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Reid Wants Repeat Votes On Wall Street

From The Hill:

Reid to force repeated votes to end filibuster of Wall Street reform

By Alexander Bolton – 04/26/10

Sen. Harry Reid will force Republicans to vote repeatedly against Wall Street reform to put pressure GOP centrists.

A senior Democratic aide said Reid would schedule votes to end a Republican filibuster of the reform bill on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

“We need to keep the pressure up to get a deal,” said the Democratic aide.

Reid held a live quorum call on Monday evening to bring senators to the floor, interrupting their schedules and sending a message to lawmakers who voted to block debate of Wall Street reform.

Thirty-nine Republicans and Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative Democrat from Nebraska, voted against a motion to begin debate.

Reid also voted against the motion because of a procedural technicality that will allow him to bring up for reconsideration.

Democratic aides said Reid would call senators to reconsider the motion to begin debate of the reform bill on Tuesday.

Reid also plans to file a motion Monday evening to end the GOP filibuster. That would set up a third vote on Wednesday to end the filibuster.

A second Democratic aide said leaders wanted to focus public attention on GOP “obstruction.”

Once again Harry Reid puts the ‘Dem’ in demagoguery.

As the Democrat aide said, these meaningless votes are all about making the public think that the GOP is defending Wall Street from vitally needed reform. Like so much of what is done these days in Congress, it’s all a sham.

But couldn’t it also be dangerous?

Isn’t Mr. Reid’s grandstanding intended to stir up rancor and divisiveness which could lead some weak minded soul to perpetrate some act of violence against the GOP or Wall Street?

Hopefully, Mr. Clinton will give him a call and tell him to stop these shenanigans before things get out of hand.

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7 Responses to “Reid Wants Repeat Votes On Wall Street”

  1. proreason says:

    It’s no wonder Pelosi is so contemptuous of Reid. He is as much of a shrew as she is.

    Does either one have a double-digit IQ?

    • JohnMG says:

      I understand the two of them share a wardrobe on Capitol Hill. Reid looks sooo fetching in one of Nancy’s pink tu-tu’s, and she routinely borrows one of Harry’s tiaras.

  2. Yarddog1 says:

    It is my understanding that when Reid and Pelosi are together you have a whole wit.

  3. bill says:

    Democrats smoke crack in their cloakroom.

  4. Right of the People says:

    “Sen. Harry Reid will force Republicans to vote repeatedly against Wall Street reform to put pressure GOP centrists.”

    I think they may have wanted to say: Sen. Harry Reid will force Republicans to vote repeatedly against Wall Street reform to put pressure “on” GOP centrists. But I’m not sure.
    Is the children learning yet? There is absolutely no excuse for the poor grammar out there in today’s media. It’s bad enough they couldn’t get a degree in anything worthwhile, they could at least learn how to proofread their own text.

    Harry Reid is a blustering buffoon who has managed to rise far above his level of incompetence. Let’s hope this fall the fine people of Nevada send him packing.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Right of the People – the ‘journalism’ colleges are too busy teaching agenda and how to ‘shade’ the news in emo speak and PC correctness to worry about truth, grammar and even something as valuable as proof reading.

      Juveniles do not care what they write as long as it is snarky, their brand of humor and usually laden with profanity and/or personal attacks.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    Here from a guy who represents a state where gambling & prostitution is legal.

    I dunno know maybe it’s me, but how can anyone in the media take these dopes serious?!

    Even Imus who said the hearings were better than NASCAR with the subcommittee members crashing & burning (except Coburn of course who was brilliant…well comparitvely speaking of course).

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