testimony to the fact that the argument is moot. There is now only time to act. No more time-wasting through”discussion” with socialists; They have demonstrated their lack of desire to reason and come to a proper solution.

    It’s now time to “retch across the aisle”.

  3. Right of the People says:

    We’ll see who is the loudest at the ballot box this year. I think Harry has had his swan song.

  4. ptat says:

    Harry Reid doesn’t have a clue how much he is hated! He has lived his entire life in denial.

  5. bobdog says:

    Garsh, you don’t suppose this event was cooked by Reid’s union mischief crew, do ya?

    Nah. Of course not. He’s the Senate Majority Leader. Quoting Ned Beatty in “Shooter”, “I am a sitting US SENATOR!!” That would be beneath his dignity…


  6. JimdishCT says:

    So you’re just assuming who started the trouble and threw the first punch. After a year of town hall meetings ALL disrupted by the Tea Party and imported Corporate and Republican operatives. That’s quite a projection. Don’t let any inconvenient facts get in the way of your story.

    • “Imported” corporate and Republican operatives? Please elaborate on your knowledge of such things.

      Just because the lefties bus in the crowds.. or there wouldn’t be any, does not equate to the same shenanigans happening because of republicans.

      I would argue a genuine anger at most of those events you must be alluding to, resulted in asking the congress critters why they are screwing us. Not an orchestrated disruption of the lefty types.

    • JohnMG says:

      Just who was being disrupted, dipshit? Reid didn’t/doesn’t have the balls to even show up where he might actually have to face the music of his own making.

      As for throwing the first punch…….it sounds to me like there was only one punch thrown. So much for a fist fight. Just like in St. Louis where Kenneth Gladney (he’s black, by the way) was physically assaulted by ……you guessed it, two thugs in purple SEIU t-shirts. They thumped Mr. Gladney then quickly exited the scene. Pull your head out of your ass and get the facts straight. The only violence at any of these events has been perpetrated by leftist morons.

      If you can’t bring anything legitimate to the discussion, just sit quietly on the sidelines and listen. You might actually learn something.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      ALL disrupted by the Tea Party and imported Corporate and Republican operatives.

      If this were so, and I’m not saying it isn’t, don’t you think the likes of ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN would’ve uncovered the facts by now, like the way they did with candidate Obama? I mean, clearly they would’ve unearthed the “facts” and put all the information on display for all to see, no?

      Or, is it that such a thing never happens? That the truly anxious and angry people are on the left? That the people who are most likely to be violent are the ones who think that money comes from the government and the “right to a good life” comes from same?

      I spent most of my childhood in CT, Jimdish…and you know what? There’s a great big world out here that deals in reality. That handouts and being a “better citizen” doesn’t mean thinking that the poor need more money. You speak of inconvenient facts yet you cite none. Please provide the necessary references to things that can be evaluated by thinking people. If you don’t trust what a conservative thinks is fair, then obviously we’ll be at an impasse. However, it would be amusing to see where you get your “facts” from.

      Have a nice day

    • tranquil.night says:

      The sucker punch is a move that’s unique to the Left. When we fight, it’s to teach our opponent a lesson. You don’t want to wake that bear.

      I know you nutroot kooks have good reason to be worried because you’re about to get shellacked this election.. but trust me – we haven’t even begun our fight over here.

    • Chase says:

      I cannot respond to this public-school product who is grammatically challenged until he finishes his 2nd sentence. Would it be projection to assume that his inability to finish a thought, or his lack of self-respect shown by failing to check his post are his parent’s fault, vs his own Rword development?

      Perhaps he is not a card-carry SEIU member. I doubt he checked the identities and affiliations of the citizens he projected so conveniently as “operatives.”

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Look around the internet, and you see people arrested and charged for the DUMBEST things you can ever think of.

    However, disorderly conduct at a Senate debate……NOTHING!

  8. JimdishCT says:

    I won’t even comment on some of the idiotic statements in your replies, but here’s a fact for you. Something completely missing from your “story”:

    Kelly Tanaki said an unidentified man pushed her over and punched her friend Thursday after the forum at Faith Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School.

    The fight came after an impassioned event during which the crowd both heckled and cheered Republican Sharron Angle and Democrat Harry Reid.

    The man was detained by school officials. The 27-year-old Tanaki said the fight occurred because she walked past the man, not because she supports Reid and he backs Angle.

    HE BACKS ANGLE!!!!! …waiting for your apologies John, Rusty. I guess giving you the facts aren’t really adding anything useful to the narrative you’d like to push.

    • Yeah.. people punch people for just walking by. How curious.. I am sure there was not a single taunt, disruptive measure, yada..

      There is much more than what meets the eye here.

      How curious also, that the man, someone who “backs Angle” is as yet unidentified. Smells like a union plant.

    • Chase says:

      I can’t tell where your ‘facts’ are, Jim. There are no quotation marks, no sources, no attribution, leaving us to guess at what you took from the ether and that about which you yourself are mewling.

      Witless tool.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “…waiting for your apologies John, Rusty.”

      OK, I’m sorry you’re an idiot. But then, that’s not my fault. Though it does make me sad.

    • proreason says:


      The party of peace.


      Where did THIS idiot come from. She actually seems to take herself seriously. Some of them really do.


  9. Tater Salad says:

    Is Harry Reid, Barack Obama part of the bigger picture……..The New World Order? You decide:

    We have the New World Order right here in the U.S.


  10. Plantagenet says:

    Well i just moved to nevada and the other day a lady came to my house, my roommates answered the door and were like “a friend of yours tracked you down and is downstairs waiting for you” (they are all international students so they dont know any better). Anyways i came downstairs and was disconcerted because there was a scary looking old lady who knew my name. I made her come with me outside to find out what she wanted, she looked like a drug addict and i thought she might be a long lost druggy relative trying to scrounge money off of me but then she started asking me questions about how i was going to vote in the upcoming election i stopped her and asked her if she was with the census, and she said “no im with the friends of harry reid” or something along those lines. And then she asked me who i was going to vote for i told her sharron angle and she turned from dr jekyll to mr hyde and made a rude sniggering noise and started muttering at me under her breath, and began to laugh, like “hee hee your voting for sharon angle wow” in an insane fashion. then she asked me if i were even registered to vote in the upcoming election and began laughing at me because i suppose she assumed young people dont vote? Then i told her that i was going down to the dmv to register. And then she said “do you even have a car to get the voting booths?” and after that i got mad because it didnt look like she had a car because she was footing it from house to house and looked all snaggily and sunbaked. Anyways i got mad and said “yeah of course i have a car im a republican you know the ones that have jobs and pay the taxes in this country!” And then she just laughed and kept talking to herself under her breath and i had to sit there and watch her leave the street because she was standing around my car and i thought she might key it. She was rude it was unbelievable!

    • proreason says:

      She sounds like Nancy Pelosi.

      At least as far as her powers of persuasion go.

    • Plantagenet says:

      Yeah she had that attitude you know, totally contemptuous even though she looked like she was on welfare. She made no attempt to even sway me or even be nice to me as an attempt to win a voter over its like these people are so fueled by their crazy belief system that their eyes glaze over when they hear anything they dont believe in and they lose all ability to rationalize with other human beings or even understand them. All they are capable of is treating other people with contempt. Another question she asked me was why are you voting for sharron angle and i said “because i dont like taxes” and then she laughed and looked at me like i was stupid with this expression on her face like “you don’t like taxes what planet are you from?”

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