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Reid ‘Walks Back’ Claim All O-Care Ads Are Lies

From Fox News:

Harry Reid walks back claim that ObamaCare woes are bogus

By Lauren Ashburn | February 27, 2014

If you don’t know what the term “walking it back” means, Harry Reid’s Twitter feed is a textbook case.

He took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning saying that Republicans lie, and then tweeted a YouTube video of his remarks along with this caption:

“While Republicans use tall tales to attack Obamacare, Democrats have real stories of people who are saving on their premiums thanks to the law. We don’t have to make things up.”

Senator Harry Reid [tweeted]: "The Koch Brothers are spending millions of dollars to deceive Americans about Obamacare."

The Senate majority leader took a drubbing online from Republican lawmakers who called him out on his claims about ads funded by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group backed by billionaire industry barons David and Charles Koch. Reid says AFP told false stories about canceled policies due to ObamaCare, and used actors to tell the stories…

The horror!

Sen. John Barrasso: "if bad #Obamacare stories are all lies—why has #POTUS unilaterally delayed many parts of his own law?"

Senator John Thune: "Sen. Reid owes an apology to Americans suffering under #ObamaCare whose personal stories he dismissed as "untrue." "

Some "drubbing," huh?

The criticism must have hit a nerve. Hours later Reid walked it back with a new tweet linking to Mark Mellman’s Hill editorial calling the ads “shameful.” So much for that blanket statement about all stories being lies.

Senator Harry Reid: "I can’t say that all of the Koch ads on Obamacare are deceptive, but the vast majority are."

Despite what the article says, this isn’t really much of a walk back. And, of course, Harry Reid can’t walk back being such a disgrace to his office and to the nation as a whole.

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7 Responses to “Reid ‘Walks Back’ Claim All O-Care Ads Are Lies”

  1. dasher says:

    “Despite what the article says, this isn’t really much of a walk back. And, of course, Harry Reid can’t walk back being such a disgrace to his office and to the nation as a whole.”

    Nor should he Steve – he perfectly represents those that vote for him and the ideologies he believes. He is, if you will, a perfect disgrace.


  2. Right of the People says:

    I wish he’d walk all the way back to Nevada and stay there. Maybe Obiecare will cover his mental illness.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    That’s a libtard lede. No ‘walking back’. You know we used to call that confessing to lying, but now it’s ‘walking back’ ..

  4. canary says:

    Harry Reid knows Obama care horror story of Doctor Senator Tom Coburn lost his insurance and the oncologist specialist in the middle of treating him for cancer.

    The liberal main media has distorted the truth of Coburn’s situation or said it’s no big deal, but then they don’t think it’s a big deal that this happened to so many Americans.

    Harry Reid doesn’t understand that it would be impossible for the media or to pay for ads of everyone’s horror story. There simply isn’t the time of day to hear all the horror stories.

    I’ve seen one bogus ad of a young man showing how he was able to sign up for insurance and it showed a pin light on a figure of approx $54 dollar policy, and then at the end he says he got a policy for around $70 dollars a month. Why didn’t the commercial pin light it or even tell which one it was. And the only $54 premium is an extra premium policy to add to your main policy.
    Their add is a Harry Reid lie.

    And the govt using rich celebrities to do ads for Obama Care is a horror story in itself.

  5. JohnMG says:

    Harry Reid can’t walk anything back. Snakes don’t have legs. When Reid arrives in hell they won’t have to stoke the furnace for eons. He’ll keep the place hot enough all by himself.

    As a parting shot I’ll quote Mark Twain when thinking of Reid: “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read a lot of obituaries of which I heartily approved.”

  6. canary says:

    Harry Reid bombarded with complaints from supporters in Las Vegas and labor giants furious over Obama Care.

    The Washington Post: Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in health-care rollout

    By Steven Mufson and Tom Hamburger, Published: January 31

    Leaders of two major unions, including the first to endorse Obama in 2008, said they have been betrayed by an administration that wooed their support for the 2009 legislation with promises to later address the peculiar needs of union-negotiated insurance plans that cover millions of workers.

    After dozens of frustrating meetings with White House officials over the past year, including one with Obama, a number of angry labor officials say their members are far less likely to campaign and turn out for Democratic candidates in the midterm elections.

    “We want to hold the president to his word: If you like your health-care coverage, you can keep it, and that just hasn’t been the case,” said Donald “D.” Taylor, president of Unite Here, the union that represents about 400,000 hotel and restaurant workers and provided a crucial boost to Obama by endorsing him just after his rival Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the New Hampshire primary.

    Taylor and Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, laid out their grievances this week in a terse letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), saying they are “bitterly disappointed” in the administration.

    But in the letter to Reid and Pelosi, O’Sullivan and Taylor wrote, “If the administration honestly thinks that these proposed rules are responsive to our concerns, they were not listening or they simply did not care.”

    AFL-CIO officials declined to comment, referring reporters to a resolution passed at the organization’s last convention that echoed the policy concerns expressed in the Reid-Pelosi letter.

    Union officials expect the health-care controversy to intensify a raging debate within the labor movement over how deeply labor should invest in Democratic Party candidates.

    Taylor said that he doesn’t think his union will embrace Republicans but that it may lack enthusiasm for Democrats. Unions have been a major source of funding and ground-level efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates.

    “You can’t just order people to do stuff,” Taylor said. “If their health plan gets wrecked, why would they then go campaign for the folks responsible for wrecking their health care?”

    About 20 million people are covered by union-negotiated trust funds often referred to as “Taft-Hartley funds” because they are regulated by the Labor Management Relations (Taft-Hartley) Act of 1947, as well as by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

    The union plans do not get any of that subsidy money, a source of union outrage.

    Labor leaders also complain the law hurts in other ways.

    In the Las Vegas area alone, the Unite Here health fund has absorbed about 13,577 new young-adult dependents at an annual cost of $16.3 million because of the rule allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health plan until the age of 26, union leaders said.

    Although other labor leaders did not sign the letter, many of them also are upset about the treatment of their health plans under the legislation — including the heads of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Building Trades Unions.

    Taylor said Unite Here officials have met with White House officials 48 times. At the time the health-care bill was being considered, he said, “we were told that ‘if there were problems, don’t worry, we’ll get them fixed.’ ”

    “We thought that if we made the case to the agencies dealing with regulations to correct problems that hurt, really destroy, self-funded nonprofit health plans, it would be resolved,” Taylor said. “That clearly was naive or stupid.”


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